Grateful Dead

Buckeye Lake Music Center - June 25, 1988

Buckeye Lake Music Center

June 25, 1988

Hebron, OH US

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Bruce Hornsby & The Range opened

Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
Franklin's Tower
Box of Rain
Stuck Inside of Mobile
West L.A. Fadeaway

Victim or the Crime
Blow Away
Foolish Heart
Terrapin Station
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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Alter Cgo, dubai-escorts-bunnies, bluecrow, Melissaaaaa, Phurstno2, Brad125, akeefe0729, Luvdacheese, huck2me, rockit, Archemedes, Dead Head 44, grateful_dano, prudence2001,, jojosmojo, Billyho67, scarletfire2297, Cath0516, acornaxe, Chickenjr, jayclark, notime2hate, julex, CampgroundBob, kurt009, scotthepp, wackjilliams, Michaeltallon, ciscokid42, jgiles, Tennessee Wed, Randall_El, KindJester, pukegrub, Egg, Trippydays, Frontrow Joe, CRK, scottjindra, crunchyfrog, anewbold, jennshick68, Jules N Binokulas, mattwise99, Petronius Jablonski, UncleJohn61, jodisalmonson, deadheadbobcat, dewahba, tapertom1272, Luca B, deadjimmy, brotherbearscoffee, NevilleC, Capt Chowdah, Cinrockhntr, LooseBrucie, mtentori, Theeteetop, Zomby Woof, Jason Wilder, tea2trey, John Kovacs, JohnL, popeye the squirm, hockey_john, 84-95, sciyerface, v32, shakedown271, gratefulgregv, chilly1214, cardinal4, gainzer, the axis, docjbf, Funken_A, ShawnaLeo, Tri1pinJ1mmy, tumblintim, Charlie Mosbrook, miracleme, Perfunct, 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Joined: Jan 27 2009
not the best

Security was such a drag, after coming from laid back Alpine. The shows were medicore at best. The highlight definately was the accordian by Hornsby on Box. That was sweet.

Joined: Apr 10 2009
Ahh what a show...a good

Ahh what a show...a good time was had by all. In my limited experience at Dead shows, I was always impressed by how cool the people were, everyone just doing his/her thing and getting into the music and vibe.

gonzo4osu's picture
Joined: Apr 19 2009
Right outside my lazy all-year home

Went to this place for rock shows in high school and college this was a great place to see the boys. We took out young son-he had a riot. I was bare-foot all day. My wife sprayed the police with her spray-bottle. I thought we were going to jail. 5 shows in 7 days we saw 6 record high temperatures. My favorite Sugaree of all-time.

Joined: May 6 2009
Shout Out to "layed back"

Where r u brother? I hope ur safe and well!

diamond dudeegs's picture
Joined: Jan 15 2010
Great Freaky Night

My young bro and his college buddies came to visit and go to a Dead show. We're ouside and hear this band (Hornsby) start 2 play, thinking it sounds good, little did we know what collaboration was to come from that night. Anyway, we stumble inside and my bros buds are being real secretive, I need to tell them I'll smoke what you have and take what we need, tell my brother to shut it! Anyway, if you were there, do you recall coming out of the "cattle chute" and goat boy was standing on the tree stump flexing? OK, maybe it was just me.........what a glorious night, BH became my 2nd fave!! Damn it was hot that night, We ended it at a White Castle, then parked in my backyard (no, I don't know why?) watching the sunrise!
"there really isn't far to go"

Joined: Apr 3 2010
this was my first SHOW!!! and my favorite DEAD venue.

went to buckeye a few more times after this show. the parking lot/field was an event in itself. we scored all the party supplies before we parked the car. if you coundn't find didn't need it. HOT weather and lots of energy. EVERYONE was cool. real good time.

cub's picture
Joined: Mar 20 2008
Stuck inside of Buckeye w/ the AfterShowBeerJonesBluesAgain"

Next time bring the fence cutters and night vision.

This venue was designed by throwing a stage at the bottom of a sandy dustbowl of a hill and surrounding it with 8 foot chain link fence. Where's the lake? Well maybe if we got here sooner we could see it.

All of the security, ushers etc split during the pause before the encore. Completely "In the Dark" too

Our tapes sounded better than my ears did. Tullys D6 patch'd into Nak 300's.

Joined: Jul 20 2014
Back stage all access time of my life!

It was the summer after I graduated High School and I was working at the hotel in Dublin Ohio where Bruce Hornsby and his crew were staying. I made friends with some of the crew and was given backstage passes to the buckeye lake show... I had never been to a Dead concert and had no clue what to expect. I invited one of my best friends Lolly to come with me. When we got to "will call" we had backstage passes all access waiting for us. What an amazing night! We got to hang out on the stage and in the tour buses. Maybe some of you that sent remember my friend and I. We sure did stand out in the crowd! We came in tiny tight mini dresses and sky high heels!! We stood on the stage to the side dancing and jammin to Bruce Hornsby and to the Dead... We were lucky enough to get to go to the concert in Cincinnati ( all access) as well. That one we even got to hang out before the show and eat with the band and crew backstage. What an amazing experience! And all the guys on the crew and in the band were sweet and super nice!! Thanks for the memories!! And a special thanks to Michael Kaye from Virgin Records for one if the best times of my life!!

Joined: Nov 27 2014
Please remember to eat

Midway through the first set I got really weak and started getting scared, some girl offered me a french fry and I felt way better, ate a bunch more and back to normal. If you're out there, thanks!

Also met a really good friend, Sue Z, during Terrapin..INSPIRATION!! Sue if you're out there I hope you're doing really well.

Joined: Jun 3 2010
Not me, but my wife

I was already working a new job in Alabama (the company that made the pyro for KISS and AC/DC), but my wife went with our friend from Cleveland Heights. Sorry I missed it, but this was the beginning of drawing the bowstring tight to finally move to California, propelled by a very energetic Alabama Getaway, in the real sense.


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Buckeye Lake Music Center - June 25, 1988