Grateful Dead

Campus Stadium - May 25, 1974

Campus Stadium

May 25, 1974

Santa Barbara, CA US

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5 beat "BIODTL" - "Beer Barrel Polka" tuning before "Sugar Magnolia" - also: Maria Muldaur; Great American String Band; Elvin Bishop - 10:00 AM

Set List:

U.S. Blues
Mexicali Blues
Jack Straw
Scarlet Begonias
Beat it on Down the Line
Brown Eyed Women
Me and My Uncle
El Paso
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Around and Around

Promised Land
Ship of Fools
Big River
Tennessee Jed
Let it Grow
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
One More Saturday Night

Casey Jones

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Joined: Mar 11 2010

Its like this folks.......we got there late at night and camped on the grass next to the stadium.They hit us with the sprinklers[intentionally,of course]then got in line in the a.m.Past the sign that said "cameras strictly forbidden"[dean]then through the tunnel out onto the field,turn left and wow,yellow umbrellas and speakers.We thought we were gonna play in the super bowl and ya know what?......we did.Ran toward the endzone and got stopped at the 20 yard line.I guess my wh and neverole trip here is to say that the acoustic set not only wouldve burned off the pioneers ears but wouldve blown them out of there covered wagons.A most if not thee most remarkable acheivment in american music history and I want the dead to get credit for it.We will hold this close to our hearts and never let go.....thanks jerry.

Joined: Apr 24 2008
Maria Muldaur and US Blues

As already mentioned, it was a beautiful day in Santa Barbara. First time seeing Maria Muldaur...loved Midnight at the Oasis.

Jerry had shaved. Very cool US Blues to open. Just a great day.
I remember tables set up to the side of the crowd with those square cards depicting the Compliments of Garcia Album cover.

Joined: Mar 11 2010

Drool........we tried to reach up to the tables to get those cards and got our hands smacked.Mean people who put those cards out........real meanies!

Joined: Mar 11 2010
just kidding

we missed those cards.....[head hanging down]

Joined: Jun 11 2009

A huge banner was drapped at the top of the stadium which read "NO DRUGS". Well, the orange was already in...don't remeber too much about this show except I know I had a great time!

peetstr50's picture
Joined: Jun 25 2009
Santa Barbara-The BEST Place 2 See the Dead Along With Ventura

Told my parents I was going to go the mountains in Los Padres National Forest with an old grade school buddy Gary Garcia - Well, it was a LITTLE white lie - I went with Gary to see Jerry! lol
First Dead show.....Temps in the mid-90's with NO breeze coming off the ocean that was right behind UC Campus, weird.....did not expect to see a sound system like that, incredibly cheerful people, friendly & beautiful ladies, people lighting up hooters and sharing....."Wow! This is MY kind of rock 'n roll crowd!" is what I kept saying to my buddy Gary and myself.
And the music? Well, cowboy, these songs were right up my alley. I remember Mexicali Blues, Deal, Scarlet Begonias (the ladies were LOVIN' that one), Me & My Uncle, El Paso (Wha? A Marty Robbins song! Hot Digggidy!) and I was blown away by Big River and the Truckin' jam into other songs.
The next show would be in Los Angeles. Woah, what a DIFFERENT vibe THAT town had towards the Grateful Dead and it was NOT a positive one, see my accountof the awesome 15Oct76 show at the Shrine Auditorium, but's that's another story.....

Joined: Apr 27 2008
A Monster Show!!!!

At the top of this page, Notes: shows Maria Muldaur; Great American String Band; Elvin Bishop - 10:00 AM. Elvin Bishop was either a no-show or was not actually scheduled for this date. I don't remember the concert ad for this show, so I can't say whether he actually was scheduled or not. At that time I was starting to like his music and musicianship quite a bit.
We slept on the pavement in the parking lot in our sleeping bags, got up early and made a great breakfast on the ol' Coleman, then went and got into the incredibly huge line of deadheads partying their asses off droppin' acid, eating Peyote buttons, shrooms, smokin' the best and waiting in the intense heat for the gate to open.
Once the music started it was kicked off with Maria Muldaur. She even sang Midnight at the Oasis. Her guitarist's solo in the song was incredible. The intense heat, and probably highs made "a lot" of people get completely undressed. I would say the temperature could easily have been between 105-108 degrees. This was probably one of the Dead's smokin'est performances I've ever been at. The Dead's sound and performance was incredible. We never wanted the music to stop.

stuart walker's picture
Joined: Dec 11 2010
YES, My first show!!!

You would not believe how incredible this was for me.

LonoTheOno's picture
Joined: Sep 9 2014
My first Dead show, what a deal!

It's funny, very few of my high school friends in LA were into the Dead, and I was 20 before I finally got to see them live. For a first show, this was grand entirely. The day was beautiful, I was a sun-dog anyway, so I didn't burn, and that on-shore breeze from behind our backs was a pure delight. I remember being awestruck several times over- The beauty of the day, the grooviness of the crowd (yes, I said GROOVINESS), that fucking Wall Of Sound that reached up to Heaven, and of course, the guys and the music. I came away with the definite feeling that I'd found my band. I think I saw them at least once every West Coast tour they made after that until '83, when I moved to Oregon. After that, they had to come up and see me, which they did, several times. A couple of New Year's Eve stands, a few away trips (Vegas? You gotta be kidding me!), the US Festival (10AM show time, and 105F before Noon), the 2nd Oregon Country Field Trip, some 50-odd shows near as I can figure out. I sure am glad I could make it. Thanks everyone. Love ya.

LonoTheOno's picture
Joined: Sep 9 2014
Memory? What's that?

I just read a post a few ahead of mine, and he didn't remember any sea breeze at all. Don't listen to me, I was probably high, or maybe now. I guess I should have just said I was there, and left it at that, all the rest is a big, multi-colored, swirling cloud of impressions. Like most of my Dead show memories, to tell the truth.


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Campus Stadium - May 25, 1974