Grateful Dead

Seattle Center Memorial Stadium - June 14, 1994

Seattle Center Memorial Stadium

June 14, 1994

Seattle, WA US

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"Beer Barrel Polka" tuning before "Masterpiece"

Set List:

Shakedown Street
Little Red Rooster
Loose Lucy
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Victim or the Crime
Lazy River Road
Samba in the Rain
That Would Be Something
Way To Go Home
Standing on the Moon
Sugar Magnolia

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Joined: Nov 12 2010
Fun show, sunny afternoon

Fun show, sunny afternoon for the start of the show. Thanks to the freaks passing around "ice cold psychedelics" on the floor during Shakedown. Standing on the moon was great under a dark starry sky!

Joined: Mar 13 2015
Very Cool!!!

Yes! First Seattle shows in 16 years....Memorial Stadium for 2 nights and then off to Eugene for 3 shows. I got so excited when I saw this picture...I have my mail order stubs for these shows in my "tix that survived (somehow)" book....that 94 Summer West Coast was a great time. If Steve from OB ever reads this post back and get in touch. Tripping on the space needle, good mushrooms and even better music. Don't remember the weather like the other poster but thought it spit rain (just made me think of one afternoon. Great Shakedown (as noted). But that tour and especially these shows bring back some great memories. I had friends in Olympia at the time so these were the few West Coast shows (being an East Coast head) where we "had a place". I do remember the SOTM as being very good as well. Seattle was a great place to see the Dead. Probably the only shows I could complain about on this tour was Vegas, but it's Vegas and it was about 114 degrees those days. Eugene and Mt. View were amazing as well. But Seattle '94....some of the best shows I have ever seen!!!!!


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Seattle Center Memorial Stadium - June 14, 1994