Grateful Dead

Cow Palace - March 23, 1974

Cow Palace

March 23, 1974

Daly City, CA US

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"The Sound Test" for The Wall Of Sound - first "Cassidy" - first "Scarlet"

Set List:

U.S. Blues
Promised Land
Brown Eyed Women
Mexicali Blues
Tennessee Jed
Black-Throated Wind
Scarlet Begonias
Beat it on Down the Line
It Must Have Been the Roses
El Paso
China Cat Sunflower>
I Know You Rider
WRS Prelude>
WRS Part 1>
Let it Grow

Playin' in the Band>
Uncle John's Band>
Morning Dew>
Uncle John's Band>
Playin' in the Band
Ship of Fools
Big River
Ramble on Rose
Me and My Uncle
Around and Around
Wharf Rat>
Sugar Magnolia
Casey Jones

One More Saturday Night

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pkpotter's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
wall of sound

This was my first concert. My brother Kevin got married to his wife Jeri that morning and then we went to the show. He told me you will never see another show like this. He was right. Pure magic. The wall of sound. Absolutly historic, embedded in my soul, that sound. Shaped my life.

Joined: Jun 30 2007
Washoe Zephyr

This, too, was my first show. It was Mother's Day, 1974. Tough call, whether to spend the afternoon with mom or load up and drive to Reno. Clearly I made the right call. The Washoe Zephyr was the huge wind storm that went on all day. It was blowing from behind the stage, so it seemed like it was coming out of that huge wall of sound. An auspicious start to a lifelong love affair with the Dead, their culture and music.

Joined: Jul 10 2007

My third show. Double dosed on purple microdot in parking lot outside palace. Couldn't stand so sat on floor watching all the dancers. Sound came from every direction; very disoriented. After show found myself still sitting facing back(! )wall of venue. Ground scored an orange and 25 cents bus fare home. Thanks Owsley for the Wall of Sound.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Cow Palace, March 23, 1974

The sound and the music were amazing, despite being in the ever so aptly named Cow Palace.

Joined: Jun 30 2008
Hey Washoe Zephyr

Mothers Day in March?

Joined: Jun 11 2007
Free stuff

I remember walking up to the door and out in the lot were garbage cans full of 45's by the Dead, Zero, Robert Hunter, and maybe a few others. Still have them somewhere.

Gypsy Cowgirl's picture
Joined: Aug 14 2007
Cow Palace gig

I worked in the catering @ Winterland back then feeding the bands & @ this gig, too........just too much fun......just too much fun.......!

Dizz Quixote's picture
Joined: Mar 13 2009
My first G. D. Show!

Ber and I left Carbondale, IL that spring for a quick 2 week break to the west coast, in my old Int. Nat. Travel All van. Got to La Honda in a couple days, and spent a few days there. That afternoon, a friend showed up from Tucson, AZ with a shopping bag full of fresh buttons and a handful of tickets to that night's show at the Cow Palace. By the time we got there, I was a mile high, and jumped out of the van in front of the entrance, and didn't see any of my buds until I found the van in the parking lot after the show. I just jogged around until one of them saw me, and lassoed me. The band was playing as I entered, so I don't recall how much I missed, but we weren't very late, maybe missed the first one or two, max. The place seemed pretty full, but I could easily move around, and got all the different vantages incl. right below Jerry. Everyone was dancing. And the ceiling was melting. Great psycho oil/film effects. When the show was over, Bill came out on stage, and demanded that ALL LIGHTS BE TURNED ON. And that's when I first saw the magnitude of the "Wall of Sound". It truly went from wall to wall and to the ceiling. The band entered through a fake speaker at the bottom. The speakers went right into the cloud of hazy smoke. That's the first time I witnessed Bill's peerless ability. Later on, about 25 yrs. later, I shook the man's hand and thanked him for all the shows he had presented. I can't begin to count them all. Every one was wonderful. The man was a genius and The Dead were the best. I'll never forget this show, "Breakfast with The Dead" at US, and the Bill Graham mem. @ the Polo Field, where I caught a red carnation. This is my first post here at Dead.Net.
Dizz Quixote

Travelin' at the speed o' light.......

Joined: May 25 2010
Only show I ever saw where

Only show I ever saw where taping was not allowed.They were patting people down,for bottles and recording devices.I carried in my friends cheap tape recorder for him in the hood of my jacket,under my hair.They didn't look there. I never heard the tape. Incredible show,the sound system was stunning. Going out everyone in the hallways was mooing like cows .


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Cow Palace - March 23, 1974