Grateful Dead

Giants Stadium - June 18, 1995

Giants Stadium

June 18, 1995

East Rutherford, NJ US

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Phil Lesh's 30th anniversary as a member of the Grateful Dead - final "Stagger Lee" - final "Deal" - final "Spanish Jam" - Bob Dylan opened

Set List:

BerthaSame ThingStagger Lee

China Cat>
I Know You Rider
Way To Go
Spanish Jam>
Wharf Rat>

Lucy In The Sky

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Snashforce (not verified)
Wharf Rat

I had fun at this show and remember dancing down the spirals to the exits as they encored Lucy in the Sky w/ Diamonds. The glowstick "unboken chain" almost made it around the huge stadium but not quite! However, this really was the worst Wharf Rat ever. I remember wondering if they were trying a different timing/arrangement of the song, but it was just off, way off.

Joined: Jul 13 2009
Birth of a 'Head...

My First & Only Garcia Dead show. Overall, yes it was BAD. However, there were some high points: The Stagger, Deal & Samson really kicked ass, as much as '95 versions could (catching the final Deal was nice), and The China>Rider, while not really inspired, was a lot of fun. As it was my first, I vowed to see ALL of the show. The Drumz was actually pretty good, and Spanish Jam was a lovely surprise (well played, too!). Eyes was rough, but I was psyched just to hear it at all, and the Wharf Rat was SO bad, I couldn't listen to any other version for years! Happy to be able to reflect my love to the boys during NFA, and, no offense to anyone, but Lucy has to be my LEAST-favorite cover/encore of all time. I wish I had gone to the next night, but my thinking at the time was that the stadium sucked on sound and I'd catch a few Fall MSG shows...not to be however. I DID feel Jerry with us at MSG with 'The Dead' in April '09 though...! Certainly bummed it was my one & only, but it was a night that has had me ever since absorbed with the Dead's and similar bands' music. I'll always remember it as the beginning of my 'Long Starnge Trip'...Cheers all! PS-You still couldn't beat the Giant's Stadium parking lot scene-CRAZY good times!!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
the whart rat

Given half the chance and the right mind set and setting (no, not necessarily ON something), this is a touching Wharf Rat. Sure, the noodling at the beginning could be mistaken for Jerry not knowing where the hell he was - but the trickster that he was, who's to say he's not just teasing Throwing Stones or Cosmic Charlie. I don't know, and you don't either. No one knows and nor will they ever. Sure, it can be said the band was helping to prop Jerry up a little 'cause he was behind the beat. He needed a nudge forward, a push to keep up, but that's what brothers-in-arms do. This one has soul and it's a total band effort. I only was able to get to one show, 7-9-95, but I sure as hell wish I could've seen just 1 Wharf Rat. Yes, even like this. There it is, my 2 cents. Cut me down if you like, I don't care. By the way, the last 2 minutes or so of Spanish Jam is sweet too. Jerry pulls out the Alien Tone. Peace and love through music.

loveumore's picture
Joined: Nov 20 2011
oh i wish

Oh I can not believe what i am reading. Death Threats to Jerry, what kind a son o b would do that. I am hearing good jams and seeing good footage of Jerry in Late 80 early to mid 90 but it sure was hit or miss. Poor man, couldn't keep the junk in the trunk, monkey in the cage Jerry u just a little misbehaved.
I wish that a movie, not a fakie movie but a real movie would come out with all this dead history. I mean they could do a triology like the Ring movies only with the dead story. It is amazing really, the acutal reality of what this musical gift has taken from this band is really somethng. Brent especially is a sad tale but he deserves to be honored for what he gave too.

Joined: Aug 2 2012

Me and a buddy were hitching cross country and got a ride from a bus of heads going to this show. Gave us each a ticket for doing them a solid and it was my very first concert at 16 years old....

fluffanutter's picture
Joined: Feb 25 2012
Wow, hearing the tales of this show...

just makes me want to cry the day after Jer's 70th b'day. Yeah man, couldn't get it together for Wharf Rat. Well, what can you say? It was a life committed, as Jer said, for a good thing. Be happy and grateful for the thing you had, for it surely is "All Over Now"...

A Flip's picture
Joined: Feb 10 2014
Campin' in the weeds...

I remember many heads camping in the weeds quite far from the lot just to avoid being harrassed by the overzealous cops and security, Giants in '95 was getting to be a hassle...should have been a field in bethel or something like that, either way though-i'm glad to have seen the boys on ANY night, any where.

Joined: Nov 5 2014
MY LAST DEAD SHOW !!! 1972-1995

The only show that I EVER left early ! Jerry was out of synch, obviously picked up again. Bob Weir was getting visibly pissed as Jerry missed licks, versus... It was a sad ending BUT I did get a "SHOW SHIRT !! FAREWELL MY FRIEND. First show in 1972


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Giants Stadium - June 18, 1995