Grateful Dead

Capital Centre - March 17, 1991

Capital Centre

March 17, 1991

Landover`, MD US

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first "Reuben & Cherise"

Set List:

Hell in a Bucket
Walkin' Blues
Queen Jane Approximately
Rubin and Cherise
Let It Grow

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Crazy Fingers
New Speedway Boogie
The Wheel
All Along the Watchtower
Black Peter
Around and Around

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

yjohnson2, tkaplan, dubai-escorts-bunnies, dougbr1ne, DeadBear13, Ejlesq, rfk1991, crazyfingers88, rockit, gbenn52, gabbertw4, KYTrips, busrider, missingman, cosofsky, bellablue2270, Visions of Johannah Rose, amybaggott, KindJester, pukegrub, John Bonham, scrawford, walkinwill, Dog Star, pkslipknot, Hippiechick3868, Lazylightning16, crazyfingers72, deadbert, tapertom1272, jonnyy, MikeOMikeO, IkoIko95, chas44, deadfeat1, emudd, Lou C, azteccat, hipster doofus, dedhed1963, 84-95, v32, chinarider420, Pard, gratefulgregv, stealie74, SugareeSteve, cardinal4, amy_leader, ADRIVER, chuckebbets, omegaman, mandojack, stu2, radiator9987, Geodye420, goonybird, uphead67, snifer13, skharvey, jackstraw0223, tashwolf, jpruitt53, oldmansion, jdavis397, CarrionCrow, downwithJGB, ericLaubenthal, topherblunt, moogirl, JohnRapp, PrintIsBlood, tree-ap2, fritz1620, farmer john, Sequitor, the_wet_one, dredileogirl, Uncle Arby, cosmiccupflaked, Delaware Dead, deadmomma, MOFOJoe, bjgunn, bekkif, drc456, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, lazy, Barrtenderr, SugareeWest, tpenn, Rain.City.Blues, Westy-Pearl, delawaredan, stlablu1, detroit is dead, stroukoa, thuleok, walkingupstream, StaggerLee69, Sampson1966, HelenABucket, tomsthumb, boxofromeos, zebadya, Kykind, cdog, radley17, Malarkey, StBob, haight, sugarmag68, sddeadhead, wonderbred, delylah24, gordondifalco, monopolymike, mblake99, RaymondMBrown, ellis d, Grateful_HERSH, larryonion, Blysergic, dport, nothing_comes_for_free, stumbleboogie, Boulder Creek Mama, Heynow from The Well, jam e, annie_roses, vashgrmag, nicklas59, Mornduvt, seebrown, JohnDC, tiffparsons, rrketchum, carolyndeitsch, hardroxx, lostsalr, jerryme, peaceonearth, ej, Martin G. Knott Jr, CarlaDCArea, st stephen 11, eight99five, dayzbetween, caseybloo, sherg09, bgunnell, hobiecat37, Bertha1, gr8fulz, dedhed4ever, brooksie, Hoboken Head, BIODTL1, terrapin420, weav, b3nd3r, paw_dawg, WALLMEISTER, Jakat, lookyloo, terrapinbill, chinacatman, deadheadii, qq4aday, Basilicone, UnbrokenShane, gr8fulcraig, dylan from canada, encdead, Lynnzie, jmn2jry, Beadwhisperer, jqdriver69, ch1narider, MustveBeenTheDoses, voodoonola, NNJDEADHEAD68, Rusty88, tenjed8, ejh495, the bone, grateful head, grtfuldad, hschwartz, chuckm77, aina mama, snow_and_rain, GOONZQUAD, dugefresh, zig zag man, lamarred664, leftcoastbound, hawksbillwill, A. Friend, gonewild2, zappy,, joakes, Karl Mattson, air_garcia_416, gdtrfb_9, Davedread, aliceDmillionair, LittleTerry, Cosmic wolf, sickleban, jimi864, GratefulPANIC, GRonK, quinnever, Upstate NY, skullfu, BlackBongThePirate, TJD, EcoBen, JMY714, sugareeluv, funkygoodpants, stuman, ticket lee, Michael German, Thomas Shields, drumspace, Sprybert, Dupreediamond420, travelinlight, deadhead83, 143or245, Sleepy Monkey, Mr.Skjellyfetti, gemini dreamer, 10sejed, brianmika, paintedmandolin71, rangerjoe, estimatedprofits, novakm1, fortuenti, Still_Dead, kkeyser27, dawnoftheravenmoon, Meatyard, theleven, Freakout Jackson, GreenRipple, DeadheadFred, Scarlet88, danny_b_mt, gr8fuldrew, dmason, Pha_Q, speedlimit, Wayniac, picnic, dutchjackstraw, gable311, gr8fuldaddy1, Brownie, Mythical Ethical Icicle Tricycle, BULLHEADEDDOGS, SocietysPliers, gratefultm65, GDfan, Ted S, kweeks, nevsev, mrkaos63, Haybrown, cigrsam, eclipse, Sluys Guys, notbetty, jackandceleste, chinacatcumberland5, tambourine man, ChinaCat69, SunshineMags, cmnaround, chiina_whiite, DeadheadDoug, shorebilly, DFBWM, Deadtrip, DedHedMom, notlikeyourmom, Keynugs, hammertime, joba08, jpjp, troynpam, JP92, PAPPYPGH, blkthroatedwind, mary-sunshine, sugarmagnolia817, stelahblu, cordelia, buz_73, badtpyist, dumbek, hartwerger, wolf, chuck2007,, carmotor, brainman, JBT420247, gk, jackl921, jackstraw_35, smokin_dave, ez2lovu, LazyriverRider, Forever_Deadicated, aquanee, CaptainCaveman, Will, JacktoldAlthea, moosilauke, wharfrat8199, lilhippiesmurf, mtfreak, Skippy, magpie_gypsybird, galacticfan, AikoBearzly, nathanleary, dharmagum, garcialater1974, taperdave, phillipblackman, ParticoRomulus, IkoIko65, deadeloc, Symmetry, kenco, sugrmag66, JOEG, tommythrock, seve allday, crazycatpeakin, marian, 10ECJED, Friend of the Devil, Cryptic_Envelopment, greggm65, WWTyson, Smilin Dan, Va head, Cookbitch, Jodester, Garcia1970, scullroses, ScottL57, jodoyle, darrrkstarrr-billy, Gr8ful dad, Lesh-Is-More, thanxjer, c1042, Seanymac, austindead, jillstraw, oscar713, yomamasafro, amccuskey, The Wolfman, modeblee, dennisw, stephen in PA, scooterpoo, dharmadawg, lyrabella, KimmieinMD., PsillyJim, adimar, Lazy-Supp-Deal, Alex_Rio, theoct11, gratefuljo, jaya, BornAgainDeadHead, mightzwell, tcrawford, ricflower, GrandMasterG, Jack_Straw, Polarbearwv, Thom, deadsoxfan, David L., battman, Duggles, Lucab12, tbsjr65, Duanebase, cod, PhilZone, jergirl61, markh, antonjo, jcmpbl, johnnyg, Bozo Bus, Alsflorida, Sonicutes, trm15


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Joined: Jul 19 2007
St. Patrick's day massacre

This show could have been great, save for 2 things. First, it was st. patties day and everyone seemed to feel it was their duty to be drunk (hence a very coarse vibe in the room). Secondly, the sound was horendous. I was thrilled when Bruce joined the band, but the sound never seemed to have the old clarity to it. Rather a large jumble of indistinguishable noise in he midrange. It was however very cool to "hear" Reuben & Cherise.

paintedmandolin71's picture
Joined: Sep 23 2007
smokin show!!

of course r&c being one of my many favs..ive seen JGB do the song before..all i remember when i herd the first notes i was spinning out in the halls with the spinners..and got wacked in the face by this sisters dread that had a huge femo bead attached on the end.....small price to pay for such a grate moment!!!

JacktoldAlthea's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2007
Saint Patty's

This was a very very hot night, beautiful day out March Madness on the TV and yes everyone was drinkin' and having a good time. Breakouts were awesome, everyone mentions the R&C naturally but the New Speedway blew the roof off the place.

Nothing to tell now, let the words be yours I am done mine

Joined: Jun 30 2008

rubin and cherise... nuff said.

probably the longest pre-drums second set i've ever seen.. and what an amazing selection -- capped off by new speedway of all things. probably the highlight, even with the sweet R&C bust-out.

my other nomination for the highlight is the last two minutes of black peter. BP has always been a personal fave -- a mellow and soulful tune that builds with great intensity, and jerry always nailed the lyrics. well, by the time they got to BP at this show, i was sure that i'd died and gone to dead heaven. this version is completely off the hook. i distinctly remember standing there during jerry's final solo and realizing that i was witnessing something really special. what a way to start an outstanding four-show run at the cap center!

Joined: Jan 3 2009
First of many...again

This was the first(of many) St.Patricks day shows that I saw. Loved the R&C!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
c'mon, now, Cumberland5....

You HAD to love that New Speedway....!

The parking lot news they'd broken it out on the West Coast, the snippet of said breakout coming out of someone's car, Truckin' is the fifth song before drums, but the jam is rolling and....yes!....Jerry's approaching the mike!....Could it be?!....It could only be!

That was my moment for this show. Admittedly, I don't recall alot else, but I remember it being solid. Let It Grow always delivered.


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Capital Centre - March 17, 1991