Grateful Dead

Blossom Music Center - June 25, 1985

Blossom Music Center

June 25, 1985

Cuyahoga Falls, OH US

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Set List:

Day Tripper
West L.A. Fadeaway
C.C. Rider
Dire Wolf
Beat it on Down the Line
Row Jimmy
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Big Railroad Blues
Jack Straw
Might As Well

Gimme Some Lovin'
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' in the Band
The Wheel
Playin' in the Band
China Doll
Sugar Magnolia

Touch of Grey

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Attendees of this show

Kenspoptop, dubai-escorts-bunnies, anthony_r, Brad125, Amy from New York, msmiranda, Dead Head 44, Dead82,, Cath0516, WhoWhatWendy, tommurdough, pukegrub, ascialabba, crunchyfrog, UncleJohn61, dewahba, brain man, Luca B, payingdues, lehua, LocoBrian, JackStraw427, rymo, Cbus Scott, ecce homo, bluewater, hockey_john, cbNEAL, telerisghost, the axis, Charlie Mosbrook, cmd, Quazi, andychatfield, chuckulz, TheTieDyeDude, One Man, Phinnegan, minutemouse, blacksharpie, intrepid, Infrared_Daydream, indianabob, ChinaRider77, ahammer, Peak0db, cryptl1028, nanabool, ocean, Dpwilljr, grateful hawaiian, jackstrawtom, packymalley, Dolabella, Althea Rose, Iriecycle, oldbullthrower, hippierob, turtlemusicfan, diamond dudeegs, Row Jimmy Tisdall, greeksam78, dogs in a pile, lynch, gpeach, darkstarcrashes, tpenn, relnad, WeLoveEachOther, AlaskaDeadHead1, Toadmaster, midiman007, airgarciajams, jsginbull, duppree, Cerberus, gonzo4osu, jlawless, Cumberland blooze, sugarmag68, alovours13, Pedro2009, W.A.L.S.T.I.B., edge 2009, gr8fulal, lucky mahone, mercurygd, pat L, wookie007, lonesomejohnnie, jrbird419, BornInADesert, flach77, LuigiDied, BurntDawg, pairdoc, revhd, Kryptical1Clearwater, lagnaf, plogan, MagicPEZ, Eriepiper, ladnarc, gravedigger7, jsomoza, smilin.dave, tomsned66, Frenchmb, tardis, voodoonola, Thepman, elgrande, MissReddin, aikox2, gdtrfb65, jebs07, wiggy, iggy62, rami, mdaggett, Sleepingdragon777, smilo, Karl Mattson, air_garcia_416,, ohio4peace, flipper, aliceDmillionair, mountainlynx, jimi864, WaywardBill, Grateful Jeff, Doseme, kydedhed, scrltbg, asteroid4442, sseif, darkstar stu, sakparadise, whitebird, gusfromcbus, BabylonDon, PeterB, ginsu710, uncle lefty, slimpickens, mp51, bigstush, Slidiouse, hehehekramar, Bennyj, goldgreek, earlofwalthamstowe, DogCow, Yippierb, dhmikeo, klaussmith, HowardH, chinacatcumberland5, Rum Jungle, Majuroguy, MoonshineCito, George C. Hartman, shakedownman, Valerie Stevenson, terrapin85, GaryHartman, BlondeJim, jpjp, crazyfingers73, joeman, Shimanto, Ernest Angley, mary-sunshine, leper van atom, mtnref4, catchmohl, smokey mountains, jackerowe, firemanmike, coachdeadhead, shkdnst, Dire Wolff, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, wharfrat8199, AikoBearzly, dharmagum, LarryG, drkstrcrashes, jonnyy, uncleduke, shugamag, Emerald4689, budculbertson, Finster, KevinGutzmer, truckinup2buffalo, duboman, toshiro549, AJ, kelster, mapfreak, gremmie1, gr84lgamer, pdb, Bobby33914, Somnambulist57, austindead, gregk63, Columbia, jay_harrs, paulb, DocLnghair, uncle mickey, sgolston, Far-L, Trew, uncle crappy, Duggles, Gravy, jcmpbl, augustwest, johnnyg, REK, Tom Banjo, Steve-O, Alsflorida, danlevy, tn2nadoes


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One Man's picture
Joined: May 17 2011
The Summer of What

I was on a roll here: Cincinnati, this one, then Saratoga. No big deal except I needed to be back at work in FL way before I could get there. I went here alone and heard someone jokingly hawking Grateful Dead turkey basters in the parking lot. Now it's pretty much come to fruition. Picked up a rider on the way to the next show and he was the son of some bigshot physicist. The show itself is a blur. Lots of nitrous in the parking lot and some fake opium that only created 15 seconds of lightheaded wishing for a buzz. I got by on beer.

thursday's child's picture
Joined: Mar 29 2012
First show

I worked at Blossom in 85 and 86. This was the first time I saw the dead. I would begin to get into them heavily in 86 and 87 as many of my friends at Kent State were on the bus. I had never seen so many people on cid at one place or at one time. Great day, and we broke the sales record (weird huh?) for beer at my station. Never worked another dead show......always in the crowd from then on.

Joined: May 9 2012
1st show

The vibe was so intense at this show, it blew me away w/o drugs at all. I think maybe we drank a little...I was with a pretty straight crew. I remember having so much fun as I joined a daisy chain of dancing Deadheads. I think I was the only one not tripping or something...I think we danced away the whole second set...

I remember that them opening with Day Tripper just blew me away...and I'll always remember that Dire Wolf, and Touch of Grey at the close.

After the show, my friends were hauling a heavy cooler, still loaded with goodies. Some nice young tripping hippy asked if we still had food, and offered to buy a sandwich. We spent the next hour slapping sandwiches together & taking anything, cash, trade, whatever. We scored t-shirts, a wad of cash, cds, even (to my delight) some kind. It was an amazing night...

I've been a DeadHead ever since. Not hardcore, or anything. But my 21 y/o son rocked in his baby swing to "American Beauty" and "Cumberland...". And I traveled to a show or 2...

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Love these spaces

these summer spaces this year were OUTSTANDING,Anyone new must of thought OMG WHAT IS THIS.I took to much of something..


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Blossom Music Center - June 25, 1985