Grateful Dead

Sandstone Amphitheatre - June 25, 1991

Sandstone Amphitheatre

June 25, 1991

Bonner Springs, KS US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
Walkin' Blues
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Tennessee Jed
Music Never Stopped

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Smokestack Lightnin'
He's Gone
Comes A Time
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Good Lovin'

It's All Over Now

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morst's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Hornsby and Jerry were

Hornsby and Jerry were having a great time at this one, as were the 'heads. At the end of He's Gone, Jer looked at over Bruce to get his attention, and played a little melody on his guitar (which someone told me later was Mozart's 5th opus), then nodded his head, removed his guitar and left the stage for Drumz. Sweet sounding show at the Sandstone. The "no roof" thing really is nice for audio.

". . . Music is the best!" (fz)

IntoAshes's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007
My last show

A smoker, too. The second set is epic, with an incredible Comes a Time, one of my all time favorite Jerry ballads. I had been waiting for that one for a while, so it was nice to see off my 5 year run with a killer show.

bulletbob's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
My First Show, I look back

My First Show, I look back now dissapointed at how fucked up I got and not really paying attention to the music. What a gem.

We Listen.....If It Feels Good We Shake

pearlybakerbest's picture
Joined: Aug 13 2007
My daughter Katherine Rose kicked the first time that night

In Utero. That is memorable. Seeing Hornsby sitting in and he and Jerry were just having a blast.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shinei

Joined: Nov 9 2007
the missing girl

What a show, I thought the first evening was awsome, then there was night no. 2, wow. All I have to say is that I have to thank the miracle of a girl that helped me keep my feet on the ground dancing during the unbelievable scarlet/fire. Ran into some tornado juice that was taking me for a ride. Dorthy was right, I wasn't in kansas anymore. Thanks to the girl from Minnesota, I was able to repay her with a baloon after the show and it was off to Denver. It is amazing the people that come into lives in the weirdest was, even 16 years later, I can't forget.. Thanks to you for the time of smiles...

archer's picture
Joined: Jul 17 2007
The Grand Finale!

I didn't know it at the time, but this would be it for my nearly 12 year run of going to Dead shows.
It was a good time had by all. Stayed at the Holiday Inn (I think), tried to golf with a hangover during day 2 (made it 3 holes and said screw it), droped some advil and got prepared for another show.
I remember these shows being the only ones I saw without Brent on keys, so that was different.
I also remember how something inside of me told me this would be the last time. I could just sort of feel it. Looking at the set list, I'm not sure I remember them playing it, but it seems only fitting that this show ended with "It's all over now".
The bus stoped and I got off...

mintyquinty's picture
Joined: Oct 7 2008
I can remember it like it was yesterday...

I was hitchiking/bumming rides thru this tour, and I made some great friends on the way.

I recall it was VERY HOT. VERY, VERY HOT in Kansas.

I recall doing NO2 in the lot and watching my bud's lips turn blue.

But nothing compares to that Scarlet > Fire >Truckin' > SMOKESTACK > He's Gone as the sun set... left me REELING.... aww sh*t, I miss that fat man. On to Denver, the most disappointing show of that Summer. Oh well... but there was CalExpo the following August and onto New Year's '91 :)

"All good things in all good time."

archer's picture
Joined: Jul 17 2007
Just not the same...

In continuation of my comment made previously, I did go to see "The Dead" in 2003 in Wisconsin. I did not want to go because I felt the when Jerry Died, so did the Dead, but a friend of mine said he could get backstage passes to this so I thought that would be fun. We went, and of course the backstage pass thing fell through, but the guy did get us seats in the second row. Hunter and Dylan were there as well. Not to my surprise, I was right, though the band was tight, it just wasn't the same without Jerry on stage and I never was able to really get into it. I remember being pissed off that Phil changed the words of "Cold Rain and Snow" to "I married me a wife and I've been lovin her all my life" and I thought "Man, Jerry must be rolling over in his grave right now"! Anyway, I convinced myself that I went just to check it out and have never let it affect all the shows I saw between 1980 to 1091. I have gone to a few Ratdog shows and those are a lot of fun and Bob sounds great. I always liked to go to the solo project shows anyway so that's cool. But as for the Dead, I'm sure they're fine and all and to each their own, but it will never ever be the same without the fat man, there was just something magic that would happen when he walked on stage, and you always knew everything was going to be cool, and I miss him terribly and will always remember those road trips as some of the best times of my life, and I thank the Grateful Dead for that.

Joined: Feb 20 2010

I was 17 and not at all bothered by the many topless ladies walking the lot. Hell, it was hottt! Great shows too. Supplication was a real treat.

Joined: Apr 30 2010
My first show! It was SOOO

My first show! It was SOOO HOT but had so much fun!


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Sandstone Amphitheatre - June 25, 1991