Grateful Dead

Shoreline Amphitheatre - June 2, 1995

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Shoreline Amphitheatre

June 02, 1995

Mountain View, CA US

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final "Alabama"

Set List:

Ramble On
El Paso@
Bird Song>

New Speedway>
Way To Go
He's Gone>
Easy Answers>

Lucy In The Sky

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Attendees of this show

Lazylightning16, belladona1, Gypsy.Cinn.Taylor, dhaivyd, BoxOfRainMan, surfdude67, RayDad, Brewrow, MDB52, jackieshul, bluewater, impossible ronnie, pager333, Smiley53, Mosfed, chaseutley, SicMD, ptown phool, MightandGlory13, paulb, Ceriasly, MikTheFish, mrsmallard, snafu, mbunn789, bcsister, DANNG, nchusker, Calif Bill, busyb67, Sugarmagkauai, shrinkrap50, jenniferandjenson, latelyItOccursToMe, Rottenclam, lmcoffee, Llollo, mountain-sf-haight, shannonsapitbull, southbayrik, emjay360, windandraine, FatherTime, Jackson2010, Man from Mars, rastacruz, topherblunt, JohnCesano, Rotten_Robbie, Sustainabill, PrintIsBlood, ggdead, 1970jwp, SuggaMaggs, oldtourrat, tonefreak6, djangology, smarcus, dredileogirl, tie-dye steve, Sparky99, drshakedown, eyeswerethere, jahtooth, Leggs4, madrone, dunbinded, reefjoker, carolsnyder68, jimpeckham, michaeljscott, mojoman, rodiebluez1, Napa Al, smellymelly, Norabelle, Rolokid, cruz, cascadehigh, dolbeared, photogeek423, ebb, zxtttxz, TomBanjo1969, phreeang, walkingupstream, Jimmypharp, shiekster, sddeadhead, Randy80302, Fr8nkenstein, lost, picasso_moon420, W.A.L.S.T.I.B., ellis d, Andy the Hippie, shaggyRYbc, Grateful_HERSH, lostdeadhead, achughes33, wickedsmilee, FireWheel, Blysergic, dport, cdmcclain, dovemab, sids, Boulder Creek Mama, Heynow from The Well, ChantalAndGeorge, John Galt, bearlywood, The one and only Bean, AndIgoton, kimdance, ratterd, taylordvm, pennsylvaniapete, alapuzzo, retiredwingnut, hippiechic, santabarbarian, JimmyD, khsanders3, Oldneumanntapr, jhras, mfraga, Dancing bear dave, 1gr8ful1, DIreCoyote, gaia247, goodlivin, gr8fulz, Sweet William, mattieb67, lagnaf, alpine84, joekyle, MagicPEZ, sammy0, scottrost, everestgal, Gern Blanston, tripsy, mendochris61, smilin.dave, gr8fuldiana, sugar_mag, Susie Q, dylan from canada, Mick Flaire, Darkstarnat, Canyon Critter, ellisdee420, BooM, BretKman, mary meet, Reya Sunshine, Kindbus, hoffmnj, DoDa Man, UNCCandyman, pyy, dfong74, cothrex13, spikedriver, Katt, jaykuhles, Matthew in Salt Lake, Jazzmaze88, b-rad never sad, beebrat, Do lord deliver our kind, cosmic_skye, nedly, zappy, Starlitdaze, flipper, nassau73, MC1620, BLKMUDYRVR, hippiedino, 29moons, josh e bear, drb_reid, LunaSol, poghmahone, wembly, tarapin, BoogieGirl, mandy, WaywardBill, mikewantsabeer, TJD, Lady of the River, TableMtGirl, sugareeluv, whitebird, RalphPa, nextshow, darthvader, ohioted, Leggs2, davidb, grciafan, Tenner, truckineric, SquiRL, thndrbill, SF_328, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, jakestraw, LevitatingYogi, drgnwmtchs, BHMorgan, wharfrattommy, patdog, paintedmandolin71, Duude, braygun, pyrorite, TomClark, qpSYFqp, Ellis_Dee, Lost Sailor SD, missindaboys, shappychef, musickatman, jstange, yuichi, deadheadland, jdarr, darkstarjedi, dead_red, Ghost, Chris Caspersen, Ibecks2, glicks, zee.madhatter, Mister_Benson, Dave.S, AugustWest0809, intruder, highvibe, hugz420, Lawrence66, JINGLE, Skjellyfetti, Feather, May 1977, moefan2000, OC Butterfly, jolie, mrgreg, Grateful Ned, Pufftuffphin, HawaiianWoodRose, croc, jackstrw, morningbear25, Olalla Girl, Grateful Diver, carlaplattwatercolors, hammertime, Bob_Who, jaryileka, sotm, justice, windidawn, ScarletRog, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, mdanna17, IRSampson, tonyrabbit, Stephen S Sharkey, spacecowboy, thepopeofdope, acesback2back, edgeman, chefdave, JasonSigur, Good Foote, nuggets, wj_kookmeyer, tiedyebob, funboy, ALA, bigstevel88fly, Barry K, kindveggiebagel, Barbara, Phattskis, richthephotog, MagicTerp, devore85, Ouizzzl, treadway99, TEagleton, blackpeter76, jeffy8, joeweisiger, BoxomoxoA, 1DEDHED, scarletbegonia, rjenk69460, griffinn40, masonskids, sugrmag66, JOEG, dead4days, Fillmore Midwest, catfishawn, Danger, josecuervosf, riggertoo, lunaloo, csattert, mushroomike, Ferdawg, Capt. Jimbo, shane420SF, czyfingers, wolff, ghfg, rapolitano, knockinon, kiote, misujry, tahoejimbo420, shoredancer, murphthesurf, thefine, stellablu, juddcbrown, Sunnydrop, dysbtwn, outpost, stickyfingers, great sky, JayLif, Tony, drchampagne, Zomby D Wulf, fenario420, Stephen J, cutterman8, jaycap, Chief, donjmelissak, manacatsunflower, dustyflyerdrums, KimmieinMD., gankmore, kezardead, robsjca76, geostrong, CaLiFoRnIa LoVe, themusicarchive, TomCat, fenario, clarson, dennisdster, UncleWaldo, bdog1963, Hlpslpfrnk, dannyclark1966, dew2u, TriciaPaLynn, BlackandWhite.Peter, JaimeAlphaMale, playdead, DansinMatt, mandala, jpreston, dreamtime, weirfreakin, OthrOne, Jack Straw, Sueshi


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Rotten_Robbie's picture


United States
Joined: Nov 1 2010
This Show started my Last Weekend with the Dead...

Had I known... I would have gone all three days. Friday Night was pretty good, but to me Saturday Night was Magic! Great Memories of Great Times had with sooo many Great Friends! "Cheers!"

fmgsr's picture
Joined: May 11 2011
I Heard it for the first time

Last night, Sirius had it on. That was the only time I heard it. BIRD SONG, BLEW ME AWAY!
I cant believe this never came out on the PICKS series. Or even a stand alone. What a show. Anyone out there have a miracle for me?

Joined: Apr 9 2014
Nice one. I really love

Nice one. I really love theaters la. I hope I can get more from this page. I am expecting more from the admin of this website. Thank you for posting this one please keep us updated :). Check this out for music lovers try buy soundcloud plays


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Shoreline Amphitheatre - June 2, 1995