Grateful Dead

Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 28, 1986

Alpine Valley Music Theatre

June 28, 1986

East Troy, WI US

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Set List:

Hell in a Bucket
Ramble on Rose
C.C. Rider
Row Jimmy
Beat it on Down the Line
Touch of Grey
Looks Like Rain
Don't Ease Me In

Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
China Doll
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Turn on Your Love Light

One More Saturday Night
Baby Blue

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susadave, dubai-escorts-bunnies, anthony_r, Flatbed Floyd, Amy from New York, rockit, casinodead1, ST-3PO, rkowna, trukin, jzillmer, LorenSR, mdew77, scarletfire2297, WhoWhatWendy, jayclark, zoyd1962, CampgroundBob, dano009, dagonz59, m1k3, scoobiedew, ogdenp, janthon, Michaeltallon, hupiper, bevillg, vikered, pukegrub, Frontrow Joe, Ruff Barker, Deadwood-Jed, crunchyfrog, bodegahwy, Rid11, Jules N Binokulas, Petronius Jablonski, UncleJohn61, mysterycat, PERL.DiamonDve65, southofi10, Waldo66, BlueGirl62, dhaivyd, davegordon, payingdues, rymo, LocoBrian, Steveinkato, Cbus Scott, GripWeed, Oxford 88, bluewater, olddeadhead_NFA, NOT DEAD YET, tea2trey, John Kovacs, miltonmutant, JohnL, bousada, hockey_john, cosmicsushi714, Quazi, cbNEAL, skydog0223, MightandGlory13, Paul Dirks, Perfunct, smwagner21, WNCmtnman, 0xDEAD, jamesrbenson, MNGLWD, Phinnegan, dharmabum66, juddh1, rab66, dogwoodgirl, minutemouse, blacksharpie, fifty lakes, indianabob, rootbeer2000, Geodye420, scarletdeal, sweetiemama, DvdGlen, thismikebenz, cryptl1028, stevevan33, nanabool, ellisdee25, ocean, moogirl, Dpwilljr, jackstrawtom, robbieg, Dolabella, valeriejoy, farmer john, mmtapeop, 123IBT, nipsyhustle, lotsofgreensmiles, StackoLee, jerfest, hippierob, niptotheair, greeksam78, dpw1982, dogs in a pile, DavAlan, shannycreek, pman12, HowlinHippie, darkstarcrashes, tpenn, a_Wolf_in_Paradise, Boilerguy56, SidePocket, mingle, dr zevon, btj8894, john_v_peterson, rodiebluez1, joebroomhead, Mud, GDrew, Terpin61, grateful4ever, saintstephen19, grubstake, Kevmorty, AlaskaDeadHead1, Half-Step Charlie, illicoug, midiman007, popeyeflyby, texas dead, Truckee420, jsginbull, AlpineMatrick, Flickster, duppree, LostDew, Cerberus, gonzo4osu, deadredhead, micah68, Robo70, arterps, greg.dowling, Tweety42, alovours13, kaminskis comet, gdopus, chefdarkstar, hillndale, eyes-of-the-world, weatherbill7, MrTat2z, Disco Stu, DentalHead, janrock, LadySparkle, photoleon, mercurygd, Stella Bleu, TennesseeTed, Big Black Peter, jackjones45, Mguzziridr, deenaww, rjus, eFreak, frankster56, oldeadhead, Patrock, jack-straw-SF, AmikkoDelicOne, Cassidys Dad, BornInADesert, nvrsaynvr, flach77, LuigiDied, BurntDawg, rednfillmore, lemond, revhd, cool colo. rain, pdjurisic, lagnaf, alpine84, MagicPEZ, kathyk26, alpine eyes, AlpineMike, lwebster, raggedrobin, wenbuc, ladnarc, gravedigger7, jsomoza, spaceyoface, diamond-eyed jack, jordanj420, tjazzbo, chloecat, paulsig, 4 Rivers, caroroses, Susie Q, Mick Flaire, deadsince79, swimdad, deadinmadtown, dnathans, Cassidy18, Clairebear, snobtaper, DoDa Man, voodoonola, wharfratdude, gratefultrip, tim from canada, mcdougbugs, trippy, AlpineMatt, milldew, MissReddin, bobby53, xxalanrussellxx, The_Music_Danced_Me, Birdsong1969NJ, tsadler, gdtrfb65, sum, wsp420, Yamis Jewell, PalfHead, BigBuffalo, Wharf Rat 12-28-82, Cheesehead-deadhead, jamie60, rami, beandog22, Sleepingdragon777, red feather, cub, flipper, hippiedino, aliceDmillionair, MusicClark, Jake99, D from KS, castle17, Kraut888, gvance, WaywardBill, gnoodle, Denali, forcestream, kydedhed, Loisen, skullfu, scarletfire16, NM-MCS, huey, WI Deadhead, hurricanebob, alatcamp, darkstar stu, whitebird, Bettylou, bqleatherlady, luv Brent70, another jerry, ticket lee, gusfromcbus, BabylonDon, Bradbury, At the wheel, jharris, Bluebird3434, Sleepy Monkey, thndrbill, rlkaminsky, mamahippy61, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, Roche, PowderPig, ginsu710, Ungnome, Wandering Soul, uncle lefty, jtall99, Fungi Finder, novakm1, non-marital property, Moondog, hamal, AoxoA, cristoceles, pearlybakerbest, goldgreek, picnic, Babuyaya, Musky_Ranger, capntrips, toneye, brewster boy, Yippierb, dhmikeo, hippiechik72, Sluys Guys, IrishHubby, lisainpotown, UncleBruce1971, d_dog, jozeppy, ptedhath, drkstar69, bsxl, Majuroguy, MoonshineCito, Jon Weiner Photography, jeffreygoodman, George C. 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Joined: Jun 4 2007
My First Alpine Valley Weekend

This "Weekend In The Valley" has great memories. A few buddies and myself drove up from Michigan and what a great time this was. Way too many stories to sum up in a few paragraphs but lets just say it was a real adventure. On sight overnight camping and before the gigantic crowds.

The tapes from this show that I heard years later reminded me of how every song from these 2 shows were executed with perfection. Short but sweet.

Moondog's picture
Joined: Aug 24 2007
I too was there as was alot of rain.

Walking the golf path after was a trip as everyone was making animal sounds as if I were in a herd of Dead Heads. lol I think I did a Peace Pig! lol Garcia later!

Joined: Jun 15 2007
Short But Sweet

Second set was very short, with only two songs pre-drums. However, the Playin' jam was outstanding with Phil leading the way. The post-Space China Doll was a treat, however I could have sworn there was at least a Playin' tease after that somewhere (but memory may not serve so well...)

Joined: Jan 1 2008
first show since the 70's

I don't know but for me this is when I really started having fun at shows.I did'nt miss another alpine show until they stopped playing there.I always had great fun ,good times.I lived in evanston ,il. then.worked at Oak st market,natural foods store.Maybe somebody will see this and remember.Several students from NW that worked for us were heads.Good times for all .Peace,Hugh

Joined: Mar 23 2008
13th show... Lucky 13.Kathty

13th show... Lucky 13.Kathty and I were married now, and alpine 86, one of my favorites. WE got there early Sat am, met these two folks on the golf couse where we were camping. They had just come from the greek and minnesota and they turned us on to some wonderful things. Thanks . I loved this show . It was so crowd ready. . The scene dictated what they were ready for. Row Jimmy was so trippy. And we were ready for Playin' to open the second set. Awesome Drumz> Space> China Doll. Similar to the greek, 84. After the show we cooked out dinner at our campsight and listed to old Dark Stars and rode out our trip. One of the best memories of my first wife. She had a great time.Crashed out and waited for tomorrow night.

osborne fitzgerald mcclintic's picture
Joined: Oct 6 2007
my baby boys first show

oz loves ya!!

spencers first show!!! 2 months old

Joined: Dec 11 2009
china doll

jerry's solo midway thru is inspired and a little scary.
the whole show hums start to finish...
love it

Joined: Jan 15 2014
Looks Like Rain

I remember the ecstasy of dancing to "Looks Like Rain" in the rain. The trees were SO green!

Joined: Apr 10 2017

Wow.Great post. I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real hard work to make a great article… but I put things off too much and never seem to get started. Thanks though.I'm common rail come from sensor .

Joined: Dec 28 2012
2nd set correction to posted list

Short,but energetic show! The UJB was exceptional, so give it a listen.

The 2nd set list on is missing the "Playin' Reprise" out of China Doll, so the correct list should be:

Playing in the Band>
Uncle John's Band>
China Doll>
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad>
Turn on Your Love Light

One More Saturday Night
Baby Blue


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Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 28, 1986