Grateful Dead

Desert Sky Pavilion - March 4, 1994

Desert Sky Pavilion

March 04, 1994

Phoenix, AZ US

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Set List:

Mississippi Half Step
Little Red Rooster
Ramble On Rose
Me And My Uncle
Big River
Bird Song
Promised Land

Looks Like Rain
Crazy Fingers
Estimated Prophet
I Need A Miracle
Black Peter
Throwing Stones


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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, Wilson1975, Atticstrophic, casinodead1, 1EyedCheshire, AzNiner, subdog, Gr8fulDon, Kev9056, Jenknox, Colleah, jimd6string, thedancinhanson's, Tennessee Wed, amybaggott, thirdflat, tblish, rikirikitini, TennesseeLarry, DeadheadJohn1, MikeyWeHa24, gdtfb684, mamajo422, customhds, BoxOfRainMan, RayDad, Brewrow, Bo Deen,, Joe Cat, pager333, Smiley53, Mosfed, chaseutley, dedhed1963, 84-95, SicMD, ivansbacon, MightandGlory13, hippiechick308, unklebear, mbunn789, Phinnegan, Dark4ng3l, Andy D in KC, jenniferandjenson, easy70wind, Rottenclam, patti969, radiator9987, Geodye420, gratefullydan, paintchip, alldayboulanger, wheelerman125, firegoof, Jackson2010, lazylightnin2, topherblunt, PrintIsBlood, bigtuna842, Zim, oldtourrat, smarcus, Iriecycle, dredileogirl, boombloom, niptotheair, PeggyO65, legalmist, RichardC89, sylverhare75,, gdtrfb27, Bob Layton, ocdeadbrian, drsweetleafs, bigjohn71, Topaz, SpentthenightinUtah, mojoman, the_other_Haze, DaveZ, kingsfishers, eep-hour, Norabelle, dolbeared, popeyeflyby, Qstick7, tatman, photogeek423, kid of Jerry, phreeang, tucson_john, robertbondjr, sddeadhead, mblake99, sommer breeze, Mikepla, Grateful_HERSH, lostdeadhead, FireWheel, Blysergic, EasyWind73, dovemab, zombie_wolf, lucky mahone, rockyj1319, waynesworld517, glpn, kcjoneslirr, Moschelle, ratterd, hardroxx, pearldiver069, m23, janeklightfoot, Wild Bill, goodlivin, tunetrader, Moobs, dknaturally, lwebster, AZJay1007, scottrost, deadheadii, dizz, kimbaelliott, dylan from canada, gratefuljeff, just vinny, ellisdee420, chefdannnyc, fleetwing, StillBill, Reya Sunshine, azlumpy, bongo-fury, grtfuldad, Denver Man, YFZ450, jimbo60, jaykuhles, Matthew in Salt Lake, tomjoad, tonisutter, Do lord deliver our kind, gonewild2, touchofgrey, anrumler, kevinbar, pozz420247, flipper, Eric skippy Swearingen, muffin, kambyman, wembly, tarapin, BoogieGirl, mandy, WaywardBill, hbaca, althea193, teachpeace, BlackBongThePirate, Shov39, exchef1, JonStraw, edigadee, ChicoNYC, BEGGERSPAY, darthvader, Yaybob, rcambere, scarletb, mysticwynter, Tenner, Monkey1991, gr8tfulandy, paintedmandolin71, Gr8fulDave, pyrorite, trippergore, jstange, deadheadland, dead_red, gr8fuldrew, olbloodnguts, half-a-milefromtucson, highvibe, jiadams76, mrgreg, Pufftuffphin, croc, jwiebe, Jon Weiner Photography, organicallymark, Valerie Stevenson, Bob_Who, justice, windidawn, juliefoster_az, dead2ns, August_West97, Patchouli, pendraggon, Stephen S Sharkey, giantnerd, bilee, AZdank, chefdave, Good Foote, Dire_Lobo, wj_kookmeyer, funboy, Jason68516, spacface, bigstevel88fly, kindveggiebagel, richthephotog, setbreak, Ouizzzl, Joshadelic, Dead-toast, stealyurface, PurpleRose, Cus, texasdragonfly, Spectrumvibe, scarletbegonia, KJ7XJ, Charlies_Pasture, dead4days, sbkesey, ecmitch, crazycatpeakin, bushpilot11, ludlow66, London-roses, Les Gibson, kb, warnold420, mmolman, wolff, Brough, ghfg, kiote, ZenNerd, DeadHdMike, DMG, Maggot Brain, pdb, Sunnydrop, toshchance, jamminred, fenario420, jayburg, dazebtween, jimsonil, kjg4020, W. is the Antichrist, Lee Drezz, Brian, bigbossman, OnTheRoadAgain, skioa, crazyfingers, 3altoids, Scottt, Doug, Joe B. Jones, synchronicity, Post N. Steiner, dreamtime, OthrOne


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ZenNerd's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
My first show.

Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile...

KJ7XJ's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007
Last Healy Shows

Was living in Tucson and was taping shows with friend from LA. We heard interview with Healy done for KXCI in Tucson. Many questions being brought up about letting anyone get soundboard feeds. Had no idea these would be his last shows...

Joined: Dec 19 2007

One of my bros and I got picked up in the lot no more than 3 minutes after arriving for felony possession. We spent 6 hours in the paddy wagon cuffed in a daisy chain to another 20 or so heads. No water, no bathroom break. One guy was tripping way hard and beat his head against the wall until he was unconscious. He stayed there until we got to Maricopa County jail. We spent the night in lockup. The only saving grace was that DeadHeads became the largest gang in the jail instantly. I've heard estimates that there were over 5000 arrested that weekend. Thanks Sheriff Joe Arpayo you jack booted fascist. I got out in time to catch the next two shows and loved every minute. The last song I ever saw them play was I Fought The Law.

Joined: May 31 2008
Desert Sky pavillion

Anyone remember the vacant lot that people camped in surrounded by a chain link fence? Anywhose I remember my first Rooster.. and Big River..

jamminred's picture
Joined: Jun 10 2007
These were the first set of

These were the first set of shows without Healy.

Joined: Nov 14 2009
my first show... sort of...

This was my third show... although.. it was my first that i had a place to sit.. good seats .. and instead of watchin' the crowd... i acutally watched the band this time.... good time and good memories...

just one more time.... is that to much???

texasdragonfly's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007
These were the first set of...

Actually jamminred these shows were Healy's last 3 shows...

Joined: Nov 4 2011
bbq with the fellas

well i screwed up on this one...had sky box tickets for the suns the night before the show..they were playing the lakers...Jerry was in the box...i didnt attend...then my dad set up a bbq after one of the shows...over at Vince's parents house..however i was too loaded to even check in with the folks...damn...drugs are a bad thing.


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Desert Sky Pavilion - March 4, 1994