Grateful Dead

Richfield Coliseum - March 14, 1993

Richfield Coliseum

March 14, 1993

Richfield, OH US

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first "IFTL" - sound check: IFTL, Rain

Set List:

Cold Rain and Snow
Walkin' Blues
Brown Eyed Women
Tom Thumb's Blues
Lazy River Road
Don't Ease Me In

Touch of Grey
Samson and Delilah
Long Way Home
Terrapin Station
I Need a Miracle
Stella Blue
Throwin' Stones
Turn on Your Love Light

I Fought the Law

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Joined: Jun 25 2007
freakfest blizzard

drove up from Columbus in the blizzard... white knuckle the whole way.. only to have the show cancelled. we were in a hotel, not the holiday inn... lots of stranded straight-life families who didn't know what the heck was going on. they kept threatening to kick us out, and i think the cops actually came at one point. i remember we made chicken soup on a hot plate on top of the toilet in the hotel room. we had two rooms and about 15 people or so. At one point my friend waded throught these huge snow drifts to the hotel next door and came back with two giant balloons in each hand. what a riot. we always felt like the IFTL was the band sympathizing with all of us knowing how much we had all been hassled at the hotels... funny how people's impressions differ.

FLY-GUY's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
That was fun drive

Ahhh my fondess Dead show next to the rainout at Buckeye. The first night cancelled cause of the blizzard. I told my friend Big W. that they would open with Cold Rain And Snow, and they surly did. What was really cool was that 98.5 out of Cleveland aired the entire concert live on the radio. My friend at home recorded it and I still have it in my archives.

Joined: Jul 14 2007
Crazy blizzard, bad trip and complete white out!

After enduring the blizzard the day before this show was very lackluster. After almost crashing into an 18 wheeler on the interstate back to Oberlin College, which magically appeared in front of us I was hoping for a magical night. Turned into a " Let's get back home and get ready for the Capital Center."

waynes werld II's picture
Joined: Jun 9 2007
Holi-dome at Holiday Inn was opened up to crashers

Hey Now,
Being a passenger for this tour didn't make it much easier and even though I had a mixed time[bad and good] It was a great time over all. The Holiday inn became one of the largest parties [Holidome had tents and a mini shakedown street, through out the hotel people were hanging out, rooms were open filled with fun... I sold about 50 raw[uncooked but still good I ate a few]Burritos for $2 each to supplement my income[got to Rosemont with one ticket and $2, my freinds made the burrito's and I sold 'em, I got 1/2 the money cuase they didn't sell any and new I worked it[had three hot hippy sisters doing a live comercial for my burrito's[and we partied along the way,with a couple stops to the bar of course] it ruled!!] By the way Ally and freinds hope to see you again someday[last time saw any of you three was in GA, wonder if I can get a hold of Ricky he might know whats up wit you,,,]
"All good things in all good time"-JGB

paintedmandolin71's picture
Joined: Sep 23 2007
the hobbledome

lol!..i remember the holiday inn being dubbed the hobbledome..they just said fukit and let all the kids crash in the holidome,which of course turned out to be the was one hell of a party!

Joined: Dec 5 2007
Holiday Inn

We camped out in the lot (hell yeah, one hell of a party!) in our '70 bus, drove to the show and got turned away, thats why we know the band was there and was going to play for anyone who showed up to "fight the law" but "law won" because anyone who did show up got turned away, word on the radio was that the band was there and would play for anyone who showed up but the law wouldn't let us in. On the way home to Buffalo, NY, the front tire of our VW flew off, Jeff went walking down I-90 to try to make it to the next rest area to call AAA and ran into friends of ours from the previous years summer Richfield shows. Yep, miracles do happen.

Steve-O's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Not Sure?

The word we all heard was that there was no power. Anyone out there know the facts?

Joined: Jan 28 2008

The hotel/emergency shelter was the highlite of this experience.

Northbound Train's picture
Joined: Mar 3 2008
The White-Out Show !!!

Ahhhh can anybody forget the drive up to this show. We came from Windsor, Ont and what normally is a 3 hour trip took about 7 hours (if I can recall correctly). Anyhow, some fellow heads from the area (Terry & Connie) put a whole load of us up for the couple nights we were in town.

A very fitting Cold Rain & Snow opened up this decent show. Is there any truth to the rumor that I Fought the Law (and the law won) was played due to the fact that the Dead wanted to play the previous night but local authorities cancelled the concert because of the Blizzard???

Joined: Jan 11 2009

What a long, cold,ohio trip it was. The hippys in the parking lot looked like zombies. It being my 1st dead show, everything seemed a little weird 2 me. By the end of the show i was spun like a top!! Im so glad i went, now i can't get enuff of the dead. thank you hippys and the guy who looked like cheech.


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Richfield Coliseum - March 14, 1993