Grateful Dead

Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 19, 1988

Alpine Valley Music Theatre

June 19, 1988

East Troy, WI US

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first "Foolish Heart"

Set List:

Mississippi Half-Step
Feel Like a Stranger
Good Time Blues
Ramble on Rose
Little Red Rooster
Bird Song
Promised Land

Foolish Heart
Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
I Need a Miracle
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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Tommyboy, WhatsbecomeofRosemarysBaby, Luvdacheese, casinodead1, Archemedes, BlackThroatedMind, prudence2001, trukin, jzillmer, LorenSR, scarletfire2297, KristynSt.Vincent, slewfoot42, Swaying Trees, WhoWhatWendy, susan_bigley, jayclark, Totem, zoyd1962, CampgroundBob, kurt009, texasdeadhead71, scoobiedew, Mike Jarboe, ggrskovich, markverni, hupiper, Wyngman1984, Apline89, vikered, kjhdancer, mvlasich, KindJester, Egg, Frontrow Joe, scottjindra, zephram, djaspen, MoonStander, dhead1965, crunchyfrog, spydyr, beerbryan68, blissful, mattwise99, jasalt, UncleJohn61, normk58, jodisalmonson, dhaivyd, Luca B, LocoBrian, jeffr-DoseMePlease, Capt Chowdah, Steveinkato, Lou C, cooper3737, duffypld, EBDead66, olddeadhead_NFA, Jason Wilder, jp1142, tea2trey, Lorenr, John Kovacs, miltonmutant, jamescook, JohnL, hockey_john, pbyrne, cosmicsushi714, cbNEAL, gratefulgregv, Paul Dirks, vandi421, Charlie Mosbrook, Perfunct, smwagner21, 0xDEAD, MNGLWD, MrJonesN, jaybird48230, Phinnegan, juddh1, 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Joined: Jun 25 2007
I was prepared this time!

I had food, water soda and money this time. I had front row for Dylan the day before and yes, had to go to work after Dylan and all of the Dead shows at Alpine. This is when all of the people started showing up. Great show and lots and lots of people.

Bozo Bus's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

Yeah, I remember thinking "Foolish" was "Tangled Up In Blue" at first as it was a first. I was a little let down when Garcia started singing a different tune. But I was won over by the end of the tune.

We made the shows from New Hampshire in good time in a car with suicide doors. I was ill prepared and had no tent and maybe one extra shirt. I slept in other people's tents and under the car.

Jodester's picture
Joined: Jun 14 2007
Foolish Heart

I was still relatively new to the scene at that point and didn't recognize that it was a first time new song and was really grooving it in the front row when I heard someone say it was a new song and realised what a special moment it was. Somehow it had a special energy even before I'd heard it was a new song. Must have been because the boys were buzzing to break it out. A great, great time that Alpine run!!

Are you kind?

Joined: Jul 17 2007
Large crowd

I believe this was the Sunday show with about 60,000 people on the grounds ! A great scene, cars abandoned along the nearby freeway, just a real trip !

People I worked with could not believe we made it there and back.

And a great show, of couse

shadelady's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007

It was 1988 after all, my friend Heidi and I tried to count all of them, but quickly lost count.

Saw "WISNIP" on the way to the show.

Left all my cash in one of the 100 or so Port-o-Lets...realized it after walking back to the main gate, RAN BACK with Heidi yelling behind me which one to check--how she knew which one I had used, I'll never figure out-swung open the door, and SHAZAM! there was my little film canister, untouched! Enough money for food, beer, and "odds and ends"!

Mythical Ethical Icicle Tricycle's picture
Joined: Jul 26 2007
Absolute suckfest

What a complete load of horseshit that whole scene was. I ended up selling my ticket --which was supposed to be an "extra"-- and fled during the second set of the first show.

--Total crowd mismanagement by Alpine Valley. They should've started by kicking everybody out of the lots after the Dylan & Petty gig the night before and not letting anyone back in until first light...or just scheduled the Dylan & Petty gig for a different night.

--It was a summer of intense heat and drought, and it wasn't about to get better anytime soon. Everybody was ready for October by the middle of June as it was, and it certainly wasn't conducive to "roughin' it" for five days in a dirt-and-gravel parking lot surrounded by cornfields and cow pasture.

--Ticketron never sent the tickets that the boss and I ordered by phone (all four shows for me, and just the Sunday for him) about ten days to two weeks before the first gig, so we phoned in two days before the show and were told to go to willcall, which I knew from trying to score tickets up there the year before was going to involve, literally speaking, a daylong outdoor wait amidst a teeming mob (comprised largely of complete and total jabbering imbeciles) that never seemed to move.

So with showtime approaching, and as he was getting swallowed up in the whole willcall nightmare (which he eventually abandoned, once he finally got inside the building after waiting for about six hours), I snapped and sold what was supposed to have been my spare ticket for face value to a complete stranger, and he and I jumped into his van and fled during the second set.

I ended up going back for the latter two gigs of the four-show run, but in any case I was well pissed off about it at the time and remain so to this day. Between the dry heat, Alpine's ineptitude in controlling its own space, what I allege to be Ticketron's fraudulent sales practices (they had no intention of mailing the tickets that we ordered and hoped that we wouldn't remember to demand that the charges be rescinded) and the presence of literally thousands of complete jackholes who wouldn't know the Grateful Dead from an abscessed boil on their ass, it was an unmitigated relief to get the hell outta there for a couple of days after an intolerable first 18 hours' worth of it.

First and only time I've turned my back on it all, and I'd do precisely the same damn thing all over again. Glad the rest of y'all had such a great time, though!

Joined: Aug 9 2007
Rode to the Show

I rode my Sportster up from Illinois to Milwaukee for Harley's 85th anniversary bash then over to my real destination. Very inviting crowd. Got a ticket and supplies in no time. I had a blanket across the handle bars thing going. Hot. They did try to get everybody out of the camping area at some ridiculous hour... Sorry to the guy selling the "Picture a Bright Blue Ball Spinningx2 Free" TShirt I lost in the crowd. If you hear clapping on your tapes from this show, it was me. Sorry. I ended up a little too close to the taper section. The show seemed short. I was bummed I couldn't stay, I had to ride home south on Monday directly into the heat of the day...
This site is cool. I haven't thought of that weekend in awhile. Cheers to the guy who called me Chief. Yeah, I still have the bike.

Right On


Joined: Jun 23 2007
It was a crazy scene

This was my first Grateful Dead show that involved some extensive travel and camping--needless to say it was overwhelming. Once we got in and parked it was fine, but getting in and out was ridiculous.

With all the problems, these Alpine shows were the ones that stamped the "steal your face" on my brain forever. Sure--the bottle was dusty, but the doses were clean!

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Droughtful Valley

I got tix for shows 2, 3, & 4 in Madison on 6/19, 1 sold out, trusted to luck for the 1st nite. Made it into the lot and proceeded to relax. There was a carful of youngsters next to me, the most outgoing of which walked right up and introduced himself. He'd never seen the Dead, and was really anxious to.
A couple hrs later I saw a guy walking to the side of the lot to take a leak carrying a ticket, I asked him if it was an extra for tonight, he looked at it and said "Oh, yeah, I forgot, I've got to get rid of this, someone couldn't make it", and was kind of apologetic for wanting face value for it...What luck!
Later, close to showtime, the kid in the car next door, had kind of passed out and his friends, none of which really seemed like they were into the Dead anyhow, abandoned him and were going into the show. I tended to him and got him woke up and gave him water and aspirin, and walked with him to the turnstiles. We parted ways and as the band was playing an opening "1/2step" I noticed my seat was in the pavillion! As I kept making it through layers of security and making 1/2steps towards the stage, I finally saw my seat was in the front row!!! I truly felt like a stranger but right at home in the spit zone, between Bob and Phil. I saw the gentleman I bought the ticket from next to me, and thanked him again. Promised Land seemed fitting, as I have always relied on the kindness of strangers, foolish heart of mine. Sorry old "mythical suckfest" had such a lousy time, and after all who does the weather command? but not me!

66slim's picture
Joined: Apr 15 2008
This was an interesting

This was an interesting trip. Had to abandon the car on the side of the insterstate and trek across a cow field and golf course to get to the first night's show. Very hot, dry and dusty but still an enjoyable time. Met some very friendly people including a guy named "pond scum" and some heavily accented New Yorkers.


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Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 19, 1988