Grateful Dead

Seattle Center Memorial Stadium - May 25, 1995

Seattle Center Memorial Stadium

May 25, 1995

Seattle, WA US

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final "Wheel"

Set List:

El Paso@
Tennessee Jed

Foolish Heart
He's Gone>
Throwing Stones>

Mighty Quinn

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Joined: Jun 20 2007
Mid-run show

Went to this show thinking, for some reason, that this would be my last chance. Had to choose one of three, figured first night would be a little tentative, third night would be the 'see-ya-later-we've-been-here-too-long' show, second night would be the settled-in show so picked the second night. Good choice. The third night is the most mentioned show of the three, especially the song selection, but as for the performances night number two is the winner. The Stranger has a long and fascinating jam, Schoolgirl was very unexpected and welcome, although can't say much for the new arrangement. Peggy-O is long and well played, Tennessee is a notable version and Cassidy is excellent. Foolish Heart is the best song of the show, very very long jam and well done too. Victim, never liked it. Samba I did like, could have been a classic (never mind the lyrics) but Jerry never got his head 'round the tune. Could have been a long long long jam tune but he never caught on to the changes. He's Gone was neither memorable or forgettable, an average version. Drums/Space was incredible, best I've ever seen/heard, at times felt like I was 'falling up'. Mickey was overcome afterward, literally falling into different backstage folks' arms with joy, very memorable and one for the ages. The Wheel (didn't know it was the last one until today) was decent. Another Stones>Fade. This Throwing Stones was actually very good now that I think about it. One of the better ones actually. NFA I can do without, pretty much since 1971, although 1974 had a few memorable versions. Mighty Quinn, also can do without, not a good choice for a cover, or an encore. Good show. I have a very nice aud version if anyone wants to swap.

Humboldt JennyB's picture
Joined: May 15 2011
Best show of 95. Hands

Best show of 95. Hands down. Last time I saw Jerry. Some friends of mine had two sections of the upper deck covered with tie dye cause they were pitching the huge tie dyes they had for the band to use for the upcoming summer tour.
these guy were dressed in skeleton glowing body suits, were standing about 20 rows apart. One above the other and had rainbow slinkies from one to the other to give the marionette effect for the entire show. Completely puddled I was and lucky to be kicking it with them cause it sure seemed like Jerry was watching us. Life changing night for me and the end of 4 years of tour.


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Seattle Center Memorial Stadium - May 25, 1995