Grateful Dead

Franklin County Field - June 15, 1995

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Franklin County Field

June 15, 1995

Highgate, VT US

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First "Rollin & Tumblin" - Bob Dylan opened

Set List:

Set 1: Touch of Grey
Wang Dang Doodle
El Paso
Ramble On Rose
Black Throated Wind
Loose Lucy
Promised Land

Set 2: Here Comes Sunshine
Samba In The Rain
Truckin' > Rollin' & Tumblin'* > That Would Be Something > He's Gone
> Drums > Space > Box Of Rain > Standing On the Moon > Sugar Magnolia


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JackStrawfromMaine's picture
Joined: Feb 10 2009
Jack (Straw) Fuller My last

Jack (Straw) Fuller

My last show....took my new girlfriend (now wife), her first. She said, "now I understand...." Jerry in RED! I told her there was a storm coming.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Hope for the Fall

Alas, like many, it was my last show too. All in all it wasn't what I had hoped, though I had great friends with me and as result have some great memories. The show left me waiting for the Boston fall shows which would never happen...sad even thinking about it.

Joined: Feb 23 2009
no Dylan/Jerry encore

ppl say 140,000 prob;ly 90000 w/ in highgte finished up early 4 us ....oh ya thanks 4 my free camping bro ... my 1st show away from tha west ....west issss best ... Jerry jammed west then destructed ..and this was where it 1st showed that i noticed... gate ppl told us to ditch our water bottles on the way in ...bitches had us walkin on a massive pile ....yaaa the poor ppl in the porta's ...shhheeeeit .....sound sucked ...i bounced around and ended up phil zone .....saw jerry lookin for dylan 4 encore ...lost my rochester crew sorry Fortune //////thanks hanglider NH guy

Joined: Jan 13 2009
This also was my last show

This also was my last show and my son's first. We were shocked to read the papers and hear about the gate crashers and craziness. We got there early and didn't see any of it. We were there with an ex-boyfriend and another family and had an awesome time. Sadly it was the end of an era for me as well. The boyfriend and I parted ways, although he lead me to the GD and I'll always be grateful for that.

Joined: Jan 4 2009

Only positive thing I remember is how emotional Jerry got during Peggy-o, Very sad- The poor man was in obvoius pain-should'nt have been on the road. But that was Jerry-Didnt want to put people out of work and did'nt want to dissappoint the fans-A TRUE rock-n-roll soldier. I miss him so much.

krs10's picture
Joined: Mar 25 2009
Loose Lucy

I thought Dylan was in fine form. And my favourite part of the Dead show upon relistening is Loose Lucy. Jerry always belts this one out even if he's in rough shape like he was that day (year? tour?)

Blessed to have had the experience, sad that it was the last one.

jackstraw79's picture
Joined: Jan 9 2009
Worst show

I sat by the side of the stage, alone, sucking on a wine sack and new it was over.

jimabdu's picture
Joined: May 5 2009
Dead 2009 Still truckin'

I saw both Dead shows in Worcester on 4/18 & 19 and they were some of the best shows I've seen with or without Jerry.... and I never thought I'd be saying that!!

My first show was in 1973 and Highgate was my last "real" show but I'm glad I was able to see the Dead in their newest incarnation. I just wish I could have seen more shows and hope they tour again soon.

I had fun at Highate but thought something was lacking at the time although listening now it sounds much better than I recall.....


Joined: Apr 3 2009
High Gate crashers

Yes bad vibe that show. People getting ripped off, assholes ruining the "whole scene" I too was there with wife and daughter of 2 yrs. We were chillin back right where that fence came down and the reaction of the crowd on the good side just stared in disbelief. We've talked about that show many times on how we were so unhappy with these new people invading our wonderful scene with there assholic behaviour. They werent there for the music of our favorite Band. Peace

Joined: Nov 12 2009
Last Show for me as well, fare thee well



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Franklin County Field - June 15, 1995