Grateful Dead

Soldier Field - June 19, 1993

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Soldier Field

June 19, 1993

Chicago, IL US

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Sting opened - short jam, "Spoonful" tease after "Smokestack"

Set List:

Touch of Grey
Little Red Rooster
Lazy River Road
Me and My Uncle
Maggie's Farm
Broken Arrow

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Long Way Home
Smokestack Lightnin'
The Other One
Standing on the Moon
Throwin' Stones
One More Saturday Night


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trukin, jzillmer, LorenSR, AzNiner, mrngdew77, Kev9056, jayclark, motoman615, Sanbeagle, MANOFORT, sludgwedge, texasdeadhead71, ogdenp, rdolsen93, JTurtle, ggrskovich, walshmj, iamthc10, dreadedyuppie, KevinKroner, rrebern, redbarn420, akavaughn, ShiningStar, deucewan, keylimejellybean, KindJester, ccclyde, budz4ticketz, deaddavid, scottjindra, banjovy, jgrandt11, Rev. Outlaw G, PlayinDead, Petronius Jablonski, PERL.DiamonDve65, Bonzey1171, WallyBear, corvette1982, robusto58, leper van atom, Steveinkato, cooper3737, DJWickre, jeffr-DoseMePlease, zman1, CindyCookielady, evgraham, Lorenr, John Kovacs, JohnL, dedhed1963,, cosmicsushi714, slo lettuce, rooster120, wysbang, EFletcher, gdharlow, cbNEAL, Perfunct, hippiechick308, zonker909, capt_mellow, Zuckfun, mmcnutt1970, mbunn789, The_Wheel, Ouish, JMD1971, StealYourFace420, dharmabum66, Billy Crockett, Andy D in KC, Burf77, DAKOTA4X4, Jerry_wa, legba23, dogwoodgirl, Rottenclam, deepsouthgent, sailing vessel sunshine daydream, john manicke, unclejohn012370, Geodye420, scarletdeal, emjay360, coveralls, tomcruz, bmason, bleone, Northbk27, BigFlosser, Brendoe88, kwinter67, kayslaw, moogirl, Dpwilljr, chicubs53, PrintIsBlood, jamb band fan, daedlufetarg, Gypsy in the Palace, DanBob, valeriejoy, katfishjohn, thetylicki, violaceous_petals, oldtourrat, 3D, PaulDante, tonefreak6, peacefrogs, smarcus, rct, dredileogirl, randomjohnsonjr, Delaware Dead, jerfest, justblue, wiineguyjosh, kjn70, MorninSun, jackstraw72, Mary Margaret, flybri1, skbphx, Shecky23, dpw1982, CaptTheo, Kristin-Quinn, francie413, onthebus91, Petal, Frag, pman12, charlieatc, jeromethompson, HowlinHippie, kindsmiles, jussieyes, ThinkTankTed, humble.heiko, SidePocket, debhead830, Darlene, purple75, Nolan, joebroomhead, GDrew, Terpin61, Rolokid, mnekaw33, Ossumpei, dolbeared, whiter, JoelP, photogeek423, Desolation Bro, walstib70, Truckee420, jennyBgood, GogglesPizano, WILD CHILD, phreeang, hoops, blotterman, radio_mogul, chcculle, Gr8ful Dbone, TreeTop, Kykind, moodyja395, arterps, earthballeric, Malarkey, btwind13, bluefairee, deaddan1969, memphisus, tommcgee1, Snapperhead, barefootbob2, Saintofcircumstance1, Judah Isreal, sommer breeze, lost, Boiler814, a west, eyes-of-the-world, Rue Morgue, gr8fulhead, Grateful_HERSH, lostdeadhead, grotbeck, charliep,, Jon E., Blysergic, EasyWind73, greytlove, angela chayce, ajhaiflich, Boulder Creek Mama, ajmarx74, jam e, doughknees, motoman, tigman, scarletbutterfly, ScotterZOtter, John Galt, seebrown, northshorepc, jazzygrrl365, mzackim, Mguzziridr, Bertha4201, retiredwingnut, piznoink, hippiechic, eFreak, croixwood, My Masterpiece, CW_Traub, Martin G. 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Joined: Jun 4 2007
i was back stage for this

i was back stage for this show and my friend bumped into sting as they were coming in out of the rain. a moment i will never forget

Joined: Jun 29 2007
My wife and I were married

My wife and I were married on 6/18/03, and I thought I would have to skip these weekend shows (you only get married once, right?). Much to our surprise, we received tickets to this show as a wedding gift from the best friend a Deadhead could ever have...

Covering The Beatles' "Rain" as an encore was incredibly fitting, as the skies opened up prior to the show...

Joined: Jul 16 2007
My First Show

I went along to Soldier Field with some heads from St. Louis (Lita and Mark) and had no idea of what I was in for. We arrived at the venue several hours before the show w/out tickets to see what we could do to get in. After meeting dozens of other deadheads and sharing many varieties of mind-altering "party favors", we found a group who decided to crash a gate. On the count of 3, we hauled ass toward security and I, being in the center of the horde, was literally carried in with the crowd. Once inside the outer ring of the stadium, we stood around and listened to the music as the 2nd set began, until an older gentleman approached and asked why we weren't inside enjoying the show. We confessed that we had no tickets and didn't want to get thrown out as we had just made our way in. He laughed and said no one would check for tickets for the upper bowl sections and he escorted us into the stadium where the crowd was in full swing in the middle of "China Cat/ I Know U Rider". I had never had a better time dancing and melting under a starry sky to the most amazing sounds and sights orchestrated by Jerry and Co. I remember being so touched by Jerry singing "SOTM" in that white light and that I had some tears in my eyes. 14 years later, memories of this show are vivid and warming to my soul!

Joined: Nov 10 2007
This was my first dead show

This was my first dead show i had no idea what i was in for. first off THE LIGHTING STORM!!!! that was the most awsome show of lighting i had seen! sting called us all crazy and bailed cause it got pretty much scarry, the croud tryed to squeese in all into the insie at once so we stayed and stuck out the worst part of the storm. we went in to potty and get warm and we heard the dead come out and start we ran out to the best seat we could find and i remember the people who had the tix for the seats we we in came by and the whole section kinda one minded the away for us . it was cool cause that was a sweet spot to c from!! the show was life changing i seen the world in a whole new point of view from that day on!!! and the fire works we mind melting that night i was hooked the grateful dead had totally took me in and made me c that we really are all one!! THANK YOU JERRY!!!


ripple1's picture
Joined: Jan 11 2008

I am not sure , but I think this is the show where when we where going into the show, crossing over the bridge there was noise everywhere people moving every direction. The rain was coming down. We were all bunched up like cattle. When a bolt of lightning hit the flag pole in front of the stadium as we where crossing. It seemed like a very long time when everything went silent. Then a big cheer went out when everyone realized they were still alive. Very weird.
I also really like the Standing on the Moon that night.

Joined: Jan 5 2009
One of my Favorite Shows

What I wild one! I remember Sting playing like only 6 songs and then literally running off the stage when the skies opened. The band came out and was pleading with people to get away from the metal chairs on the field. Every time that lightning would strike nearby the crowd would just roar. I believe it was during their break that the lights went out in the stadium for a bit, and whenever the lightning lit up the sky all you could make out were the balloons everywhere. I also remember the second set starting out with a SYF/Bulls logo that set the crowd wild. When I got back to the hotel I found out that we were partying away through a severe thunderstorm warning. Oh and Ripple1 has it exactly right, Jerry's Standing on the Moon from that night is still in my playlist on my ipod.

Joined: Apr 3 2010
rain rain get the %$@* out of here

my least favorite DEAD show. no good pre-party. traffic sucked. weather sucked. hard to hear. pretty good set list though.

Joined: Aug 3 2011
Midwestern boy...

This was the first time I ever really noticed cops at a show - out in helmets with shields, standing in a ring around a kid passed out (I hope that's all) - glaring out at us and making the crowd part around them as we walk out of the show.

I'm sure the East Coast heads had been dealing with it forever, but having come up on the Midwest swing campground shows (Alpine, Deer Creek, Pine Knob), that was it for me... Having that night seen one more Vince show than I had seen Brent shows - it seemed like a good time for a break...

WallyBear's picture
Joined: Feb 13 2014
The Lightning was amazing !!

I remember how sting only played a few minutes it seemed like ,,, but the show in the sky above took my attention... FULLY... It was an amazing show... I miss these days, my type of cool people, and , of course the LOVE.


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Soldier Field - June 19, 1993