Grateful Dead

Copps Coliseum - March 21, 1992

Copps Coliseum

March 21, 1992

Ontario, CA

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short "Shenandoah" theme during "Space"

Set List:

Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower
Little Red Rooster
Queen Jane Approximately
So Many Roads

Long Way to Go Home
Terrapin Station
This Could Be the Last Time
Black Peter
One More Saturday Night

Box of Rain

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Attendees of this show

Rob Wright, dubai-escorts-bunnies, DeadBear13, rockit, bwfrazer, gruesom, Spoyball, tofer golbins, NB_Dude, jondac, Wyngman1984, keylimejellybean, John Bonham, CRK, Dog Star, Hippiechick3868, adamz, tmak, Luca B, CarrionCrow, leper van atom, Lou C, Jason Wilder, John Kovacs, Thunderbird - Bart, raftgide, palmer72, popeye the squirm, 84-95, cbNEAL, Funken_A, Rob.Bowkett, my.lightning.too, hippiechick308, Eyes over Toronto, mmcnutt1970, kam, fibhart, jaygee, Andy D in KC, Jerry_wa, mandojack, turtlepace72, amdew77, waldo12, slamminjeffrey, Peak0db, mogulmike, hkdave, daedlufetarg, fritz1620, PaulDante, Experiencereunited, dredileogirl, StackoLee, chriswyhead, keone, CaptTheo, terrapinT, francie413, jordank, gratefulgarbflo, shannycreek, gpeach, darkstarcrashes, Musicalbeds, jussieyes, PonchoBill, DetroitJon, relnad, DeepSpace, downtownbear, Bogey D, whiter, sitontoptworld, moonchild2C, photogeek423, blue5, airgarciajams, TimothyJ, trukn2buffalo, blotterman,, celticwolfsun, Bayedog, ciejay, gnat67, BLC420, btwind13, bluefairee, delylah24, krs10, Cosmic_Dad, ritekowst, bry, jayers1, Grateful_HERSH, Bone Head, Boulder Creek Mama, tigman, fuggles, gratefulsunshine, stiney456, kcjoneslirr, babatts27, sandtyme, markdotts, khsanders3, Bettinadragonfly, Buddyroe, dp351, Dorkian, Wild Bill, stip91, Longrifle, dvgrant, still missing brent, mattieb67, CumberlandMine, Cassidy Dodge, lookyloo, gravedigger7, Mr. Goat, ktown44420, Christopher_Joyal, coryferber, groovegrass, voodoonola, BeMiceElf, grtfuldad, eotw, adamr, dtg, rob west, gdtrfb65, jaykuhles, STELLA BLUEE, PalfHead, fatumseye, darkstar56, JK Straw, Hope, mmmm_beer, muffin, jds, Cosmic wolf, northernwolfen, Deegs, sunshinedaydream9, forcestream, TJD, funkygoodpants, Mitrananda, ticket lee, Tenner, travelinlight, Let it Grow, Mr.Skjellyfetti, LevitatingYogi, Brother cricket, drgnwmtchs, paintedmandolin71, john05hd, walstib77, Amadeus, Meatyard, cheesycheesygrilledcheese, dcjeary, danny_b_mt, knutron, hipstorian, Pha_Q, jawknee, DanielStar, daytripper420, BULLHEADEDDOGS, jiadams76, leeeroy36, silly_mian, hdlripple5, cigrsam, usblues69, bucketorain, Rupes, mollydevine69, thundermike, logstirl, CLETUS UNCLE, cactus420, doseyclwn, bshaky256, kojazz, joba08, picone90, joeman, Noot, JP92, justice, OSH, mary-sunshine, buz_73, jabber, mardieta, kegger, adker, badtpyist, tonyrabbit, Father Of Stella Rose, Canadian Deadhead, dumbek, JBT420247, blackeyed Susan, shkdwn, JackStrawfromOttawa, gooney1956, drumzspace72, moxoa, acehigh53, aquanee, WUD-man, wrombola, Wink Slideloaf, Oroborous, gratefuladam, towerrat, mgal73, kenco, JOEG, dead4days, Areyoukind, crazycatpeakin, Cookbitch, palms, intrepidsam, tobydodds, Teajay, rhyspencer, tommytomato, tree1270, truckinup2buffalo, kiki, undie, howdydoody, Bear Gunn, headfullofdead, Somnambulist57, jillstraw, garystar, scruff, direwolf23, jg-in-az, ima phan, Steph, gdtrfb5, jamkoch, jayburg, gighouse, robbiek, KimmieinMD., colin parsons, PsillyJim, tcerneskie, Lazy-Supp-Deal, cumberlandcase, jimmie333, rainbow-trout, mightzwell, gpoulos, ws1995, dsjam, JaimeAlphaMale, skioa, Major_Domo_Billy_Bojangles, David L., zappafreak, Lucab12, chris hodgson, srumble, rickyrick15, HeadwayGraphixx, TigerTrance, SPACEBROTHER, Grateful Mike G


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TigerTrance's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
American Presidential Politics and Canadian Dead

My friend and I went to a Dem Presidential Candidate debate in Buffalo prior to this show. Bill Clinton wowed 'em.

Joined: Mar 1 2008
in tune

I remember I called Hamilton second night help-slip-franklins when the tour dates were announced. =-P


Joined: Jun 15 2007
This was my first show. I

This was my first show. I didnt even want to go as I didnt give the dead a chance. My friends had to talk me into it. Wish I knew the name of the place next door, somehow we got in to keep warm and just sat on the floor looking up at the plants on the walls, what a TRIP. I am so glad I went. Some of the best times of my life. I have been hooked ever since. I just wish I would have gotten involved sooner!

Joined: Oct 11 2012
Hey Drew, if you're still alive and out there, do u remember...

... getting busted on the way up from New Haven in my red Jeep Cherokee, that the cop took my tab and took us down to the county station while you sat there with your underpants full of weed and posted us bail so we could get to the show?
That was Friday morning, March 20, and I think you had a ticket to that one if I'm not mistaken. Then the next morning I woke up in the parking lot, looked up in the sky, and told you, "I'm getting a miracle today," and I did.
The So Many Roads was soulful and sweet, could not have imagined it at the time but unfortunately this was my last show.
If anybody's out there who can get me some kind of recording of this wonderful night, I would be most "Grateful". lovepeace&thanks&all that good stuff.

Joined: Jan 31 2016
Good times!!!

We crossed the border and the mounty at the border crossing ask if we had any illegal
Substances. I replied, "just snacks", and he let us cross. Swoooo....we laughed and all high fived when we were out of his site! Meanwhile I looked at all the heads with there belongings being searched and thought, man that sucks!
The scene there was pretty cool. It was very cold and they allowed large campfires in the parking lot. They also let ticket holders into the venue during the day to use the bathrooms.
Overall, a great show and good time!! Little did i know, it would be one of the last times I would see Jerry. I graduated college later that year and only made it to a few more shows before that fateful day. Miss that guy!


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Copps Coliseum - March 21, 1992