Grateful Dead

Hampton Coliseum - March 20, 1986

Hampton Coliseum

March 20, 1986

Hampton, VA US

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last "Box Of Rain": 07-28-73 [777]

Set List:

Touch of Grey
Little Red Rooster
Friend of the Devil
It's All Over Now
Row Jimmy
Me and My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Box of Rain

Iko Iko
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

U.S. Blues

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dubai-escorts-bunnies, Amy from New York, GeoffHarrison, AIMScto, Johnrbour, UncleJoe, gabbertw4, EmeraldSights, BillyBlair, tat2inmd, rugrateful25, pukegrub, Bill388, Deadcollector, Hoopsie, Jules N Binokulas, Waldo66, surfdude67, rymo, jabruzzo3, LooseBrucie, Oxford 88, skydiver44, fcbrew, neotis, StrangerInkDesigns, hockey_john, cosmicsushi714, ptown phool, skydog0223, cardinal4, DanSeth, Eastcoast65, tumblintim, cmd, jojomosgo, munclemex, EugeneEvon, Phinnegan, uKnowBetter, rab66, chuckebbets, minutemouse, carolina bubba, AlpineValley81, dancingbear33, iamtjs3, mickydf250, cryptl1028, stevevan33, nanabool, Dpwilljr, Eyesbeyond, jackstrawtom, leisamarie, Bleaux Leaux, mmtapeop, 123IBT, BellJardin, broken_angel, Peisenberg, Iriecycle, Deadwhiteandblu, jilleh, touch_of_grey, oakdaddy, hippierob, Esparka, CherylB, PeggyO65, BlackMuddyHiker, legalmist, lynch, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, BIODTR58, tpenn, shining_sea, dr zevon, rodiebluez1, redcoatblues, Rip, AlaskaDeadHead1, kid of Jerry, stroukoa, Dead Billy, Gr8ful Dean, HelenABucket, SaintSteven, zebadya, Rickyspill, misterAYed, Cumberland blooze, Tweety42, sugarmag68, alovours13, Irongirl01, jimmyjack smith, chefdarkstar, RaymondMBrown, scotty m, weatherbill7, ellis d, photoleon, vashgrmag, mercurygd, Mornduvt, pat L, JohnDC, BongHitter, lonesomejohnnie, whipple, hardroxx, lostsalr, jrbird419, peaceonearth, JHoler, gatzapaul, powderjunky, salem, K1ndZ0n3, norbeast, CarlaDCArea, m23, kenrock, gairleog, srobichaud, chaoslodge, BornInADesert, LuigiDied, BurntDawg, St Stephen 65, BarryTheSprout, 86Hamptons, pairdoc, Rhodyred, paul41, SCDeadhead, swanroad, MagicPEZ, wharfrat1016, b3nd3r, terrapinbill, ladnarc, spaceyoface, deadheadfrom76, gr8fulcraig, 4 Rivers, swimdad, tomsned66, gr8flwlf, rbull, MustveBeenTheDoses, kat64, dankstressny, Lostsailor86, Peppermint Patty, voodoonola, wharfratdude, NNJDEADHEAD68, harryz, bobby, The_Music_Danced_Me, BarefeetBob, jasia52, tsadler, aikox2, squ1rr3l, tonymasiello, MICKE527, wsp420, zig zag man, Yamis Jewell, skunjelefeti, cosmic_skye, iggy62, leftcoastbound, philmaywalt, refsta, Tom Mittemeyer, lazy_lightnin38, rami, beandog22, brookeok,, nickelless, cepx, cub, flipper, hippiedino, aliceDmillionair, snowindian, jimi864, WaywardBill, cosmicloyed, kydedhed, skullfu, NM-MCS, sakparadise, Bettylou, funkygoodpants, Robert Francis, Thomas Shields, Sprybert, DissN00, beckstei, 143or245, Sleepy Monkey, Dead Meister, Bigtedman3, Mr.Skjellyfetti, ginsu710, Dankstress, brianmika, rangerjoe, estimatedprofits, Bluz4Jody, gr8fulpete, Still_Dead, teamcram, piossi, Felix, WHARFRAT917, theleven, Slidiouse, hamal, Skjellifetti, goldgreek, picnic, dutchjackstraw, deadfish, big dave, aslpotomac, Babuyaya, iamslinky, SocietysPliers, gratefultm65, klaussmith, eclipse, Sluys Guys, jackandceleste, chinacatcumberland5, jozeppy, ptedhath, Rum Jungle, gr8fulpair, blondon1, MoonshineCito, logstirl, George C. Hartman, whatthefunk, terrapin85, DrBone, shnaholic, Uncle John 1966, andrewmyers, Shimanto, Josef, spiritwalker, mary-sunshine, wills, slidebrain, catchmohl, smokey mountains, bdpalace, jackerowe, auralworship, Mainehead, raven,, brainman, lakelure2, eazywind, nuggets, Kima, timitart, Big Boss Man, ez2lovu, jimiesq, Dire Wolff, jerryskid, Harpersedg, shadyjohnny, SmokeyG, Dancingnancies, chef, joey-nj, terrybear, Ozhead, Oroborous, TheDireWolf, chichester, UndeJohn, dharmagum, augustwest41, drkstrcrashes, lappdog1, nalex, Skully, scottlovett, MovinGroovin, Symmetry, shugamag, tommythrock, gdgroupie, Jim Gore, Cosmiccharlie, greggm65, ajsedel, Garcia1970, batcavejoe, shasty, Alpo_va, matilda, njwreckdiver, jodoyle, darrrkstarrr-billy, Kent, mapfreak, walstib3, gr84lgamer, c1042, Tampa Red, jillstraw, safarian34, mksmith, cyberdelica_space, scarletttouchfire, dennisw, Penn Dead, JerryisaJedi, cumberlandcase, 333mike, Maliz, Phils-side, Kenpb, Far-L, grateful tar heel, rjtriana, dschpan, tcrawford, Jon Cornick, ricflower, grendel, sallyrose, Thom, Duggles, tbsjr65, Joe B. Jones, boxorain62, jergirl61, antonjo, augustwest, johnnyg, rodger allinson, ratskrad, Bozo Bus, jims, Half-step, 2pigpen, Alsflorida, tn2nadoes


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Duggles's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Box Of Rain!

They started the Box and the whole place just went ape. The crazy thing was this was the 1st set closer and when they finished the song.normally the folks cheer for a minute or two and then everything just dies down to the sound of everyone talking and communing. Well after this set the folks cheered and cheered for like over ten minutes. I remember going out to get a drink cause I was super thirsty and they were still cheering in the hall and out in the hallway as well. This is the only time out of hundreds of shows that I saw this. Phenominal.


Joined: Jun 7 2007
practice makes perfect...

yes, I too remember the Box of Rain. A roar like I've never heard, people going crazy. Quite the half-time buzz. I remember at the time thinking that the band really enjoyed pulling that one on us. You hear of epic shows, but this was probably THE epic song. For me anyway.

Joined: Jun 21 2007
Leave it if you dare

Such a thrill for us all, especially for my seasoned tourhead buds.


Joined: Jul 11 2007

I have never heard such pure joy as was exhibited by the crowd from the first note to ten-fifteen minutes after the song ended. I still get goose bumps every time I hear it!

Joined: Sep 24 2007
the "practise" comment...

I pretty much was attributing mystical powers to the band by this time, not sleeping for a week or so before they would show up at hampton, not from drugs just youthful home shows.. so nice...
I knew I was in for something really cool when Bobby said that "practise" comment and wasn't dissappointed...what a great memory... Love those guys!!

Joined: Jun 25 2007
Another good old Grateful

Another good old Grateful Dead night. Was grovin' along during the first set when they pull The Box-o-rain outta no where!!! Me and my buddy looked at each thinkin......No friggin way. And then we joined in with the rest of the crowd and howled. But of course I had never heard Phil sing at any show I had been to so we had to get quiet. I miss the Dead. Then of course the second set was wonderful as well. I love Iko, Estimated, and Eyes. Good stuff.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
loved it

The Box of Rain was so wonderful i think the Estimated>Eyes is overlooked.

Joined: Jan 6 2009
Most Memorable Show

Among all the shows I have attended, this is the most memorable... Box of Rain was and is still my favorite studio song, I never even hoped to hear it live!

I was feeling low in life and love that night. I had wandered down to the floor just about the time they sluggishly rolled into It's All Over Now. That was a very timely tune for me as the girl I was in love with had started going out with someone else... So that got me going and when I heard that first note of Box, like most everyone, I couldn't belive it...I know I must have jumped 10 feet in the air! Once Phil started singing (a first for me) I don't think I even danced, just stood there with tears rolling down, thinking WOW, this is historic. I tried to remember every note, most of them are lost in a bit of fog now, but the emotions are still very vivid, and that's what the music is all about. During the break, I think the heads were trying to let Phil and the rest of the band know how much they appreciated the surprise gift.

I know I'll never forget this one!

Joined: Jan 27 2009
round II

show #II, & I was beginning to see a bigger picture.

Joined: Mar 19 2009
most memorable

when they broke out the box my buddy and I just were jumping on each other. Loudest crowd I've ever heard, save for UNC/Duke bball :-) One funny sight: The lines at the pay phones during the break were 20-30 folks deep (I guess if it was 2009, we would have crashed the ATT and Verizon networks)

Like others describe...I get a bit teary eyed when I hear this version...brings me right back to the show. kids favorite song is Fire on the Mountain, but they also really dig Jerry's doing Ride the Mighty High (Don't Let Go current favorite)


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Hampton Coliseum - March 20, 1986