Grateful Dead

Autzen Stadium - June 19, 1994

Autzen Stadium

June 19, 1994

Eugene, OR US

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Cracker opened

Set List:

Touch of Grey
 Walkin' Blues
 Brown-Eyed Women
 El Paso*
 Bird Song tease
 If The Shoe Fits
 Bird Song
 Scarlet Begonias
 Fire on the Mountain
 Samson and Delilah
 Way to Go Home
 Playing in the Band
 Uncle John's Band
 Playing in the Band jam
 Uncle John's Band reprise
 The Other One
 Wharf Rat
 Good Lovin'
 Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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Joined: Oct 26 2008
Good Times

Little did I know this would be the last time I'd see them live. Next to the Oakland shows with Santana in 90 or 91 (I can't remember), these were the best shows in the west coast. I also remember camping outside the stadium after driving up from Santa Barbara. It was cold, but well worth it.

TieDyeTommie's picture
Joined: Jun 28 2008
Great weekend

We drove from San Diego to Eugene for the shows, it was to be my friend Debbie's Belly Button Birthday on Sunday, OJ was all over the news, Great Shows on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was a trip in itself. I met Ken Kesey in the front of the stage, I was a windscreen for him during first set - then at setbreak he had to go to see his Son's play somewhere in Bend I think, anyway he gave me two backstage passes, and my friend Debbie and I got to hand out roses to those in the front of the stage. True Story

southern star's picture
Joined: Mar 11 2010
18, hitching and living in a

18, hitching and living in a tent up at cougar hot springs. scored ride with beautiful couple buddha and jean... got turned onto a sheet of jesus. walked onto lot just as jesus hit me and a huge guy in a cat in the hat- hat, ran up and picked me up in a giant hug. Kid and pup showing me a painting of "the great secret" on there van. the music pouring out of the top of the stadium in visible waves. N2O!! afterwards we all wordlessly convoyed to the wyoming gathering. so far from there now. alone in the Idaho MTS. but the experience is my karma and shall propel me forever. blessings to my beloved sprite, wind and various others I have neglected, forsaken, or lost since then. all of you are never forgotten- to those who know and remember- what a long strange trip it has ben-peace
Southern Star

inward onward everybody.....

Joined: Nov 6 2011
Knockin on Heaven's Door

A fine ending to my only three day run. Post toastie by then, Awesome Scarlet-Fire, Warf Rat and Knockin were the highlights for me. On to Vegas for Traffic and the Dead!

Joined: Sep 13 2014
old memories

My dad flew up from California to take me to this show even though he was in a halfway house and not supposed to leave the state. I was nine but clearly remember the setlist and dancing until everything blurred into a haze of joy. Would love to hear if anyone knew him: he went by Harris Lee Rose (or any variant of those names). I was a little dark-haired girl in a multicolored dress.


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Autzen Stadium - June 19, 1994