Grateful Dead

Field House - May 3, 1970

Field House

May 03, 1970

Middletown, CT US

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also: NRPS

Set List:

Workin' Man Blues
I Don't Know You
Last Lonely Eagle
Truck Drivin' Man
Fair Chance To Know

Me And My Uncle
New Speedway Boogie
Drums > Good Lovin' > Drums > Jam > Good Lovin'
Dire Wolf
Don't Ease Me In
Turn On Your Lovelight > The Main Ten Jam > Uncle John's Band > Turn On Your Lovelight

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show- May 3, 1970

Wrong city - this is actually the date of the outdoor show at the practice fields (Field House) at Wesleyan University (Barlow's alma mater?) in Middletown, Conneticut. I know because it was the first show I ever saw. NRPS (with Jerry on pedal steel), then acoustic set (great Black Peter), then electric set. Not more than 2 or 3 thousand in attendance. It was great and I was hooked

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This show was recorded from

This show was recorded from the audience. A tape has surfaced, which was apparently some kind of sociology class project. While the recording might seem unlistenable to some ears, I actually find it quite fascinating, and extremely enjoyable.

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Great Free Show

I don't remember how I heard about this show. I hitchhiked up from New Haven with a friend who was going to go to Wesleyan in the fall. Maybe he got word somehow. Anyway, I heard they had a day off and wanted to play somewhere. I mostly remember how casual the whole thing was - they just set up on the grass. Very cool to be that close to them. Pig Pen really rocked, a force of nature.

Yeah, I'm sure any tape of this show would be rough, but I'd love to hear it. I think this was just the second time I saw them, the first being Montreal Expo 8/6/67 with Jefferson Airplane, a mind-blowing thrill.

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a fun concert

They showed up late and the Hog Farm was handing out balls of brown rice. Someone else was handing out little purple pills. I got on stage with the Intergalactic kazoo band before the dead arrived. Lots of fun until the stage dissolved! At some point towards the end of the show some guy climbed way up in a pine tree and lit a candle. I always wondered if that's where the lyric "some folks up in tree tops" came from.

That was also the day of the Bobby seal protests in New Haven and a bunch of people who were tear gassed in New Haven got help cleaning their eyes out.

I was still in high school


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Field House - May 3, 1970