Grateful Dead

Pine Knob Music Theatre - June 20, 1991

Pine Knob Music Theatre

June 20, 1991

Clarkston, MI US

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Set List:

Touch Of Grey
Greatest Story Ever Told
Mexicali Blues
Maggie's Farm
Bird Song

Throwin' Stones
Iko Iko
All Along the Watchtower
Standing on the Moon
He's Gone
The Wheel
I Need a Miracle
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones Reprise
Not Fade Away

Brokedown Palace

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Attendees of this show

DeadintheD, dubai-escorts-bunnies, rockit, trukin, scarletfire2297, mattkozar, stellablue40, Soleil, Totem, tofer golbins, scoobiedew, manny123, plc3, Michaeltallon, hupiper, Wyngman1984, scottjindra, Dog Star, HexxtheHead, jeffr-DoseMePlease, funkysax, jaybird48230, cooper3737, Veghead, palmer72, John Kovacs, Dogmatician, cbNEAL, MightandGlory13, capt_mellow, The_Wheel, Phinnegan, fibhart, Andy D in KC, DAKOTA4X4, puroshaggy, Mspeich, jpreece83, missntour, predman, hdcsp3, CarrionCrow, PrintIsBlood, fritz1620, farmer john, oldtourrat, 3D, PaulDante, dredileogirl, krista orchard, jeffsab, jackstraw72, flybri1, dpw1982, CaptTheo, Kristin-Quinn, thrinworks, jordank, jimpeckham, jeromethompson, darkstarcrashes, Musicalbeds, Finer, DetroitJon, midiman007, Eyes over Toronto, shemp72, photogeek423, detroit is dead, TomBanjo1969, Neil 23777, lotdawgtodd, radio_mogul, LostDew, Sampson1966, zebadya, TreeTop, joetye, btwind13, lilD, 5ugaree, edge 2009, jayers1, Grateful_HERSH, Blysergic, angela chayce, jam e, jhop321, ScotterZOtter, johnnie walker, pat L, kobejuan, carolyndeitsch, sandtyme, retiredwingnut, Crystal Journey, mbl, dvgrant, Dharmabum, joekyle, lookyloo, roodude, frizzhead, gravedigger7, keitheo, gratefuljeff, Alemaker, greendad, groovegrass, DoDa Man, voodoonola, NNJDEADHEAD68, Grateful Ez, rogerkdet, pyy, ripple5, adamr, aina mama, tommytoony, Oranje Machine, snow_and_rain, The Nightfishing, residenteagle, DeadPhotog, A. Friend, philmaywalt, gonewild2, mrbaggs, anrumler, air_garcia_416, dsesq67, hippiedino, muffin, Northbound Train, jds, kambyman, Rootie, northernwolfen, tuv7, Deegs, ColoradoDeadRainbow, GRonK, Grateful Jeff, quinnever, oscodapat, Hey Tom Banjo, sakparadise, Tiffanydawn, dave36, luv Brent70, another jerry, ticket lee, 835 Schroeder, Dupreediamond420, I.MGr8ful, Sleepy Monkey, Let it Grow, Mr.Skjellyfetti, jakestraw, LevitatingYogi, drgnwmtchs, JP Driessen, paintedmandolin71, estimatedprofits, fatmanrocks, walstib77, Meatyard, cheesycheesygrilledcheese, sfchick, knutron, sick69, Deadfitz, daytripper420, toneye, GDfan, mom2tnt, hdlripple5, cigrsam, bucketorain, notbetty, dylanhounddog, mollydevine69, ChinaCat69, CLETUS UNCLE, jacobatz, doseyclwn, geoff89, deadheaddave1982, joeman, melissa, JP92, justice, LuckyDice, mary-sunshine, smallwarfrat, leper van atom, mtnref4, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, badtpyist, tonyrabbit, Father Of Stella Rose, Canadian Deadhead, JBT420247, blackeyed Susan, shkdwn, JackStrawfromOttawa, Mr Charly, Jeffervonjefferson, Gr8fulDon, moosilauke, SmokeyG, Cutback, mackinacman, dcrockz, CosmicCharlie84, Oroborous, SoulChange, Joshadelic, AikoBearzly, Findley, csmiller, hezgone, Sequoia420, LarryG, thump66, john_j, Fillmore Midwest, crazycatpeakin, rckhld, torysresort, 10ECJED, drgarcia, Cookbitch, Jodester, 10acjed, glenasaurus, palms, intrepidsam, amzeyboop, rhyspencer, tommytomato, dedhed714, saint, kiote, undie, howdydoody, R. Duke, walstib3, FootBear, pdb, Gonzopolis, Seanymac, curtisguttry, jaybird, stickyfingers, safarian34, dead eye den, jamkoch, jayburg, dennisw, mcapone, Bobstopper, PsillyJim, erikb1026, ststephen49, blackelk, EGroesbeck, mightzwell, gpoulos, ratdog58, OnTheRoadAgain, skioa, bandog23, thecaptaintrips, David L., srumble, AceCool, Gravy, HeadwayGraphixx, SPACEBROTHER, Grateful Mike G, Grateful_nirvanA, gespacho, deadheadgarcia, paul


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Joined: Jun 7 2007
The only Detroit area "official" Dead release!

I was quite pleased when the Dead made this show available as a download as it is a high energy rockin' show from start to finish with a wonderful Peggy-O, Standing of the Moon and drums>space among others.

Sequoia420's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007
Second Set

What a second set! The Maggies was also rockin'

Joined: Mar 1 2008
wander boogie

I remember wandering around so much at this show. I was literally in a completely different part of the venue for each tune. ;-P Had so much fun rocking through that second set for sure!


Joined: Jun 30 2008
what an awesome second set list

I saw plenty of great second sets, but I doubt I ever saw one as unique as this one. Throwin reprise? Did they ever do that again? Listen to the transition into Iko! 1991 was the Dead's latter day peak. Much better than anything from the previous 5-6 years in my opinion. Better set lists, better execution, more fun.

krista orchard's picture
Joined: Apr 21 2010
No Tickets

We spent the night doing the venue..selling cheese sandwiches and beers..i had an awesome time..great people and music..we had a miracle for sure...

Joined: Aug 29 2010
Everyone was so high on this night

This was such a stellar show. One of my most favorite. We were up from Georgia kickin with family in Detroit, havin' high times. Loved the Maggies, and the energy in the second set was just ... well, it was one of those nights where we were ALL there together. The crowd kept singin NFA as we filtered out into the lot, and it kept going out into the lot for a good 15 minutes after the show. So high.


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Pine Knob Music Theatre - June 20, 1991