Grateful Dead

Freedom Hall - June 15, 1993

Freedom Hall

June 15, 1993

Louisville, KY US

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Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
Wang Dang Doodle
Friend of the Devil
Desolation Row
Don't Ease Me In

Victim or the Crime
Crazy Fingers
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
The Last Time
Morning Dew


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MAZE920's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007

my friend and i took a plane from alabama to kentucky for these shows, we were going on tour... so we thought. we were 17 years old, and not as experienced as we thought we were. after alot of searching we set up camp in some patch of woods, a long way away from the venue, close to the airport. we had tickets for both nights so we knew we were going to atleast see the shows, the rest was trial and error. along the way we met a girl who told us we could camp behind her apartments, so we gladly moved camp since ours was not the best. so, we went to the show that first night and got all looped out, we were having a great time. this was my 2nd show and my buddies 1st so we were still in awe of any notes coming from the stage, they could have all been singing different songs and it would have sounded great to us. later, coming down back at camp, johnny law came a knockin'. turns out this pig lived in these apartments and was not really happy we had decided to take up residence in his back yard. coming down may be a little premature since during the interogation process it was all we could do to come up with names and addresses for ourselves. we were only 17 so he calls our parents and lays into them at 3:00 am, tells them they need to come get us or he's gonna lock us up. my dear old mom jumps out of bed and is on the next flight. she gets a room at the holiday inn in louiseville and let us stay for the next nights shows. what a cool mom.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
First Show

"In the land of the night, the Ship of the Sun is drawn by The Grateful Dead". My very first show, and what an expereince. I was just 17, and got the chance to see the Grateful Dead. I have been a fan ever since I saw Touch of Grey on MTV back in the day when MTV actually played music. Some people call the generation of Heads "Touchheads",....Whatever. Anyway, some incredible material, and I remember it like it was yesterday. Truly magnificent performances by Jerry and Bobby. I was fourth row, and could really feel the music play the band, and the music move my body. Unbelieveable experience. To live those monets again....Ahh. Great segue from Drums into Last Time. If anyone out there has this show, email me. All I've got is a 3rd gen Tape about to wear out...
Love one another

Joined: Apr 29 2008

This show was being played while i was being born. If anyone has a picture of the poster from this show i would be FOREVER GRATEFUL!

Joined: Jan 12 2008

What can I say, Gloria was ROCKIN !!!!!. I thought the walls were going to come tumbling down during the encore.

Joined: May 9 2008
Louisville rocks

this show was thrilling. I went with friends from Illinois - we drove down early the day of the show. The parking lot was super mellow, despite the security guards walking around trying to look imposing.
When we got in, there was a passageway to the floor and I managed to get to the sweet spot of the mix - glad I did cause when the second set hit, I was blown away - Crazy Fingers Estimated was amazing - and this was a super good he's gone.
That night, my friends and I did not have a campground arranged, to so we all slept in his van which was parked, I believe, on the property of the venue. When we woke up the next morning, waited for the lot to open and were, the first or second car to park there. We were delighted and got to meet a ton of super old-school heads - and enjoy the second night from similar seats.

Saintofcircumstance1's picture
Joined: Mar 17 2009
Good times despite the law.

What I remeber from the first show was that the police and security were horrible for the entire venue. People trying to make from show to show hit a bumb in the road in Louisville. The song selection perhaps suggested that the dead took notice (Feel Like a Stranger, Desolation Row, Last time, and Victim or the Crime). When leaving the show all I could hear was how about that Morning Dewww!!!!

Joined: May 20 2009
Busted in Louisville -- what a mess!

I was dating this wonderful guy and he took me, along with his friends, on a road-trip from Alabama to Chi-town, where he was in a friends wedding. We were to camp and see the Dead for a couple of nights in Louisville on the way. So, after a long drive, we find a parking space in the lot, and cooled our heels for a half-hour or so. I'm already so stoned from all that we'd smoked on the drive, but my friends insist on rolling a fat one before we go in. And so the whole car is filled with smoke like a Cheech and Chong movie.

No one took notice of the van of narcs parked beside us -- middle aged men sporting beer bellies and generic tie dyes -- and the next thing we know we're under arrest for possession -- they didn't put us in cuffs, but they made us sit in the back of a paddy wagon while they searched all of us and our friend's car.


I had a dime bag hidden in the bottom of my sunglasses case (always prudent, mom) which the first a-hole conveniently missed while searching through my purse, but then another a-hole searched it and fished it out. My friends had loads of lovelies as well. My boyfriend had five hits in his pocket (which could be a felony) and they found maybe a half-pound of kind under the seat of the car, which, incidentally, was confiscated and never brought up in court, so Louisville cops were smoking plenty and mighty hypocritical.

They drove us around the back of the arena, along with other paddy wagons, carrying hundreds of other unlucky fans that weekend, and a cop drove our car, and lo and behold, they had about a hundred cafeteria tables set up and dozens of confiscated cars in this huge airport hanger they were using to process all the heads. They had busted hundreds of fans, quite a sting operation.

they put my boyfriend in the clinker for twenty hours, meanwhile his friends went to the show the next night, while I sat in their car, crying and praying, and holding vigil.

Long story short, my bf had to go back up to Louisville many times and pay some lawyer ten grand so he could walk with a one-year probation or was it three- years? And I had to drive up once more a few months later, to that god-forsaken place, to plead guilty to my dime bag. Punishment?? Pay ten dollars to the man outside. Seriously. Ten dollars. I had to drive eight hours to pay ten dollars. And then it was back to the judge's usual case load of street hookers who hadn't bothered to put on real clothes for the court's sake or take the chewing gum out of their mouths as they pleaded guilty.

My boyfriend and his friends were tough as nails throughout the ordeal. The whole time we were in the back of the paddy wagon, they were whispering to each other about what a bad rap this was and how INDIGNANT they were over such mistreatment. And how they should have known the van of tacky agesters didn't belong there. Yada Yada.

I felt bad for my bf, who had to cop the whole thing to his daddy, because he needed the money to pay his exhorbitant lawyer's fees, but it was all okay in the end, and a tad romantic even picking up your boyfriend from the slammer, and it certainly was not our last show -- just our last one in Louisville, hahaha

Joined: Feb 23 2017
Last show

This was the last time I saw Jerry. Fare The Well old friend


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Freedom Hall - June 15, 1993