Grateful Dead

Winterland Arena - June 17, 1975

Winterland Arena

June 17, 1975

San Francisco, CA US

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Bob Fried Memorial Boogie - first "Crazy Fingers" - first "Franklin's" - "Help" without lyrics - first "Help" - also: Kingfish; Keith & Donna; The Mirrors

Set List:

Crazy Fingers
Beat it on Down the Line
Big River
Me and My Uncle
Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower

Blues For Allah>
Stronger Than Dirt>
Blues For Allah
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

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Joined: Jun 30 2007
Sort of secret Dead show

This was one of those Keith and Donna, Kingfish and Jerry Garcia Band shows that actually turned into a Dead show during their '75 hiatus. Mickey Hart's first appearance in three years. A sold out show. We brought a buddy who didn't have a ticket. I think the gate was $10, max. We got him a ticket for $15, a half-pint of Cuervo Gold and two fat joints of killer weed. Even then, I felt bad for the guy who thought that was such a great deal because he missed the Dead! Those 1975 Kingfish shows were always so awesome.

Joined: Jun 7 2007
bob fried

nobody knew what lay ahead after a few unfocused warmups, the full dead giving us the new blues for allah BG gave me a full size poster while in line, i thanked him cause bob fried was such a far out poster artist when he walk byine, he came back with a poster

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Joined: Jul 9 2008
Jerry Garcia & friends

I was lucky to get a ticket to this, my only West Coast show, while visiting S.F. (Hitchhiked in Sept. 74 & hung out until Aug. 75.) It was incredible to hear the Dead playing in their home town! Peggy-O and Big River were always favorites of mine, but Franklin's Tower blew me away...the first time I heard any of the Blues For Allah material. Kingfish and Keith & Donna's band were bonuses...


my chips cashed in's picture
Joined: May 21 2011
75 Hiatus

Did you get to see Kingfish at Stanford Movie Theatre? The Varsity? El Camino Real Park across from Stanford shopping center. Everyone was there except Phil New Riders Keith & Donna Peter Rowen I used to get my powder where Hoddinot got his. WOW the days.

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Joined: Jul 20 2007

I saw them at El Camino Park. I was lying on a blanket with my girlfriend enjoying the morning sunlight just outside the park by a hedge. I was dozing and suddenly heard some music. We walked around the hedge into the park and there they were doing a sound check. I could hardly believe my eyes! Was this a dream? No. The stage was set up back near the railroad tracks and they soon started the concert. We moved our blanket in and enjoyed the show.

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
1975-The Year of Stealth Bay Area Dead Shows

I agree, Deaddad, this was under the radar unless you were a hard core bay area deadhead, cause then your little ears perked up with the billing.

I was there, it was kinda a rush to see them when they were on hiatus and not touring.

Let's release this one! One of a handful of complete Blues for Allah performances!

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Joined: Dec 16 2011
reply to nitecat

scott, weren't you at kezar?

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Joined: May 14 2010
In solid

This was my first show with the folks who were to become my partners in crime for the next 10 years. We all walked over from Oak & Central to Post & Steiner to see KingFish and Keith and Donna. Well ... whaddya know ... Good ole Grateful Dead.
Some crazy new shit none of us had ever heard before. Cool.


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Winterland Arena - June 17, 1975