Grateful Dead

Frost Amphitheatre - May 11, 1986

Frost Amphitheatre

May 11, 1986

Palo Alto, CA US

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FM broadcast KZSU-Palo Alto*)

Set List:

Gimme Some Lovin'
Dancin' in the Streets
Good Time Blues
Iko Iko
My Brother Esau
It Must Have Been the Roses
Might As Well

Samson and Delilah
Crazy Fingers
He's Gone
Smokestack Lightnin'
The Other One
Comes a Time
Around and Around
Not Fade Away

I Need a Miracle
U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, Amy from New York, jamessoai, flevitan, msharvey, sanka4u, julex, crunchyfrog, nitecat, lafingh2o, Dealin' Dave, cheifbroom, hockey_john, jonney, hoggan300, jojomosgo, snafu, Phinnegan, Sugarmagkauai, shrinkrap50, minutemouse, quick68, stuart walker, gregantonioli, bubu13, grateful hawaiian, davidadoan, Dolabella, smarcus, rustyherb, jimpeckham, darkstarcrashes, peterBud, tpenn, zeekbythecreek12345, SurfSurfer, Flickster, bml140, alovours13, 10.000Mic_Johnson, MillValleyGirl, Heynow from The Well, rpdugoni, kimdance, whipple, sdiggs40, Oldneumanntapr, mcrosno, flach77, 86Hamptons, LadyoftheIsland, spaceyoface, gr8fulcraig, Susie Q, Mick Flaire, moses, guitarman93061, Frenchmb, hoffmnj, dedahed, Indicator, MissReddin, wsp420, jlg3rd, rami, red feather, gammalyte, hippiedino, poghmahone, WaywardBill, Upstate NY, blainecole, whitebird, Markdm, DissN00, BertRei, SF_328, ginsu710, NickPannozzo, SCNDirector, johnnybgoode, GratefulGary420, ketch22, jdascout, wolfreb, jdarr, rebel61aka goin2hlnabuckt, laura.christine, Skjellyfetti, GreensAndNettles, dhmikeo, eddpao, Rum Jungle, tommygutt, bshaky256, weird72, Valerie Stevenson, treesdream, BlondeJim, jpjp, Michael Sofris, Josef, mary-sunshine, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, Yoach, misngfingr, thfalk, Walstib, threesaints2003, therobthompson, JohnDillinger, Dire Wolff, wharfrat8199, Barbara, Ouizzzl, hedarobi5, rlrs, ibewbro, kenco, graymatter, That Treb Guy, Terrapin_Tommy, dead4days, bshawlang, cutter, juicediva, Darxtar, wolff, garrynet, misujry, tahoejimbo420, Kawika, Tom Thumb, Staggerlee, gilco, cthone, gratefulygroovin, NorthwestMichael, mksmith, JayLif, drchampagne, dalton, bkind-fg2all, saysetha, jaycap, tonstar, NYsteve, Hank Stamper, 1gratefuldad, Far-L, UncleWaldo, Hlpslpfrnk, dannyclark1966, DrkStr, sklnrzs, radar, crazyfingers, spam, bradleyg, mandala, Post N. Steiner, dreamtime, jprisco


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rebel61aka goin2hlnabuckt's picture
Joined: Aug 13 2007
Mothers Day

I was in the parking lot with more bansai trees and the cops thought I was insane...they were sure I was selling different green the end..I sold a cop one of my nicest trees for $40...I called my Mom at a payphone 3 blocks from the venue...she knows Im

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Sad to say

sad to say i do not think I called home for mothers day for a few years back then.Not because I did not love her but because was waaaaaaaaaaaaay to caught up in the scene here. Loved this place and so did the band, at least I think they loved the place.
We would go to sizzle after these shows seems every year. Then was party time . Loved the ealry afternoon start times of Cali shows.


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Frost Amphitheatre - May 11, 1986