Grateful Dead

Hershey Park Stadium - June 28, 1985

Hershey Park Stadium

June 28, 1985

Hershey, PA US

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final "Bottom" - final "Superstitious"

Set List:

Cold Rain and Snow
Promised Land
Ramble on Rose
Down in the Bottom
Ain't Superstitious
Bird Song
Comes a Time

Music Never Stopped
Tom Thumb's Blues
Estimated Prophet
Terrapin Station
I Need a Miracle
Morning Dew
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Day Job

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Joined: Jan 17 2008
Killer night

This show was fun start to finish. Loved the rain, Jerry in Red with his jacket on, the Garcia first set closer of Birdsong, Comes A Time Deal! Sorry Weir! The Music, Tom Thumb, Estimated, Terrapin.
Morning Dew as rain let up a bit. Sick. This was a tough ride to hear from SPAC but well worth it. Barely made it in time but caught it all from Cold Rain to the end. Could have left off the Day Job, but we'll forgive them for that call after a very strong outing. Too bad they never played here again. It was a pretty cool scene. On to Merriweather!

Joined: Jun 18 2007

Mmmmmmm .... chocolate!!!

Cold Rain and Snow opener. Always tasty.

Joined: Jun 17 2007

Morning Dew in the rain? What an amazing time. I seem to remember a Cryptical at this show; but, alas, the set lists say, "No." Humm... Do I really recall the umbrella in my view?

Bobby, as I think I recall, made mention of "singing in the rain." What a great time. Years later the Star Theatre would host the Further Fest. It was great to see Bobby and Jorma sing, "El Paso" a la acosutic at that show in '97-- 12 years later. Now it's nearly that long since that Further Show. "Such a long, long time to be gone, but a short time to be there...."

Thinking of Chocolate George!

Joined: Jan 1 2009
Jerry in a blue blazer ...

Jerry in a blue blazer ... anyone have that picture?

Joined: Jan 21 2009
on the bus - literally

I ran a charter bus to this show from Albany NY
We had the greatest driver, he let us put the keg next to him and he pumped the keg while he drove the bus.
An amazing trip woth 45 of my closest friends!

Joined: May 31 2010
Singing in the Rain

One of the best times I ever had at a show. Jerry took over the first set with the Birdsong-Comes a Time-Deal set ender. 2nd set was a blast as well. Phil changed words in Tom Thumbs drinking Heinekins.. Good times were had by all.

Joined: Feb 21 2009
Hershey '85

My third show. This was the most special one for me. The previous posters described many incidents on which I concur. The "steaming" crowd, the weather games, ect...the scene was very surreal. I was pretty close to the stage, and ol' Jer just looked right at me and launched into that majestic Dew. Classic G.D. moment.

Joined: Mar 21 2011
Cold Rain indeed !!

So after waking up in a Puddle in Saratoga..We jumped into the creepy Van we rented,(which BTW my buddy left his prized jean jacket on the roof of)
Anywho off we went to Hershey Park..I was a wee little lad of 16,and my friends all five years older had the Honor of watching over me.
We get to PA in the Rain without Raingear ..Yes Hefty Bags for us ALL!!!! I looked out and around me,I could see people on the tops of Bulidings and what seemed like Hangers,but Buy then the Gooney Birds had kicked in, and well quite frankly things are a bit fuzzy on that,But I swear it seemed like Dancing Umbrella's as far back as I could see :)
As all this was being observed, Jerry ripped into what could Possibly one of the Best Cold Rain Snows of that year...
Its not until a few minutes ago when I clicked onto this site that all these Fabulous memories started coming back..
Those were great times..
Thanks guys for all the Fantastic stories on here..

curvesleft's picture
Joined: Jul 11 2011
Hershey Park

THIS IS MY FAVORITE CONCERT - EVER.. the rain, was the best part :)

Joined: Apr 25 2008
Summer tour begins

My first of the summer tour. Yes it rained, yes we got wet and so did Jerry when water from the stage covering hit him...sound guys messing with Bobby and an awesome Tom Thumb Blues...all in all a pretty good show.


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Hershey Park Stadium - June 28, 1985