Grateful Dead

Capital Centre - March 17, 1993

Capital Centre

March 17, 1993

Landover`, MD US

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"Dark Star" is first verse only - final/last "Two Soldiers Jam": 09-12-90 [172] - first "Lucy In The Sky"

Set List:

Shakedown Street
Wang Dang Doodle
Lazy River Road
Desolation Row
Ramble on Rose

Picasso Moon
Crazy Fingers
Playin' in the Band
Dark Star
The Other One
The Days Between
Good Lovin'

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

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yjohnson2, Storpey83, dubai-escorts-bunnies, dougbr1ne, Chinaryder76, philsfriend13, Ejlesq, rockit, Shook, gbenn52, EZinTN, Ripple619, obadiah, KYTrips, phillyirish, busrider, Fourwoods, strawheart93, Dudeman52176, Dano1972, Gr8fl102311, jingbee1967, pmacsinthehouse, pukegrub, scrawford, walkinwill, HexxtheHead, tapertom1272, jbarr74, CarrionCrow, emudd, jabruzzo3, Lou C, azteccat, Rickyspill, brbadg, chaseutley, akemp351, hipster doofus, dedhed1963, tuna station, v32,, chinarider420, Lionsghost, SugareeSteve, cardinal4, impervious, Eastcoast65, hippiechick308, Ceriasly, SBurke, Lizardhead, Ouish, Humboldt JennyB, Takuya Fukano, ADRIVER, chuckebbets, omegaman, stu2, turtlepace72, radiator9987, Geodye420, paintchip, wheelerman125, uphead67, skharvey, jackstraw0223, tashwolf, jpruitt53, adashiko, topherblunt, rdhar, Eyesbeyond,, ckcoffman, oldtourrat, Sequitor, smarcus, dredileogirl, jilleh, Uncle Arby, Murmur, kjn70, MOFOJoe, MorninSun, bekkif, Shecky23, CaptTheo, drc456, spacewalker, tpenn, GratefulAcra, Topaz, delawaredan, joebroomhead, Eldehbran, Rolokid, photogeek423, stlablu1, detroit is dead, stroukoa, phreeang, StaggerLee69, TreeTop, jjmack, bmcd67, radley17, Malarkey, haight, sugarmag68, btwind13, bluefairee, HlpSlpFrank, wonderbred, delylah24, mblake99, bweirgd, 4hawks, Grateful_HERSH, jerseyjoe, Zman420, Blysergic, EasyWind73, dport, stumbleboogie, jam e, shore taxi, lucky mahone, vashgrmag, nicklas59, Mornduvt, mzackim, hardroxx, jerryme, jrbird419, peaceonearth, BOR, Martin G. Knott Jr, st stephen 11, hazenmc, 1gr8ful1, dayzbetween, caseybloo, sherg09, MR.FANTACY, wezi26, bgunnell, woodymoose, hobiecat37, JasKah, Martyn, cd22, brooksie, Moobs, my-dog-iko, terrapin420, weav, paw_dawg, WALLMEISTER, Jakat, terrapinbill, ladnarc, joshGD, chenley, deadheadfrom76, qq4aday, naddybear, UnbrokenShane, gr8fulcraig, caroroses, dylan from canada, encdead, jmn2jry, Beadwhisperer, ruk1nd, jqdriver69, ellisdee420, chefdannnyc, richdead, Jelly, voodoonola, NNJDEADHEAD68, cboogie, eurodave, ejh495, the bone, aina mama, GOONZQUAD, MissingJerry, 73joey, jaykuhles, zig zag man, Raeb Gnicnad, STELLA BLUEE, wink8, hawksbillwill,, ClydeFrazier, TaofSteve, schwaz, gdtrfb_9, jimi864, GratefulPANIC, GRonK, Upstate NY, skullfu, BlackBongThePirate, EcoBen, funkygoodpants, stuman, maass, ticket lee, Michael German, Lapdog, Sprybert, dancingblondiebear, AlanSheckter, Tenner, Bluebird3434, SquiRL, deadhead83, 143or245, kbdeadhead, Tigerman, TomFoolery, d.c.dead, gemini dreamer, 10sejed, bigbob, paintedmandolin71, novakm1, fortuenti, pyrorite, Still_Dead, tree-ap, dawnoftheravenmoon, Rowjimmy151, theleven, jstange, dedhedesq, MDKrack, DeadheadFred, Scarlet88, fawko, gr8fuldrew, dmason, dutchjackstraw, DanielStar, gable311, hugz420, BULLHEADEDDOGS, jiadams76, SocietysPliers, gratefultm65, GDfan, Ted S, kweeks, nevsev, eclipse, notbetty, MDDeadhead, tambourine man, dougstorey, LostSailor1571, SunshineMags, chiina_whiite, shorebilly, garydobson, logstirl, Deadtrip, bshaky256, hammertime, jkstraw04, andywine, PAPPYPGH, justice, blkthroatedwind, mary-sunshine, sugarmagnolia817, stelahblu, cordelia, buz_73, baseball0, jabber, kegger, wiggumish, Radbilly, Father Of Stella Rose, pendraggon, dumbek, wolf,, Scarlet.-.Roses, docflywheel, carmotor, JBT420247, jdearing, gk, jackl921, sugaree91, Moonshiner, gregp123, ez2lovu, LazyriverRider, Forever_Deadicated, CaptainCaveman, 1st show 10-16-89, JacktoldAlthea, grateful_1973, wharfrat8199, galacticfan, altheablue70, nathanleary, Tbear, dharmagum, RAUCHFEST, garcialater1974, jonnyy, lappdog1, taperdave, legionmary, Symmetry, sugrmag66, JOEG, tommythrock, marian, hesgone, Friend of the Devil, Magic-Otis, Cryptic_Envelopment, Va head, scullroses, ScottL57, gclundquist, Jakethedrummer, frunobulax, rhyspencer, saint, jodoyle, darrrkstarrr-billy, Gr8ful dad, RUKIND73, Lesh-Is-More, Seanymac, austindead, jillstraw, oscar713, yomamasafro, Will Speed, modeblee, jg-in-az, waynes werld II, a. west, stephen in PA, scooterpoo, dharmadawg, youshine, lyrabella, KimmieinMD., turnphilup, Lazy-Supp-Deal, cumberlandcase, gratefuljo, jaya, BornAgainDeadHead, mightzwell, shaggy, tcrawford, zappa4ever, ricflower, J Alfred Prufrock, Golden Road, Polarbearwv, Thom, Duggles, Doug, tbsjr65, Stargazin, bradleyg, wstoner, Duanebase, PhilZone, jergirl61, ggloyd, mindbender, antonjo, jcmpbl, johnnyg, Bozo Bus, trm15, Dr. Vitz


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Joined: Jun 4 2007
cold and happy

This was my first show. Baltimore had just been hit with a pretty massive snow storm and my parents almost didn't let me go but I begged them. My girlfriend's dad insisted on dropping us off at the front gate and picking us up right away after. It's ok because there was no parking lot scene tonight due to it being like 10 degrees or something. Anyway, I could not have asked for a better intro to the Dead. I was already a huge fan of Live Dead, Skullfuck and the Vault series,...especially of the jams... so this show was totally perfect for me. Shakedown would also be the opener at the final show I saw, a mere 2 years later... needless to say, when it comes to the Dead, I totally drank the Kool Aid and tonight was a major initiation. Everything from Crazy Fingers on was just pure bliss and Dark Star was such a treat, I couldn't believe they were playing it... Drums and Space was also a benchmark experience for me that seriously influenced my future musical interests and development. As I recall, the segue into the Other One had us jaw-dropped. All I can say is, THANK YOU GOGD!!!!!!!

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Grateful St. Patrick's Day

Fantastic time. Fantastic show. A true gem of a Crazy Fingers and Dark Star. Shakedown was a great opener and a fun ending with Lucy in the Sky.

Joined: Jul 4 2007
Last Excellent show I remember

This was all in all a great show. Shakedown and Wang Dang got things off to a fast start and it just kept going all night. The Crazy Fingers was out of this world, and the Phil Bombs for Other One were intense. Last time I ever saw an old college buddy, wonder where he is now. Anyway, the band was on and they were tight!! This is the Grateful Dead I want to remember!!

His job is to shed light, not to master.

schwaz's picture
Joined: Mar 10 2008
Good Good Lovin'

It won't get mentioned that often, because the song isn't that unusual, but Jerry was REALLY into Good Lovin this night. Basically the whole post -space was some pretty fired up Jerry.

JasKah's picture
Joined: Jan 6 2009
My First Show!

This show will always have a special place in my heart. I went with Jen K and we got hooked on the Dead in a big time way. Thanks for all the memories, but especially this one!

Joined: Aug 16 2007
GDH 239

The whole post-space sequence from this night (referred to above) is featured in it's entirety in this installment. The Dark Star too!

antonjo's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Handsome Cabin Boy!

The jam out of Space was NOT Two Soldiers jam, it was the Handsome Cabin Boy jam. Though similar, the two are definitely not the same (just listen to the first Garcia-Grisman for one, and Shady Grove for the other. You can't really mistake them for each other.)

The night before, Jerry had woefully aborted Morning Dew after flubbing the final verse (that's right, there was no finale jam). Perhaps the only time a boo ever left my lips at a show (if only audible to my brother next to me, who uttered it in chorus). So we felt Jerry was going to make it up to us the next night, and darned if he didn't with a hot Shakedown opener. Not sure how long it actually was, but felt like 15 minutes (very satisfying in any case and all was forgiven).

This was the first time I'd heard these new songs. Eternity and especially Days Between were the ones that grabbed me. This was a great show, and the set-opening Picasso Moon was cranked to 11 out of the gate.

As for that Handsome Cabin Boy jam......I'd been in love with the 9-22-87 Spectrum one out of Space for several years, so I couldn't believe my ears and was absolutely overjoyed when Jerry started in on it here. Most people just thought it was another turn of Space (as I had on 9-22), and it was still years more before I found out what song it actually was.

antonjo's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

Lucy in the Sky was pretty sweet, too. Very tight and very nice.

JacktoldAlthea's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2007

LSD might be Vince @ his best here, very cool keys. Place goes crazy too, Happy St. Patty's!!!

Nothing to tell now, let the words be yours I am done with mine...

Joined: Apr 25 2008
2nd night security detail

They had me frisking people on the inside, I saw so much paraphenalia and pot it was rediculous. What I loved was seeing the smile of the folks I let in after they new I saw their stash...wish I could have joined them.

Big annoyance to me was the spin doctors in the hall area.I had to keep the curtain closed to keep the light out, this freak kept coming by and ripping it open until I grabbed hime by the arm and said, look dude I can't enjoy this show with you f'n with this curtain bother someone elses area. I explained to him I have seen many shows and finally get in one free...let me enjoy it. He did leave but thats the difference between the older heads and young heads...after it all, it wasn't worth doing security, you live you learn.

Otherwise it was a great show...especially the encore


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Capital Centre - March 17, 1993