Grateful Dead

Mile High Stadium - June 28, 1991

Mile High Stadium

June 28, 1991

Denver, CO US

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Santana opened - "Dark Star" tease before last verse of "Wharf Rat"

Set List:

Touch of Grey
Greatest Story Ever Told
Mississippi Half-Step
Wang Dang Doodle
Black-Throated Wind
Iko Iko
Don't Ease Me In

Eyes of the World
Picasso Moon
Crazy Fingers
Saint of Circumstance
I Need a Miracle
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Box of Rain

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Alter Cgo, dubai-escorts-bunnies, mrray5678, wscottj, geododge, mdmccar2, yardbirdvt, CardioDawg, scarletfire2297, subdog, are_you_kind, robtheplumbr, busrider, GratefulDud, Kimock7, Grateful_ed69, plc3, zephram,, HexxtheHead, Grateful_Dale, droll64, eloicious, unclejohnny, Steve Espinosa, R.Mills, PeggyO.5.5.1977, dead_dawg, Bo Deen, GripWeed, alaskaconstant, olddeadhead_NFA, Sarahzine91, John Kovacs, Koobsong, MightandGlory13, bobsdead, RowJimmyJ, mrsmallard, augustwest4, Phinnegan, DAKOTA4X4, bluetrainsugaree, quick68, bobbygski, puroshaggy, deepsouthgent, paintchip, KitSue, rschutte, Wirefree, CarrionCrow, william_O, fritz1620, GanodermaLucidum, katfishjohn, Althea Rose, gratefulsurferdude, Iriecycle, dredileogirl, krista orchard, enjoytheride, eyeswerethere, Playacita, Deadheadbrewer, PeggyO65, CaptTheo, 4thRowPhilSide, weekendatjerrys, Lazyhaze, jimpeckham, gpeach, perrybonnevier aka perbear420, czeidner, jeromethompson, darkstarcrashes, Barrtenderr, solarboyz1, nostalgia, GDrew, Boris90, grubstake, Bogey D, photogeek423, gr8fulheaddy, zebadya, TreeTop, jstrawks, folsom9372, eurohead, Greatblue56, btwind13, Spamfork, 5ugaree, general grant, jayers1, Grateful_HERSH, sugrmag58, photoleon, jhop321, jawaln, johnnie walker, onebear, snowboardpete, Lost2AGirl, carolyndeitsch, retiredwingnut, rjus, gatzapaul, st.stephen_colorado, pearldiver069, mbl, mtnresqmike, truckin949, tunetrader, toni rachelle, johnnyhub, lwebster, AZJay1007, jbatt4, scotter270, raggedrobin, frizzhead, bejosh, Chucknberta, dylan from canada, deadinmadtown, ellisdee420, StillBill, mintyquinty, 72.Deadhead, Illfated, douglas278, kinddankgreen, trippy, BeMiceElf, pyy, madmd55, Deadhead Deb, azlumpy, Denver Man, Janeen, Oranje Machine, gdtrfb65, JAXTRAWICHITA, ekochs, Matthew in Salt Lake, boxofrain73, Kennyt, A. Friend, Amitayus, gonewild2, Hope, cannedoxygen, muffin, castle17, quinnever, Upstate NY, TJD, dave36, cheri, luv Brent70, BEGGERSPAY, another jerry, darthvader, Dupreediamond420, francismackey, kenster, Sleepy Monkey, Mr.Skjellyfetti, PowderPig, Ungnome, drgnwmtchs, paintedmandolin71, jasonprice16, Chief Book Dog, pooksmasterjam, Meatyard, birdiewasthere, dmason, Drumhead, Timberline Rose, zee.madhatter, bryonfake, DanielStar, sebastian, Daddy-O, Tuna, spacekat, cigrsam, b1ackpeter, drkstar69, pablocolorado, chuckk, cassidi, jwiebe, jacobatz, cactus420, Bus, ssterrapin, troynpam, picone90, Buckin Bronc, Geronimo1, justice, LuckyDice, mtnref4, deasos16, lionheart, JBT420247, direlupus, AZdank, shkdwn, JackStrawfromOttawa, Mr Charly, CmdrDarklighter, fool, colorado jed, greenagain, Jacobsonic, bluelightcheaphotel, spacface, bhamel55, walkersmoon, dcrockz, jeffw, setbreak, Joshadelic, raferm, Swervn, csmiller, OleBear420, Aceguide, Grr8ful, scarletbegonia, slipknot, darthmaljomar, Jfgr8ful, john_j, Fillmore Midwest, crazycatpeakin, fishman, WYTERRAPIN, SunCloud, buscameby, sugareeluc, Cookbitch, Jodester, markgriswold, stevgex, naataanii, Japegirou, kiote, jemusser, Derek728, FootBear, whitethorn, ray, gcs, gratefuldavehall, PsillyJim, DEADPHR3D, tripperb, unclephil, myeviltwin, OnTheRoadAgain, d0ti5, skioa, chicago, Doug, boxorain62, synchronicity, highgreenchile, Benny Jakes, heyhay3


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Joined: Jul 3 2007
Wang DANG!

Wang Dang Doodle was cool. I loved Jerry's baritone sax sound during this tune.

Remember the full moon coming out behind the stage to start second set.

Joined: Aug 12 2007
SMile High!

I was 2nd row center for this and it sure seemed that everyone around us was REALLY ripped. I mean Zing! Maybe they were spraying liquid from the stage. I dunno! We were so close that we couldn't see much of what they were playing on the big screens. We had a great time at this show. The download sounds great! One of my Fav's...

This was also the night that while driving home to Littleton on 285 we came around the bend at about midnight and there were all these cherries in the darkness... A sobriety checkpoint...
There were 5 of us in my little car and we were all Gonzo'ed out. Bewteen us all we had a sheet, half z. of shrooms, porbably an z. of weed, an 8 ball, open beer and an open bottle of Jack... The Police had all these cones out on the road to create a little lane that they used to line up the cars. The car ahead of us was the last one to fill up the lane and they waved us right by it all. Holy Freakin Shit! If we were one car ahead many lives would have changed, marriges wouldn't have happened, babys wouldn't have been born. Some of us would have spent a lot of time in jail. It amazes me to this day. Kinda like seeing a whole other parallel life flash before your eyes that would have been so different than what turned out. Angles watching over us... Maybe... Dumb luck... who knows! All I can say is it never felt so good to get home!

Joined: May 1 2008
Life Lessons

We drove all the way to Colorado with no driver's side window to hear the GD show at Mile High in Denver. Our plan was to sell all of our veggie burritos & jewelry so that we could buy lots of goodies, and then try to find a few Miracles. The show was not yet sold out. This was my 3rd GD show, and at this point I just thought that, hey, if people are giving stuff away, why should I buy? I started walking around, looking for a Miracle. Eventually I got tired and sat down, right in the middle of everyone milling about. I just watched. And felt. And thought. I realized what a newb I was, that there was much I didn't understand. I saw that there were people who had been on the road for a very long time. People who worked hard getting from town to town. People who probably did not have the money to get in. I felt selfish and ashamed of myself for taking advantage of the system. Right then, I noticed a group of people who looked to be about my parent's age, and looked like they were straight from the burbs. One of the ladies came up to me, tears in her eyes, couldn't hardly look me in the face, and insisted that I take her money so that I could buy myself a ticket. Then she RAN back to the group, and it seemed like she was crying and very upset. I wondered if maybe her daughter had run away on tour? I dunno, my mind was taking me places. I collected myself, got up, found my friend, and took us both to the line to buy tickets, where I promptly bought myself one, my friend one, and an extra one. I turned away from the booth and saw this hippy guy, dirty, dreaded, sunbaked, and looking at us all in line with sad eyes. I walked right up to him and gave him a Miracle. I thought a pogo stick had magically appeared under his feet!!! It was the BEST feeling in the world. After that, I always bought my own tickets, plus one extra if at all possible.

Deadhead Deb's picture
Joined: Aug 15 2008
My younger sister had never

My younger sister had never been to a Dead concert, so I had to introduce her. Bruce Hornsby came out and played with them, and my sister said she actually liked the music. ... ya all know that it's more than like... she really didn't get it.

What an awesome concert! I moved to another state and that was the last time I heard Jerry alive... what a tragedy... what enlightenment he could bring to the soul.

My sister left early, and I told her that if anyone was standing around outside to give them her ticket... she did and I had a newb sit by me the rest of the show... that was great... didn't get the name but they definitely got it!

Joined: Sep 11 2008
keep Carlos out of jail

Sat outside for this one, saw a pretty girl collect a miracle.

Santana started late cuz he was busted for a joint in an airport in Texas, I believe. Some kids were carrying signs asking fro donations to keep Carlos out of jail.

Some folk in the parking lot had huge vat of stew brewing. Denver cops on horses acting tough ujntil one horse started rearing up.

myeviltwin's picture
Joined: Jun 6 2007
Picasso Moon

This was a fun show, and somewhat unexpected. It was also the only time I'd ever been inside Mile High. I remember running into Crazy Carl, who was perusing baseball stats before the show started. Made me think that the Dead were kind of like a big league sports team, too. I think they were to Carl. Finally got to hear Hornsby with the Dead, and he sure did add an extra dimension. Santana was enjoyable, as well. The high point for us came during Picasso Moon. The lighting crew had noticed the full moon rising, too, and plastered it on the mammoth video screens. Bigger than a drive-in movie, ooo whee. Great version of that tune, too. Also glad to hear Crazy Fingers.

general grant's picture
Joined: Feb 24 2009
contact phenomenon

i had contact with the 'other' at this show

probably the most intense show of my life, what with the altitude and everything.

we jumped down to the floor during santana. i remember the floor being covered by some plastic tarp thing which was sticking to our bare feet and pulling up as we danced.

my memory of the hour or so between black throated wind and saint of circumstance is pretty much of a kaleidescopic vessel hovering over the stadium, transmitting a secret message from god through the voices and hands of these weird old guys on the stage.

i was kind of freaked at one point and distinctly remember a girl appearing through the crowd. she smiled at me and pressed a quartz crystal into my hand, then melted back into the scene. she knew i needed some good vibes. it worked.

first time i danced all the way through space. i still dance to space sometimes.

gatzapaul's picture
Joined: Jan 11 2009
Santana's Little Wing

The Little Wing in Santana's opening set was truely beautiful, and the highlight of this day for me.

Joined: Apr 7 2009
Spirit Moon Rise

Being in a new place sure is odd especially when you're alone. Separated from your family by over a thousand miles back in the heart of Kentucky makes for a real down tempo time. When I heard of the offer and that she was coming, I had mixed feelings. We never got along well and there was blood spilled between us. But after all, it was family. Wait & see.
I prepared for the day in the usual manner, saluting the sun over the mountains in the morning. Peace was abound as I started packing. Made one small one and one the size of a crayola marker to share at the show. The sun was out. The air was crisp. It was to be a great day.
She arrived mid morning and the greeting was cautious. Coming off another show back East, she had been traveling a while. After some food and rest, we made plans for the show. We set out in her little blue car down 36 to get to Mile High. And we savored the ride in the sun with not much talking but slowly coming more freely as we drove in the warm day.
Stopped off for gas and a really tasty bottle of Bavarian. Made our way down to the show. Got parked and packed. Toured the lot and then the camp. Enjoyed a really REALLY good veggie burrito. Enjoyed the sun and sights. Saw friends and travelers, laughed and talked biding our time till the show. I loved Santana and waiting for him was no worries. Little Wing was just right and a hint of the magic to come. Something was up, but in a good way.
Santana winded down and the Dead rolled into ToG. Sun was setting and day gave way to night as the set rolled on. Iko Iko played and we were young again. Just playing as when we were kids, dancing to beautiful music. Cassidy played and my heart opened. (That name stuck)
Don't Ease Me In was the last point at which you could have gotten off this particular ride by the way. We rested a bit and took a breather. I took the opportunity of this break to whip out the crayola marker sized one and turned on the whole row. (I wuz real real popular then!) Laughs and fun aside, the mood seemed to change. Sun had ruled the day. But Jerry and the boys were coming into Eyes.
It was dark but oddly becoming light again. I love Eyes and to this day it is still one of my favorites. Something was happening. Then we saw it. The folks below didn't know yet. A most glorious Full Moon Rise was happening right behind the stage. It was a moment out of time and we all knew we were exempted for this one night. (Read Drumhead's comment above!)
There was a spirit like no other that enveloped the whole place. The air tingled. At that altitude, the air is clear and the moon was nothing less than transcendental. We danced and she was liberated by the moon and the spirit there that night. All defenses were down and I saw her for the first time without her armor. A warrior she was and will always be, but for that night under the moon. I was in awe of her and all she was. Radiant and alive, without fear and free. I realized deep in my heart of hearts that I loved her. Past differences and grievances aside, we were sister and brother for that one night. It was beauty full.
When we came to Not Fade Away, I knew this bubble in time was coming to a close. The lessons it taught and lines it opened were to live in the consciousness of all who attended that night. I think about it often to this day. It was a day like no other and night not like all the rest. They came back for Box of Rain and after it was time to go. So much spiritual energy had been released that night and I think this was the band's way of pulling us all back to ground. It was a sign off that book ended the show which started with little Santana in the sun. I was sad that it was coming to an end but I knew it must be that way.
We parted ways with a long hug. We had reached out limit and she set off to the next show on her mad hatter tour. I will always remember this as the best show, best concert, best gathering of folks I have ever been a part of. I also remember it as the only time I ever saw her as she truly was. I think of her that way still.

krista orchard's picture
Joined: Apr 21 2010
Rock On!

This show totally rocked my world...the altitude the music the people...great show and Santana too boot....loved it!!


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Mile High Stadium - June 28, 1991