Grateful Dead

Moscone Convention Center - May 28, 1982

Moscone Convention Center

May 28, 1982

San Francisco, CA US

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with Airto Moreira - Vietnam Vets benefit - lineup: Country Joe; GD; Jefferson Starship - only "A Mind To Give Up Livin" - last "Walking Blues": 10-07-66 [1297]

Set List:

Alabama Getaway
Greatest Story Ever Told
Little Red Rooster
Tennessee Jed
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Not Fade Away

Walkin' Blues
A Mind to Give Up Livin'
Turn on Your Love Light
Johnny B. Goode

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Joined: Jun 2 2007
Ah yes ... the first

Ah yes ... the first "Walkin' Blues" of the Bobby era.

First of all, the Moscone was a terrible place for a concert: a large underground concrete hall. No natural light once you were in the auditorium, horrible echo, and completely flat -- which meant no real visibility of the band(s). My tape of this show has mediocre sound quality, poor mixing in parts, and proceeds to be even worse for the Boz section, which doesn't help.

My memory of the actual event was one of waiting for things to get more interesting without that ever really happening. Having been to the Greeks the week before, my hopes understandably ran high. Instead, the band was distant, the sound abominably echoey, and it was over far too soon. I couldn't make out what Boz was singing or who was on stage.

More memorable perhaps was Country Joe revamping the "I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag" with "Teheran" for the original version's "Vietnam". Lastly was the Jefferson Starship, performing their various hits and material from MODERN TIMES. A couple years later, Grace Slick pronounced herself too old to have long hair anymore. 1982 was, in a way, the last of those days.

"It's always a nice day for a blessing"

Joined: Jun 2 2007

I should also have mentioned that the Moscone Center had all the architectural charm of your average airport -- complete with escalators

"It's always a nice day for a blessing"

Joined: May 31 2008
Not a great one

I remember that John Cippolina got up to sit in and the sound mixer took forever to find him.

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Horrible Venue, Fun Event!

Horrible Place for a concert. Maybe the worst soundwise. But I remember having a blast!

Joined: Apr 21 2013
My first dead show!

...i went anticipatingly to this concert as my first Grateful Dead Show experience even tho it wasn't a bone-a-fied dead show. Weird for a varity of reasons and i could be wrong but there was a fight at the door upon exiting the venue at the end of the show over ticket stubs not being returned as was promised in the beginning when they were withheld. a few sips off a boda bad containing electronic tea didn't seem to deter the miss but my elder Dead Head buddies delight over the return of "love Lights" was contagiouse and when i finally started to loosen up was over! i remember thinking ..."i'll have to do this again untill i get it right"

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Moscone show

I had fun rolling a joint in the bathroom

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I second jprisco’s take on

I second jprisco’s take on the venue, it drove me and my girlfriend to claustrophobia. No place for so many people to enjoy the Walkin' Blues. I’m glad I wasn’t 21 yet so at least I waited for something with a punch the show came to an end. The letdown was bearable is what I’m saying.

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Moscone Convention Center - May 28, 1982