Grateful Dead

The Omni - March 30, 1995

The Omni

March 30, 1995

Atlanta, GA US

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last "Schoolgirl": 08-21-93 [130] - "Beer Barrel Polka" tuning before "China Cat"

Set List:

Touch, Schoolgirl
Queen Jane
Loose Lucy
Broken Arrow
Easy Answers

China Cat>
I Know You Rider
L. L. Rain@
Samba, He's Gone>
Visions Of Johanna>
Throwing Stones>

Lucy In The Sky

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pantagruel's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
My last Dead show

Ultra poignant

Joined: Jun 21 2007
My last Grateful Dead show

St. Stephen59

64 shows in 12 states over 17 straight years. It seemed like the end at that time. The crowds were bigger and meaner.

iceninedawg's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007
Also, My Last Grateful Dead show

could not attend the first two shows of this run but through Grateful Dead mail-order, I got tickets for the last two shows of the run...on the 29th, mail order sent me pretty decent seats as always but was shocked to see that for the next night, the 30th, GDTS had sent me two floor seats, 12th row directly center stage...I could not believe it...for what turned out to be my LAST Grateful Dead show...unbelievably cool... was disappointed to see teleprompters on-stage so the boys could read and not have to remember the lyrics...kinda told me the end was near...great show, though especially knowing later that it was my last count, my show count ended at approx. 135 shows

sixstringsmoreorLesh's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
'what a long strange trip it's been'

tj crowley

this was the last time i saw Jer and the last time i saw my best friend (see 2nd Omni posting for explanation)my friend was supposed to pass fast but Fer beat him to friend called my in Pa. (had just moved to the Pocono Mountians -n.e.Pa) and he called saying 'hey wait a minute (he) am supposed to die and Jer does instead' .. my friend dies two days later..thnakyou Jer thnakyou Doug

Pard's picture
Joined: Dec 20 2007
Last Show

Ironically my 1st and last were at The Omni 3-30-89 and last 3-29-95 only a day apart for 6 great years. I live in Atlanta and saw that with my 3 best friends which was special. For some reason during Alabama Getaway we all looked at each other and it was like we all had the same feeling that we needed to treasure this. I got married 9 days later and didn't see the band again with him.

Joined: Apr 25 2009
last show

Johnny D. Cobra This was my last show went with my taper friends from charlotte and thought it was odd they hated bobby songs i know you rider and lucy in the sky were standouts had a green and a red bear along for the ride

Joined: Apr 26 2011
my last show

7/2/87 - 3/30/95
From high school to the beginning of my adult years, this show ended an era for me. LSD was the perfect encore - what a long strange trip it was.

BHLawrence's picture
Joined: Jun 22 2007
Also My Last Grateful Dead Show


Joined: Mar 26 2012
The Omni

I saw more shows at the Omni than any other venue. Based out of Nashville for my touring years, and the Omni was like my home arena. It was a unique place. The acoustics varied dramatically depending on where you were in the building, and even from year to year, A lot of times in the upper tier the sound was quite good, and you would be looking down on the band and it kind of felt like you were listening to a tape in your living room. But one tiny little thing that made the Omni special, pre-show and during set break, on some of the scrolling message boards in the arena,--which were probably where the scores of the Hawks games would be on a game night--they would put up Dead trivia questions. I doubt many people noticed them because you're usually just shuffling about pre-show and during the break, making your lap around the concourse running into your brothers and sisters. But my buddy and I always hung out watching the questions come by. One year I remember a question being "most played song at the Omni," and we were totally stumped, and it was Don't Ease. Not sure what year that was or if it was the case after '95. A lot of people seem to gripe about security issues in Atlanta, and the one year when Pres. Clinton was across the street speaking at some convention, it was a pretty interesting convergence of people, and security was tight. But for the most part, I always found the city to be a gracious host of the tour and always looked forward to spring tour there. One year, the mail order tickets had skeletons pitching and catching a baseball, and it said "Grateful Dead - Spring Training" on them. Those little touches you somehow remember 20+ years later, it was all part of the great experience I was lucky enough to be a part of during some carefree, innocent days in my life.

Joined: Nov 25 2008
My last Jerry show!!!!!!

For my last Jerry show and my last show at the Omni, I had floor tickets. I was 9th row, Phil side,. By the way does anyone have a copy of this show?


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The Omni - March 30, 1995