Grateful Dead

The Omni - March 24, 1988

The Omni

March 24, 1988

Atlanta, GA US

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Set List:

Touch of Grey
Walkin' Blues
Queen Jane Approximately
It's All Over Now
Far From Me
Don't Ease Me In

Mississippi Half-Step
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin Station
I Need a Miracle
Wharf Rat
Turn on Your Love Light

Black Muddy River

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Attendees of this show

yjohnson2, mitchw41, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Hugo Fugazi, Melissaaaaa, Amy from New York, Archemedes, grateful_dano, crazylegs69, scoobiedew, Tennessee Wed, guitargerber, Jules N Binokulas, mattwise99, JCG III, MtnBB, IkoIko95, triman33, lundyw1, chipster1073, ohsograteful44, JohnL, chinarider420, jamescook, gainzer, ShawnaLeo, tumblintim, chad.e.buck, Janet Planet, stellablue07778, Phinnegan, rab66, bigriver909, deepsouthgent, hippydiver, thelahun, Geodye420, ChinaRider77, Trawick, dancingbear33, brummett68, nico11377, loser3323, WNCmtnman, CarrionCrow, Dpwilljr, WalkemJohnny, tcmarbles, mmtapeop, 123IBT, lotsofgreensmiles, clowncianz, justblue, Esparka, Chinacatpeekn43, greeksam78, DavAlan, shannycreek, darkstarcrashes, Barrtenderr, afineman, tpenn, Ramble-On Runner, zeekbythecreek12345, Darlene, andyd8519, Rolokid, i-know-you-rider68, likedasoup, stroukoa, seidelhd, jsginbull, dpito, Superman, Missing Jerry, johnny cobra, oxfordmsdeadhead, WillieB1969, Fred The Head, micah68, zebadya, cbchess, hippintrippy, haight, chdaws, sugarmag68, deadinpcbfla., Ceebod, alovours13, terrapintom, Folkways, Disco Stu, Zman420,, photoleon, skess64, LowE, bgoldberg, hardroxx, JHoler, VikkiM, shivaipa, happy0ne, lemond, paul41, SCDeadhead, alpine84, acacia, drummer0612, MagicPEZ, WALLMEISTER, lwebster, ladnarc, Jibboo, deadheadfrom76, chloecat, seaside66, gratefuljeff, Tennessee Tip, tomsned66, FrenchToast, Lostsailor86, voodoonola, NNJDEADHEAD68, zerwe, danceswithbears, harryz, The_Music_Danced_Me, BarefeetBob, L8dywithafan, rich65vwbus, KarmicEQ, BigBuffalo, A. Friend, beandog22, vmsmith, cepx, cub, Lodgecamp, SilverOwl, jimi864, Kuzen, WaywardBill, Doseme, cosmicloyed, Denali, Upstate NY,, kwoody77, anamchara, Hypnocracy, beckstei, Angularbanjo, Sleepy Monkey, doodaman, Mr.Skjellyfetti, mntgirl66, songsfrown, Duude, romp711, teamcram, Felix, JGonlygirlie, heady lamarr, potterfield11, deadfish, geriskids83, AndieIsAlthea, Yippierb, klaussmith, Gr8fulIra, jackandceleste, lisainpotown, jozeppy, scottymak, Rum Jungle, willdup, MoonshineCito, GDfan4ever, BlondeJim, TEADAWG, Geronimo1, DrBone, JERRYJEFF G., Josef, mary-sunshine, buz_73, slidebrain, badtpyist, jackerowe,, tpdaman, Tennessee Toolshed, greenagain, BHLawrence, Hambone69, Harpersedg, PearlyB, walkersmoon, terrybear, AikoBearzly, Findley, dharmagum, Cassidy_Sam, taperdave, stock, MovinGroovin, IkoIko65, wolfdrummer, JOEG, thump66, asperling, stellablu11, Cosmiccharlie, SugarLee, KTRIP, cosmictattoos, gr8fulgary, Cookbitch, larrybudd, mmolman, thefence, garseeya53, matilda, barksdale, darrrkstarrr-billy, SkookS, weallen, skrletbegonia, Tampa Red, jillstraw, eatapeach, riggamortis, weylan03, E S Crane, dharmadawg, PsillyJim, turnphilup, Oxfordcollegedropout, tripperb, Lake, grateful tar heel, Darkstargazin, rjtriana, fpellc, Gr8fulbluz, dschpan, philfan61, uncle crappy, grendel, GADEADHEAD, Duggles, Nude Eel, Steve in Singapore, boxorain62, johnnyg, tec-man, ratskrad, REK, Bozo Bus, Tom Banjo


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Joined: Feb 1 2008
Sold $600 worth of hand painted t's

My daughter Cassidy was born 2 weeks prior to this show, so missing my first Hampton show since '81, However i was able to recruit this "Southern-Belle", who believe it r not she was better looking than I. New mom could not stop the success of shirt sales, so off I went to one of my top 7 venues (actually 2) Hampton. Had not missed a show in Ga. from '8? to '91. After the show you could race helium balloons in the express elevators from lobby to 43rd floor.

Joined: Jun 14 2007
I/2 Step!!!

This was hands down the best Mississippi 1/2 Step ever played, and the jam in it may be the best pure guitar work i have ever heard from Jerry. Check it out if you can and want a true taste of why he was the best ever.

Joined: Jul 31 2011
Got a miracle!

The miracle of being inducted into the world of the Dead!
The bus came by and I got on... in every way!

seaside66's picture
Joined: Nov 28 2008
Sold $600 worth of hand painted t's

I think I bought 2 of them. lol - Lizards

Hugo Fugazi's picture
Joined: Jan 27 2012
Tidy Bowl

We always referred to this as the Tidy Bowl show due to the first indoor Quad. sound set-up and Healy's flash and flush effects throughout. Well, and some other incidents which shall remain secret.

We flew in on the Gooney Bird express. Not particularly a big scene. Got into the show quite early. The mellow nature of things really was impressive. It was like a giant cocktail party. Not sure I remember any other show where they served mixed drinks. People were hanging out everywhere with plastic stemware in true Southern style and comfort.

This 2nd set really kicks ass. Perfectly Southern in every way. The emotion is incredible with STRONG voice from the Jer Man. You know when you can hear the crowd this much on a board it was good. Half Step launches into an unreal LLR that works the quad sound like crazy at the end. Nice exploratory Terrapin into some drumz with some creepy voices etc. The Spaceship grabs another gear into truckin', leaving Bobby gawking at the sites of Hotlanta and forgetting the lyrics. He gets bailed out by Jer with Miracle into a nice Rat that terminates into Lovelight, where Bobby finally redeems himself in out-of-tune glory. BMR is a letdown, but what else is new.

Truly an amazing show and experience.

Hugo Fugazi's picture
Joined: Jan 27 2012

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mitchw41's picture
Joined: Nov 4 2012
My first show

First year of college. Drove up from Gainesville, FL with 2 buddies. Tripping hard and didn’t know that Drums > Space was a thing. So lost my mind a little at that point, haha. This night set me on my path as a Deadhead.

edit to add: my profile pic is from this show (credit to Robbi Cohn).


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The Omni - March 24, 1988