Grateful Dead

Dean Smith Center - March 24, 1993

Dean Smith Center

March 24, 1993

Chapel Hill, NC US

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sound check: Whiskey In The Jar, H. C. Sunshine, Lucy In The Sky - "Crazy Fingers" fake before "Box Of Rain"

Set List:

Jack Straw
Stagger Lee
Wang Dang Doodle
It Must Have Been the Roses
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Tennessee Jed
Let it Grow

Here Comes Sunshine
Playin' in the Band
Box of Rain
Crazy Fingers
Spanish Jam
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

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morst's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Feeding frenzy in the

Feeding frenzy in the taper's section on this occasion as Dan Healy put out a patch bay with something like 6 line feeds from the soundboard. I have never seen such a tangle of tape decks and wires! Great sets too, not very often in the later days of the GD did they ever play GDTR and NFA in a set- they were broken up by the Throwin' Stones, but still, a big treat to hear!
". . . Music is the best!" (fz)

Jacobsonic's picture
Joined: Jun 22 2007

This show was one of the last great shows I ever attended. The band was unstoppable. Crazy Fingers through to the end of the set was magic... not to say the whole thing wasn't great... but what a show. Tapes of this show are still in my rotation...

tpdaman's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
Todd, I miss Jerry! This

Todd, I miss Jerry! This show was my only "here comes sunshine" and it was truly monumental. Plus, I was seeing baby blue for three days. I loved it! Plus Ga Tech (MY TEAM)had just beaten UNC for the ACC title. I loved it!

Joined: Sep 26 2007
Saw both Chapel Hill shoes for free...

I was working in a pizza joint in Durham for a guy who lived in Chapel Hill, whose son was in the NC boys choir. Well, it turns out all the concession stands at the Dean Dome are run by non-profit volunteers, one of which was run ny the NC boys choir. I arrived hours early and boxed popcorn for a few hours, but basically had the run of the place after that because of my "Event Staff" pass. I remember being one of about ten people fortunate enough to see soundcheck..."Here comes Sunsine", "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". Are you kidding me? It was an incredible experience. I remeber feeling sorry for fans with regular tickets because security was really bad about fans being in the aisles... I however was free to roam, and saw both shows from about twenty different vantage points. Absolutely incredible! Dave G. , wherever you are, thanks for the experience of a lifetime.

"...said ya can't close the doors when the walls cave in..."

Joined: Jun 21 2007
no, our love will not fade away!

I left my sistah jessie and my part-time lover drew up in the balcony to venture downstairs with my precious floor ticket... I remember so well the rafters vibing when everyone was stomping out on "Not Fade Away" and I was screaming the words out in his direction.... after years of wandering and diverging, here we are now, married with 3 and never fading!

peace and love all ways,

Joined: Nov 14 2008
Had such a fun time

Had such a fun time traveling from D.C. to this show. Inside I met up with D.H. (if you ever read this I hope all's well, huge hug, peace and love). Went backstage with him right at the beginning of second set. Too incredible! Here Comes Sunshine! We were watching with awe from stage left when to my surprise Jerry looked over at us. I smiled huge and waved and Jerry smiled back. Yet another magically rockin' show I was lucky enough to experience. Forever grateful.

Joined: Jan 3 2009
Crosstown traffic

Traffic was so bad getting in to this show! We we're backed up for hours. I remember finally getting in and thinking opening "Let It Grow" was quite odd. Little did we know we had missed the entire first set!

Grateful Dale's picture
Joined: Apr 11 2009
My last show with Jerry.

This for me is an emotional show. This was the last I saw of the guys together before Jerry left us. I remember the music speaking to me on a different level that night yet I could not understanad why. Perhaps a cosmic gesture to look back on and smile. I only attended four shows in the NC area in those ten years between 83 and 93, but by this show I fully understood the impact that the GD had on me. I have since seen them in their other bands but nothing compares to those. I do love the fact that Warren Haynes will be with them again. He does an honorable job preserving Jerry's legacy through his interpretation of songs. I know Jerry will be there tommorow night in Greensboro looking in and smiling on us all. Peace!

Joined: Jun 8 2012
Demon Deacon in da' Dean Dome

Had the best time I have ever had in this place on this night. Had Sweet 16 tix the next night Wake vs Kentucky. I also had floor for the second night. Gave away the Dead tix and went to the sweet 16. BAD CALL! Mashburn had hit a like a million treys and I can remember are people screaming C-A-T-S, cats, cats cats. Had to learn the hard way and let pass by...

This night's second set was good.


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Dean Smith Center - March 24, 1993