Grateful Dead

Hartford Civic Center - May 10, 1980

Hartford Civic Center

May 10, 1980

Hartford, CT US

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last "Comes A Time": 02-09-79 [71]

Set List:

El Paso
Far From Me
Sailor> Saint

China Cat
I Know You Rider
Comes A Time
He's Gone
Uncle John
Sugar Magnolia

Saturday Night

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kuu's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Spring of 1980

seeing some shows prior to this one during the spring of 80 I had missed uncle johns. as the second set went on I thought I would have to wait again but.....this show is one my favorites

Joined: May 2 2015
First Show... and many more to come....

I was a college kid at UConn, just a freshman, studying Pharmacy!
I can't remember how or why I had a ticket to this show?!, I was more of a Allman Bros., Marshall Tucker fan at the time.
I picked up a hitchhiker (which was commonplace at the time) as he looked like he was headed for the show. He dosed me with mescaline which was a very kind deed!
I had no expectations, or pre-conceived notions... Go To Heaven had just been released and I liked the songs.
The scene was very strange as I recall, and my head was in a place it had never been (first trip as well!)
I loved every minute of the show and was totally struck by Garcia who was the opposite of a rock star... a hefty man in a black shirt, a scruffy beard, who didn't interact with the crowd... well not verbally. But his guitar was sweet and kind!

The next morning I had a BioChem final at UConn... which was a total joke... I was still in trip mode, and the test questions just didn't make sense!!

I did make it through pharmacy school, passed my boards and all is good! I saw Garcia about 50 more times along the way.
I will be at Dear Jerry at Merriweather in two weeks... almost 35 years later to the date!


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Hartford Civic Center - May 10, 1980