Grateful Dead

Greek Theatre - May 22, 1982

Greek Theatre

May 22, 1982

Berkeley, CA US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
Tennessee Jed
New Minglewood Blues
Cumberland Blues
Lazy Lightnin'

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Good Time Blues
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance
He's Gone
Not Fade Away
Wharf Rat
Around and Around
Good Lovin'

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, bosbruin4, papainferno, jamessoai, sanka4u, kmcmullen2264, nitecat, McDuff61, normk58, pshep, MDB52, Matty13, halldancer, SunRayHawk, Old Nughuffer, andychatfield, Red Square, snafu, Calif Bill, Sugarmagkauai, shrinkrap50, diatom, nealbwhite, blake wood, ChinaRider77, ocean, bubu13, scootertot, Sustainabill, grateful hawaiian, friskie, mmtapeop, ice cream sue, magicchef, oldbullthrower, rustyherb, Dancin Dave, HowlinHippie, Pamie, bncasey744, ForrestInFallbrook, a_Wolf_in_Paradise, zeekbythecreek12345, AlaskaDeadHead1, deadredhead, johnburton, gascap13, digitunes, zombie_wolf, gjs56, Lex Luthers Mom, pat L, hbajams, kimdance, tcrider, amusingdeva, mcrosno, twinklyeyes, cool colo. rain, jonod, stilljammin, 4 Rivers, Susie Q, Mick Flaire, joe_oppenheimer, bucks yellow-van, jimbro57, Uptown Tommy D, guitarmanbilly, deserthippie, Missi Lynn, kimbo, Reefer Gladness, britty, MissReddin, wsp420, jlg3rd, ejfan319, red feather, mornin_dew, MichaelCR, Rainbowjohn, poghmahone, bucks-yellow van, shiney mike, kgetta, WaywardBill, whitebird, foxtail, corrycorry2005, Sven DiMilo, cschimmel, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, padrig, rlTripp, NickPannozzo, friskotatt2, saint michael, fatmanrocks, DennisTheMenace, ketch22, FattyMatty, jdascout, Traceling, musickatman, westking101, Gypsy Cowgirl, roadsterspl311, ravenward, grapefuldave, laura.christine, Skjellyfetti, West.August, dgsegal, eddpao, jolie, heliotroupe, Rum Jungle, Grateful Ned, Valerie Stevenson, john888, spinyn, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, fishnow, Walstib, threesaints2003, mustawas, JohnDillinger, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, lafingh2o, unclebearzo, johnieappel, Ouizzzl, hedarobi5, rlrs, micgram1999, lucia dillon, robcork, kenco, That Treb Guy, dead4days, Stellas girl, Straw, Wino, CR, cutter, juicediva, wolff, misujry, lavacountry, theotherDan, Tom Thumb, Dave Matlick, Barch, wavesonsand, JayLif, drchampagne, paisley, Wendy, geostrong, zygster, rleeb727, Far-L, Radon Denada, The Reverend, DrkStr, marlo, garyfish, radar, Jackaroses, gnevens, Greg MQ, rosebody, mandala, Post N. Steiner, dreamtime, rowJerry, rodger allinson, almanac, heyhay3,, jprisco, Sueshi, marye


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Joined: Jun 2 2007
Another fine show at the

Another fine show at the Greek, despite Jerry singing a bare three songs in the second set. My strongest memory actually is dancing during the drums, which not everyone did but seemed appropriate on this show.

"It's always a nice day for a blessing"

lamagonzo (not verified)
1st Greek

My firstGreek, livin in Bezerkley at the time. BGP is too overbearing. Fuck BGP, no love for Uncle BoBo.

FattyMatty's picture
Joined: Sep 4 2007
My First Show!

I didn't know who the boys were when I arrived at this show, I was 15 years old and it was my 8th concert ever.


My life changed, and the long list of shows I saw following continue to change my life.

The Greek in Berkeley is a BEAUTIFUL venue. The tiedye backdrop was as fat as it was every time there.

We waited only for an hour before the show to get in. This would prove to be the latest I ever showed up for a session with the boys.

My most vivid memory of this show is that I met Bill Graham that day, I was sitting up on the back of one of the stone chairs that ring the greek in a row. Bill's tapping me on the back telling me to "Get the f*** down you dummy, who the f*** do you think you are, you might get hurt." (He was right, for an adult.)

I looked around, recognized him immediately, promptly jumped down, and maybe surprising him a little, straightened up, brushed myself off, and formally introduced myself, as did he, we shook hands honestly, and every time I saw him after that, a good 20 times, he recognized me with a wink or a wave, or a few words.

He was a loud extrovert when he's managing a show no doubt, and typically not out to make friends by my and most accounts. But an ooh too brief backstage spliff with Bill and Bobby at Oakland Coliseum in 1990 showed me his good side for sure. A very cool cat, and we owe him and Chet Helms A LOT.

The Greek will always remain in my heart as the place that Jerry and the boys first taught me their important lesson about music.


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Greek Theatre - May 22, 1982