Grateful Dead

The Omni - March 1, 1992

The Omni

March 01, 1992

Atlanta, GA US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
Wang Dang Doodle
Row Jimmy
Stuck Inside of Mobile
So Many Roads
Picasso Moon
Don't Ease Me In

Saint of Circumstance
Long Way to Go Home
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On the Mountain
This Could Be the Last Time
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia

The Weight

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bigbri67's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
my 16th show =-)

My first scarlet -> fire. It only took 16 shows. It was awesome. I was on the floor and lovin' it.

Joined: Jun 9 2007
Glow stick shenanigans

So after a killer Scarlet>Fire someone threw a glowstick on stage near Phil. He quickly took off his bass and left the stage. The post Fire jam was starting to get interesting and then Phil got lost. Thanks to the asshole who almost clocked Phil with a glowstick. This was also the East coast debut of Way To Go Home, which was received really well in my opinion. I also liked the JAW opening trio.

Kletzenklueffer's picture
Joined: Jul 12 2007
This was my first dead show.

This was my first dead show. The only Dead I had heard was a "skeletons from the Closet cassette someone gave me. I liked it, and liked the pomp about the dead, so me and a buddy got tickets. We had a buddy that worked a ticketmaster, and he was to get the best tickets for us that they got. He gave us the worst. We sat in the nosebleeds directly across from the stage. It was a wierd night. We spent all day around the drums, and folks with balloons.

I don't remember much about the show expect that I only recognized Sugar when played. All the other songs were new to me. Yeas later, looking back at the play list, I've heard all those songs a dozen hundred times, and don't remember hearing any of them.

I can't say I thought it was a great set since I was "influenced", but it left a great impression. I was 21 at the time, and remember seeing older (50's) business men walking around the parking lot with a smile on. I knew what was up.

pooksmasterjam's picture
Joined: Aug 28 2007
Drove straight from Mardi Gras

worth the 8 hour hungover drive..!

Joined: Nov 4 2010
1st Show Ever.. I was Cosmic Charlie

Somehow ended up at the Stone Mt campground. Yes, somehow... Proceeded to trade doses for hash in my tent, wandered the camp sight throughout the night, and ended up at some weird place, but whatever's...
The next day I eventually meandered to the Omni. Wandered around the vendors looking for a ticket. Bought some art (I think) and scored some more hash. Smoked said hash in a port-a-potty. Tripped out on some Jesus freak in costume carrying a heavy wooden cross. Pondered the weirdness of Christ at a Dead show in Atlanta whilst toking more fine hashish. Went on yet another quest for a ticket. Got sidetracked while buying a space cake from a really cute Earth Momma. Meandered some more....
Somehow got a tik for face value from some dudes just before the start of the show due to good karma (or because my index finger was superior, who knows???) Arrived at my seat, yet it was occupied by a dude and his lady. I really didn't care. They offered me some doses, and I partook of their kindness. Saw my fave, "Althea" in the 1st set, so the rest of the show was gravy. Good fortune gave me a "Scarlet/Fire in the 2nd set, so my night was complete. Bonus: Found my buds 5 minutes after the show just outside the arena, so I didn't have to thumb a ride back to the campground.
Rinsed and repeated for night #2 and # 3....


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The Omni - March 1, 1992