Grateful Dead

Rich Stadium - June 6, 1992

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Rich Stadium

June 06, 1992

Orchard Park, NY US

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Steve Miller opened - "Take A Step Back" before "Ramble On" - locomotive airhorn during "Drumz"

Set List:

Touch of Grey
Greatest Story Ever Told
All Over Now
Friend of the Devil
Ramble on Rose
Let it Grow

Iko Iko
Estimated Prophet
Same Thing
He's Gone
The Other One
The Wheel
Throwin' Stones
One More Saturday Night

Baba O'Riley
Tomorrow Never Knows

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AzNiner, Totem, gratefulbeech, T, cassie2, plc3, Kaitlindavis, Michaeltallon, KevinKroner, timjent, John Bonham, mrcobbyb123, thefork, CRK, Dog Star, adamz, JimmyStraw, CuseTom, BirdLives12, HDDave, Jezmund, sleepgeek, Nanno-1974, Lazylightning16, zebweber, customhds, scrlt5r, Luca B, Seven777, CarrionCrow, leper van atom, Lou C, kwener, claymation_88, Jason Wilder, bfowl420, dedhed1963, popeye the squirm, Harrington, golfinhead, tjvh, Funken_A, hippiechick308, foid2001, brianmika, Donna Louise, Buffalo Joe, mmcnutt1970, Dead-Droid, kam, Electricphil, JMD1971, fibhart, Gr8ful Ed, Runk, jtwoodsrider, pointlessforest, turtlepace72, waldo12, helpontheway1977, joelnye, missntour, slamminjeffrey, Peak0db, tomcruz, mogulmike, Nikon Harry, Bonesmav, Puff_Dougie,, East Coast Head Out West, daedlufetarg, smarcus, dredileogirl, chriswyhead, kwitt, pauln, sorbetpurple, jackstraw72, flybri1, Ljouwert, Shecky23, CaptTheo, Steve-o Brooklyn, jordank, gratefulgarbflo, shannycreek, gpeach, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, Musicalbeds, JackStraw_19631, jussieyes, PonchoBill, obx420, Topaz, relnad, Hook51, wallcrasher3, Eldehbran, mr975j, Boris90, cascadehigh, Edhead21, Eyes over Toronto, whiter, sitontoptworld, PHILSTARDRACUT, photogeek423, stlablu1, stroukoa, WharfRat1970, airgarciajams, Betteroffdeadjed, aikoaiko66, phreeang, Shadowboxxx, grateful dad from buffalo, PockyWay, TineAngel, Sampson1966, celticwolfsun, jackstraw420, zebadya, TreeTop, joetye, ciejay, gnat67, Schooney, Dan the Dog, BLC420, bluefairee, TemporarySaint, WHITEMOON, delylah24, beecher1995, Pedro2009, drjayus716, Cosmic_Dad, ritekowst, wing3273, gr8fulal, jayers1, Grateful_HERSH, dreadhead6, Bone Head, Blysergic, wahoo_devil, Zimmy2008, laurieo, lucky mahone, motherratdog, fuggles, Deadercize 4 Life - formerly Bob Quinton, gratefulsunshine, kluskiz, stiney456, kcjoneslirr, rich0272, saintofcircuspants, COBU, kgartdead, sandtyme, bernstk, retiredwingnut, sperls, skydog304, randy brownlee, shaw-, pearldiver069, Dancing Homer, Dorkian, eight99five, coloradorain71, amigib4, kenrock, kugster1, botticellisniece, ricksgroove, dvgrant, wharf rat rob, still missing brent, NH.FLY, revhd, vanmanmove, joekyle, Lil_Red_Wolfster, BIODTL1, Jacie, weav, rixtersurfer, Mopsy, tjk27262, Mr.SanJose, joni, Cassidy Dodge, ddick, gravedigger7, Mr. Goat, gr8fulcraig, Miguel69, ktown44420, sugarmagg64, dylan from canada, Lynnzie, gratefuljeff, RosaliesDad, drc32-0, FreakDaddy, mikeski, Neptune, namnroc, NNJDEADHEAD68, smiles4all, danceswithbears, CanisDirus, teknosapien, pyy, semi-colon, the bone, brobb, grtfuldad, eotw, hschwartz, chuckm77, adamr, Platzie, bobbyb, GOONZQUAD, jaykuhles, Vairocana, am_dew89, STELLA BLUEE, PalfHead, skunjelefeti, gonewild2, zappy, St.Swithun,, Jimmy V., red feather, pozz420247, air_garcia_416, mmmm_beer, schwaz, muffin, Cosmic wolf, JC Jack a Row, northernwolfen, Deegs, BuffaloBill70, jimi864, sunshinedaydream9, Thaidye, Upstate NY, Cookie-bear, Zeted, BlackBongThePirate, Miss Missy, Kropotkin, TJD, Greg Zervas, EcoBen, Laurenlj, dave36, edigadee, local, funkygoodpants, Mitrananda, esfc85, ticket lee, darthvader, Complier, Tenner, travelinlight, kbdeadhead, Let it Grow, Mr.Skjellyfetti, Gr8fulnNJ, LevitatingYogi, Brother cricket, bubbadub, paintedmandolin71, john05hd, Spicy, walstib77, wasbourne, hopdawg04, ericbic, tjvhaiko, Rowjimmy151, headjam, cheesycheesygrilledcheese, dcjeary, cianflone, skepticalbuffalo, matt howland, AoxoA, rebel61aka goin2hlnabuckt, gable311, daytripper420, duval49, big dave, Braichlin, helpontheway, highvibe, BULLHEADEDDOGS, JINGLE, lost_sailor77, sebastian, amelia, Daddy-O, tcappellett, spacekat, nevsev, Haybrown, s2, dancingbear 99, notbetty, ptedhath, prasadablue, dbird, thundermike, jeffreygoodman, jgalambos, whatthefunk, shakedownman, cactus420, spiller617, kojazz, Valerie Stevenson, joba08, picone90, chuckulz, bridge0fsighs, OrbiterMooN, PAPPYPGH, direwolfman, justice, Whitey, OSH, mstaggerlee, boombassix, BobG913, mary-sunshine, cmottern, baseball0, mardieta, jaymcf, adker, weagles68, Father Of Stella Rose, Buckeye93, Canadian Deadhead, LADY WITH A FAN, JBT420247, donkeypunch, D00Dah, gk, Spaz, blackeyed Susan, owharfrat, StreetVision, smokin_dave, aquanee, tenwhl2, WUD-man, ajg, wrombola, waltyoung, moosilauke, expobob, moff, Oroborous, galacticfan, virtuallydead, gratefuladam, towerrat, taperdave, hoptrip, mgal73, bakinthaday, cosmicmystic777, JOEG, Areyoukind, fdnybri, crazycatpeakin, Thedeadheadmommy, Dead Hunter, Cookbitch, H. Lightcap, scoontie, mapper, mmolman, CatHamp, chinacat42, palms, Teajay, Puffem420, tommytomato, tree1270, spyder9, truckinup2buffalo, kydead, kiki, chrish, sureasyourborn, darrrkstarrr-billy, jkelley, undie, OXFALLDOWN, SkookS, howdydoody, dritz123, Bear Gunn, headfullofdead, FootBear, Clint, Maggot Brain, skrletbegonia, moxxie, c1042, austindead, jillstraw, MojoHand, garystar, scruff, stickyfingers, philfan13, Papa-bear, swaveyd, direwolf23, ima phan, riggamortis, gdtrfb5, fenario420, jayburg, gighouse, dolecda, KimmieinMD., colin parsons, PsillyJim, tcerneskie, Dan Disinger, jonludwig, Lazy-Supp-Deal, davidsmeff, uncle mickey, trg11167, Trew, GratefulBear, DaffyDuff, mightzwell, whiskey227, jdconny, DiscoBus, ratdog58, vabeachbumm2005, JaimeAlphaMale, Row Jimmy, Major_Domo_Billy_Bojangles, PHINETUNE, Lucab12, duker, chris hodgson, boxorain62, rickyrick15, Duanebase, ggloyd, mgb70, Miggs, jack mellone, iLLuminatedOne, Steve-O, beecue, deadheadgarcia


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highvibe's picture
Joined: Jul 26 2007
My Birthday Show!

How could you not have a good time on your Birthday!

It was sweet being back in Buffalo for these shows after moving to the West Coast in 1991. Jerrys talking during Take a Step Back was for sure memorable and then he let it rip with Ramble On Rose and a very sweet Let It Grow to end the set! A highlight for sure.

The 2nd set Aiko Estimated was also rippin too!

Of course when my friends got the whole back side of the floor singing Happy Birthday to me during intermission, that was pretty sweet too! Thanks Marty Gilano!


Brother A

Vairocana's picture
Joined: Jun 2 2008
Best Show Ever

Absolutley perfect and magical ...1st show I bought a clay mushroom necklace and kept running into people that were wearing them... Steve "livin in the USA" Miller was the opener (sting was '93) I was squeezed in the front row and there was no way of getting out of there..Learned a whole bunch and loved every minute of it...Iko Iko..was a blast and Baba O Riley was unreal. I have a video of the 2nd set...totally cool.

I was singing metallica on the way up, but singing Truckin' on the way home...

Only bad thing about it is no other show has taken it to that level...AlthoughThe Other Ones 7/5/1998 (Sun.) Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien Center, NY was pretty profound for me as well.....

Thanks Guys!!

Joined: Sep 5 2008
This was my first show and

This was my first show and was amazed at what I encountered..I was hooked from then on...

Joined: Jan 12 2009

kinda boring show...i was psyched to hear 'althea' though.

Joined: Mar 28 2009
my first show

this was my first show ever and it was the greatest, from what i remember.... and 17 yrs later im going back to buffalo...trucking.......

Joined: Mar 28 2009
this was my first show. Wish

this was my first show. Wish I remembered more of it

Joined: Apr 19 2015
Definitely NOT Sting...

As the OP mentioned, it was definitely NOT Sting. It was Steve Miller. Great, great show. I believe there were 85,000 of us there that night.
Jerry was very clear that night, and the Dead played a fantastic set.


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Rich Stadium - June 6, 1992