Grateful Dead

Hartford Civic Center - March 18, 1990

Hartford Civic Center

March 18, 1990

Hartford, CT US

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Set List:

Shakedown Street
Little Red Rooster
Stagger Lee
Me and My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Friend of the Devil
Just a Little Light
Ramble on Rose
Music Never Stopped

Iko Iko
Looks Like Rain
He's Gone
The Wheel
All Along the Watchtower
Morning Dew

U.S. Blues

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musicrama's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
95 traffic

We overslept in maryland this morning and drove like crazy to catch these shows. Unfortunately its one of the worst stretches of highway in the US. For the first (and last) time i missed the beginning of a show. Got in around FOTD. Missed shakedown and was pissed. Not as good as the next night but still a solid show.
"Music is the best" - FZ

PHINETUNE's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007

dragged a friend 4 hours to go to show and we both had to work in AM. got there and tickets were more than scarce, traded a weekend Albany for 1 , my friend didnt get in, that really sucked . he was bar hopping all night and i had to go to about 10 bars outside the civic center and found him slumped over a bar stool. we had to drive the 4 hours back home and i cringe thinkin of the trip now.

Joined: Feb 11 2009
Secret show

I remember tickets went on sale right before the Hartford shows to keep the "followers" at bay. Like that would matter.

That's why Shakedown Street was so incredible- "Telling me this town ain't got no heart?"
Then Iko Iko. This show was one of my first full-on Dead experiences. WOW. Seeing the whole house on their feet clapping. This message is bringing the memory back!
Then US blues.

My impression of all Hartford shows is the Bushnell Park, right next to The Hartford Civic Center. Love it or hate Hartford, Ct was, and still is a nice set-up.
Not gonna make this years shows- Hope they play Iko Iko- Back then, someone told me they only played it in Hartford.
Not sure if that could be true- but I'm goin with it!

I would love some feedback.

blue5's picture
Joined: May 3 2009

Simply blistering show.
Mariachi horns during Mexicali was some of the best music I ever heard them play.
Midi extravaganza!

Joined: Nov 3 2013
They in fact played Iko Iko

They in fact played Iko Iko everywhere, not just Hartford. Not sure where your friend got that one from. But I agree, the Hartford Civic Center was a nice stop for the Dead. Not too big a place, nice acoustics, and they played really well there many times.


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Hartford Civic Center - March 18, 1990