Grateful Dead

Autzen Stadium - June 17, 1994

Autzen Stadium

June 17, 1994

Eugene, OR US

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Cracker opened

Set List:

Greatest Story Ever Told
Lazy River Road
Wang Dang Doodle
Ramble on Rose
Black Throated Wind
Tom Thumb's Blues
Eyes of the World
Samba in the Rain
Saint of Circumstance
The Wheel
Attics of My Life
Thowing Stones
Not Fade Away
US Blues

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Joined: Oct 26 2008
Rain in Eugene

Wow! I thought I was having false memories, but I also remember the rain began to fall as they started in on " Looks Loike Rain". Eric, thanks for the lost memory. As I recall, the stadium went nuts and everyone had their arms up in the air and singing along. Good times!

Joined: Jan 6 2009

Samba in the Rain was fantastic, loved it! We won VIP tickets to the show and I never used my pass, gave it to my friends and they told me about the great food & clean bathrooms...I stayed on the "floor" the whole time. Who cared if it rained, made a good opportunity for a great song list!

mtnsky68's picture
Joined: Feb 6 2009
first show i went to and the last with jerry :(

opened my conciseness and i realized why everyone kept telling me i was a deadhead. i finally found my home! i miss jerry but still make shows as much as possible. peace love and happiness to all dead family!

Joined: Nov 12 2010
Rainy fun, second set was a

Rainy fun, second set was a water park of fun....the Eyes was warming and perfect. Huge scene and a great time, Skakedown Street was one of the largest bazaars I had ever seen.

Joined: Nov 6 2011
First of three days with the Dead

I was lucky enough to win two free tickets from Downtown Deb's Dead Air on KLCC and took my two sons to this show. They had a great time, from the moment the beautiful girl in front of us took off her tie dye shirt, to shakedown street in the parking lot and circling the stadium in the rain after intermission. I remember seeing Bill Walton standing heads above in the crowd in front of us. Remember thinking Jerry was getting weary when they played Attics, you could here it in his voice. We even met Kesey at the bus in the parking lot. The big U of O sign with a Steal your Face center. One of the best of Dead times.

Joined: Jan 28 2014

I cannot find any pictures from this Show?!? I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a place where I can find any? The bleachers melted when it started raining! So fun!

Joined: Feb 17 2015
Great time in the pouring rain

This was the first show that my husband and I saw on our honeymoon. (Married in Montreal on June 11, flew to SF and drove up to shows in Eugene and then down to Vegas.) Great show in the pouring rain :)

Joined: Nov 23 2010
Rainy day fun

Where else could you have sooo much fun on a rainy day. I think that Eugene was by far one of the best venues to see an outdoor show. The Dead where tuned into the weather and rolled with it. Black throated wind- Rain - Samba in the Rain. I think that was the best rendition of samba I heard them play. I remember walking out of the show and calling my brother back on the east coast to wish him a happy birthday. He answered and proceeded to tell me that O.J. was in a high speed car chase with the police and he killed someone. I was like "what?????" I'm just glad I didn't get busted for smiling on a cloudy day!


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Autzen Stadium - June 17, 1994