Grateful Dead

Franklin County Field - June 15, 1995

Franklin County Field

June 15, 1995

Highgate, VT US

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First "Rollin & Tumblin" - Bob Dylan opened

Set List:

Set 1: Touch of Grey
Wang Dang Doodle
El Paso
Ramble On Rose
Black Throated Wind
Loose Lucy
Promised Land

Set 2: Here Comes Sunshine
Samba In The Rain
Truckin' > Rollin' & Tumblin'* > That Would Be Something > He's Gone
> Drums > Space > Box Of Rain > Standing On the Moon > Sugar Magnolia


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Attendees of this show

Jaynov2020, Sixtus_, yourmom,, dp, DogStar, jeffdino31, Kayak Guy, TGAB, robtheplumbr, chard romes, busrider, morloquehamhoquewarloque, myettes, jhpage1, thedancinhanson's, tgraham, rbleiler94, Dano1972, curieye, Mbonne, hallucinatory_hare, Cadoreta, pukegrub, John Bonham, seanr46, gypsyrosalee, Hippiechick3868, blackjackjohnny, Vtgirl70, Lil Red Rooster, JimmyStraw, Turtle313, BirdLives12, CTloRIDER, redneckpride4ever, emoto, boblopes, Nanno-1974, neilfungi, dartagnan,, A Flip, deadbert, thrtyrsjw, marundale, BoxOfRainMan, Seven777, CarrionCrow, rymo, LLRAINinVT, Ryan1278, Cicada1, truce76, ecce homo, gillian19, Oxford 88, logjammin, ringbearer25, Mosfed, chaseutley, hockey_john, Mklkly313, walton8799, Messer, SicMD, Frannie Fran, syyguy, MightandGlory13, golfinhead, saigonmarc, sugaree95, hippiechick308, Tri1pinJ1mmy, chad.e.buck, monkeyboy.bp, gherbert_nyc, Can You Pass The Test, Msaef, Wake the Dead Massage, ChicoNH, OBIEtree, mbunn789, TippyB, seennuff2know, Ouish, ranger96, Jerry_wa, kgentili, borncrosseyed22, VTSugaree, melecheitan, iNoURdr, ibrahima, Rottenclam, tibegonia, eeephour, IKOIKO30, pointlessforest, USpace, jgb75, jimiski, tomcruz, justincasey01, jpyers, Nikon Harry, digital.dragonflies, Gwell, WeLuvEachOther, Beyond The Pale, jimbo021761, Irishmayor, jdrapp, tiaton, 1970jwp, Dee75, earache, 123IBT, broken_angel, chriswyhead, warchild, duggygee, napadeadhead, ikonic, DRKSTRSTSTVNTHE11, JohnnySimone, pdave,, spacewalker, mpace, jussieyes, rafilago, agstwst49, Neal, Sutterworld, mattycows, Jagger86, mr975j, smellymelly, Dr Diamond, jambandphan, dolbeared, Eyes over Toronto, PHILSTARDRACUT, jimabdu, aikoaiko66, jordan, StaggerLee69, nomoboro, orange sunshine, deadredhead, micah68, HelenABucket, billny59, jake_a_roe, eurohead, dallman, wayout walrus, TemporarySaint, HlpSlpFrank, jfilm_03, simplystef, Fladrif, krs10, gratefuldavis69, zacheross, sommer breeze, lost, ritekowst, deadheada, Disco Stu, shaggyRYbc, lifelovinjoe, jayers1, ppkgmsy, lostdeadhead, acousticmind, Blysergic, JackStrawfromMaine, Boulder Creek Mama, snappychappy, cosmic tuna, thomas513, Travo, Mornduvt, John Galt, The one and only Bean, fuggles, readr, kcjoneslirr, photomommy, durtyboy101, OldLaughingLady, Lost2AGirl, freeflydrew1, mzackim, saintofcircuspants, gshuff, crazyjenny, meripete, retiredwingnut, rmk1993, ej, jroy, powderjunky, earthman, sunshinedaydream43, beeto07, mondomarty, showbiz433, 1gr8ful1, Wild Bill, kenrock, Connolly, anthemsun_row, Jerry Mydland, chipontheroad, Brunfus, michihippie, stellabluebird, dvgrant, Skinny Mulligan, flach77, Bertha1, NH.FLY, Lumbojo, SUGARMAGN0LIA, DAlberty, bxofrain, mully54, TheHornet, vanmanmove, GratefulTwinz, sange, Savage, joekyle, larrygup, dancingbear66, deadheadnick, joni, maitra, philomena_rosebud, jaredlang, gravedigger7, fdoneit, SugarStar15, TERRAPINEYES, dizz, wambach0918, gr8fulcraig, Chick_Fowler, saratogajude, Lynnzie, karina, RosaliesDad, BooM, waltdakind, chefdannnyc, flowergrrl, carpetmadness, DeceivedOne, amdew122, Reya Sunshine, s-vert, voodoonola, fshhead, Neptune, Philos, TommyHolland, krzykat, grateful111, TBK, danceswithbears, j.straw, Saisabok, rob west, dre3303, mbwade20, loopy76, jaykuhles, Vairocana, Kindykind, saraneli, BigEd616, skunjelefeti, hawksbillwill, A. 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cben's picture
Joined: Nov 19 2007
Sad but true

This was my second show and my last with Jerry. I was in Nashua, NH working when I decided to go get some lunch at a deli. A car with two young girls saw me walking in a tie dye and told me Jerry just died. Much like on 9-11 or my parents knew where they were and what they were doing the day Kennedy was assasinated, I can remember the street, the direction I was headed, what I had for lunch and how this moment profoundly changed my life forever.
See here how everything, leads up to this day>>>

andrewtmitchell's picture
Joined: Jul 12 2007
My memory of this one was

My memory of this one was Phil taking charge of the vocal jam in "He's Gone" and then taking us out of Space with "Box of Rain". Also a good "Ramble on Rose" in the first set, and a very embarrassing "Touch of Grey" opener.

Good Dylan set too. Anyone have a copy?

Josef's picture
Joined: Jun 30 2007

Was not supposed to be my last show but it ended up that way for me. I do not recall to much at this point in time except that I thought Jerry looked terrible. Meant to go to the following couple of shows including Giants, I think, but past.

Missin' Jerry!

Joe from RI

Joined: Sep 15 2008
1st and last!? A privelage,

1st and last!? A privelage, and a shame all at once!!

Joined: Sep 15 2008
It was my first and last

It was my first and last show, if you got past the drug hungry kids, friends it was one of the best experiences! The true fans made you feel at home, and took you in! Loved it, miss-u jerry!

Joined: Jan 3 2009
Last and only sober show...

I remember this one the most for two reasons: First, I was mostly sober for the event due to a less than honest person selling bunk stuff. In hindsight, I am greatful for this. Second, I was standing by a soda booth set up by a local VT charity when the crashers broke through. The flood of people destroyed the fence and the charity booth knocking a few volutneers to the ground. I was more than disappointed in the lack of humanity but it did not ruin the show for me. I remember getting emotional during Gone (perhaps prescient of Jerry's passing). Wouldn't change a thing...

Joined: Jan 4 2009
also my last show

cassidysdada had good time[I think] got pulled over on way home spent 6 days in jail in w.mass [not fun] my good friend amy drove allthewaythefuckout to east bumfuck to save my ass moral:pay your fines! good news: Amy became my wife + we have perfect twins ROBBIE+CASSIDY

Joined: Jan 9 2009
This sadly would be the last

This sadly would be the last time I saw Jerry, alive. You could tell he was out of it, reading from a telepromter. I had a tear in my eye watching him and I remember saying to a friend that Jerry might not be with us much longer because of the way he looked. Like what was said above the scene was bad total disregard for anyone or anything very depressing. A week later I passed on the Giant stadium shows because of the Highgate mess. And I'm still sorry for that. I thought it was a cool place to see a show. We camped there for two nights and have some great stories from it.

Joined: Aug 12 2008
My last time seeing the fat man rock

It was crazy, hot day, many folks just not caring, balloons and gatecrashers were a drag. I remember after the show this brother on top of his mobile home right outside the gate pointing out someone from on top and yelling "un cool man!" it wasnt like even the previous year at the same venue. I miss Jerry. And as much of a drag as it may have been, it wasnt hard to find the heads. Which was always cool.

Peace and HugsY'All,
Grateful Ken

Joined: Jan 4 2009
Too many posers

this show was a bummer:Dylan was boring--Jerry was in horrible shape(heartbreaking)80%of the lot was loud,drunk posers(sickening)wish I had better memories for my last show but I dont...well,well,well you can never tell.


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Franklin County Field - June 15, 1995