Grateful Dead

Three Rivers Stadium - June 30, 1995

Three Rivers Stadium

June 30, 1995

Pittsburgh, PA US

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Final/last "Gloria": 09-18-93 [143]

Set List:

Set 1: Hell In A Bucket
West L.A. Fadeaway
Take Me To The River
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Bird Song
Promised Land

Set 2: The Rain Song
Box Of Rain
Samba In The Rain
Looks Like Rain > Terrapin Station > Drums > Space
> I Need A Miracle > Standing On the Moon


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dubai-escorts-bunnies, Billyho67, dougbr1ne, Vidlee, j2cat, blockh99, Archemedes, Ianwilson1, matlea25303, geobal36, hrc333, RadioRewind, robtheplumbr, phillyirish, Totem, starbreather, notime2hate, fryman007, Mr. Nashburgh, mars_74, gratefulbeech, T, strawheart93, Calliope Sue, rbleiler94, plc3, Robert Archer,, promirius, mkav, hallucinatory_hare, sermano, CSteckbauer, brokedowndude,, bamagirl, CRK, Kiyeth, marbletiger, Hippiechick3868, JimmyStraw, RU_Kind, Chet Elewski, Drgnmik3, Nanno-1974, Drfun,, deadheadbobcat, dartagnan, customhds, deadbert, sugaree511, Seven777, CarrionCrow, leper van atom, Zootsu, tommybartel, truce76, brianbr, sjg127, Geodawg, logjammin, Jason Wilder, Mosfed, chaseutley, hippiechic, stealie74, MightandGlory13, mrtroutwine, hippiechick308, Tri1pinJ1mmy, miracleme, watsugar, mbunn789, st.stevo, Ouish, StealYourFace420, mjnash666, Jerry_wa, busyb67, melecheitan, chuckebbets, benson76, Rottenclam, dr.beechwood, darrinfh, bobbudacki, shakedown621, waldo12, 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Joined: Oct 2 2009
my first & last . unfortunely!!!!

I will never forget the rain & the timeing of the songs . good friends, good times !!!!

Joined: Nov 7 2009
Front Row

I got a miracle for that show. A floor ticket of all things. Rusted root brought the house down that night. As I worked my way up front, Jerry looked down as Fast Eddie and I jammed out and he gave me a look of, who's the new kidd. The rain set was great.

Joined: Mar 13 2010
Where can I get a video?

My girlfriend was at this show when she was 14, and it was by far the most meaningful musical experience of her life. I'm trying to find a video of the show to give her for her birthday, and I'd really appreciate any help. You can email me at Thanks so much in advance.

Joined: May 1 2010
High Water Mark

This was a solid show. Arguably the last "normal" show though the St. Louis Shows might be able to stake a claim on that (except for the arena lighting and the death at campground). Rapid decline at Chicago obvious enough to makes me thinks a stroke or adverse health event may have been involved. Sure 1994 was usually better but the difference between this and say 7/8/95 is too marked to miss.

In fairness I started the tour at Detroit and had only heard the smoking 2/26 soundboard with the wicked visions of johanna. I understand there may have been some serious shakiness earlier in the tour too.

catfisher's picture
Joined: Aug 13 2010
I won the lottery

A really close friend of min and I stood in line at a local Kaufman"s Its a chain dept store. It was also the only ticketmaster outlet in my neck of the woods at that time. They had a lottery to determine who would purchase first. I WON!

10 rows back Jerry side!

Joined: Sep 16 2010
Can't Help It...

Man, you guys have me with tears in my eyes here at the keyboard! I am from the 'Burgh and saw my first and last shows at Three Rivers (7/8/90 was my first and this one was, of course, my last). This wasn't the best show I have seen, but it was purely magical, being in my hometown and with the rain set. I had some wonderful friends by my side, from home and other places, and I will never forget it. Had a great time in the lot and inside. We miss you Jer :-) And yes, your SOTM went straight to our hearts - A lovely view of heaven, but I'd rather be with you...who knew how true that would be, in such a short amount of time :-(Glad we are all still EVERYWHERE!

Joined: Jul 27 2012
Posterity - The Rain Show

Immediately after this show, which was my 3rd and final show, I thought that 6/25/95 (my 2nd) was better. Once I got those sweet FOB tapes I realized that this one was on par with 6/25. Those tapes, available for DL on of course, and now all the youtube videos of the RAIN that opened the 2nd set make this one, even without a SBD or an offical release, a well documented experience. Also of note is the DRUMZ, specifically about 3 minutes in, when Mickey just goes NUTZ after a nice setup by Bill.

mkav's picture
Joined: Jun 30 2007
try for aud tape

it was there a couple of years ago anyway

Joined: Jul 18 2015
Rain, Rain, Rain, I Don't Mind!

This show wasn't a great one, but was probably one of the better ones of '95. Jerry was a train wreck this tour and the band was in desperate need of a vacation.

But it was a really interesting opening to the 2nd set. During the set break, we see the sky turn black as night. An absolute hell storm was about pound us and I thought that the band may wait out the brutality and come out late, but just before the sky was about to unleash it's fury the boys come back out on stage.

So they start doing the opening lines to Rain. You know how after the little vocal intro part they start the meat of the song off with this giant drum beat? Well right on cue during that big heavy drum sound the sky just opened up and it poured and poured. Absolute pinpoint timing! You can go watch for yourself on You Tube. Didn't stop until right before Terrapin and for whatever reason that fact helped Terrapin feel more majestic. Gloria was always a cool encore.

Billy comments in his new book that this show was the Grateful Dead's last great prank, rolling through 4 "rain" songs in a row while we got soaked. It was fun!

Joined: Nov 8 2015
My last show (~);{

My last show (~);{


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Three Rivers Stadium - June 30, 1995