Grateful Dead

Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 22, 1988

Alpine Valley Music Theatre

June 22, 1988

East Troy, WI US

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first "Take You Home" - "Mexican Hat Dance" tuning before "Let It Grow"

Set List:

Let the Good Times Roll
Hell in a Bucket
Walkin' Blues
When Push Comes to Shove
Queen Jane Approximately
Tennessee Jed
Let it Grow

Foolish Heart
Looks Like Rain
Scarlet Begonias
I Will Take You Home
The Wheel
Stella Blue
Turn on Your Love Light

Quinn the Eskimo

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, bluecrow, Melissaaaaa, Flatbed Floyd, Amy from New York, WhatsbecomeofRosemarysBaby, Luvdacheese, Archemedes, BlackThroatedMind, prudence2001, trukin, jzillmer, LorenSR, scarletfire2297, zephram, KristynSt.Vincent, slewfoot42, WhoWhatWendy, susan_bigley, jayclark, Totem, zoyd1962, kurt009, dagonz59, texasdeadhead71, scoobiedew, Mike Jarboe, hupiper, Apline89, vikered, kjhdancer, mvlasich, KindJester, Egg, Frontrow Joe, scottjindra, crunchyfrog, Laarena, blissful, mattwise99, UncleJohn61, normk58, jodisalmonson, PERL.DiamonDve65, dhaivyd, Luca B, jeffr-DoseMePlease, Capt Chowdah, Steveinkato, Lou C, cooper3737, zman1, EBDead66, olddeadhead_NFA, NOT DEAD YET, Jason Wilder, jp1142, Lorenr, John Kovacs, miltonmutant, jamescook, JohnL, hockey_john, cosmicsushi714, EFletcher, Steve B, cbNEAL, gratefulgregv, Paul Dirks, Charlie Mosbrook, Perfunct, smwagner21, 0xDEAD, MNGLWD, MrJonesN, Phinnegan, dharmabum66, juddh1, 1989_AlpineValley, amy_leader, uptownww, rab66, 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Joined: Jun 25 2007
Stella Blew

I remember Jerry having a real hard time with this song and it was so hot it was understanable for sure.

jerryskid's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2007
lake geneva

staying in the lake geneva hilton provided many heads with a birdseye view of the band off the stage..bobby riding his mountain bike around the hotel,and some of the boys in the bar of the hotel lobby,where brent had to be physically carried back to his room by krutzman,he was feeling no pain whatsoever under his rubber legs ...""" nothing left to do but,SMILE

fostever's picture
Joined: Dec 13 2008
I went for the previous show

I went for the previous show and called in to my boss this day because my friend who I rode with partied all night and didn't want to drive back. It was like Egypt, a hot desert. We met some loony girl who my friend started doing some public indecent acts with on her front balcony. We ended up copping some paper, got some tickets and went to this show. We were beat as we went back to work the next day in Chicago

gonzo4osu's picture
Joined: Apr 19 2009
My niece's first show

She was a year out of high school. We picked her up down in Naperville and brought the girl scout tent with us. She told me this is funny-I said what? She said everything!
We talked to the Moonies and learned to "STAY out of the woods!!!

Joined: Jan 14 2009
yeah, what happened with

yeah, what happened with this show? it was awesome up until they came out of space with a sort of shaky "Wheel" and then into the absolute worst 10 minutes or so I'd ever seen the Dead live. "Shtella Brew" was an abomination. They seemed to have trouble figuring out where the song was going, Jerry was slurring the lines and at one point, I thought they were just going to stop playing altogether. I seriously thought Jerry and Brent were beer-bonging some Old Styles during drums and just got shitfaced for the rest of the set. Somehow Jerry found his footing again during "Lovelight," which he could probably have played falling-down drunk anyway. Then I had a premonition during the encore that Jerry was being contrite and promising great things for the next night when he sang, "You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn."

He was right. The fourth and final show of that run was epic.

Joined: Sep 30 2013
Maybe my worst show

In terms of the performance value alone, this was perhaps the worst show I ever attended. The whole run up until this point was sub-par. When Jerry got lost during Stella, it was almost scary. There was dead silence in the audience because we were genuinely spooked. It had to be tough to perform, I'm sure, as they were not only breaking in new material but performing in 100 degree heat. As many clearly point out however, and accurately, the next show was tremendous.


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Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 22, 1988