Grateful Dead

Frost Amphitheatre - May 3, 1987

Frost Amphitheatre

May 03, 1987

Palo Alto, CA US

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"Little Bunny Foo-Foo" tuning with vocals by Brent before "Peggy-O" - FM broadcast KZSU-Palo Alto

Set List:

Touch of Grey
Promised Land
Row Jimmy
Good Time Blues
Don't Ease Me In

Iko Iko
Feel Like a Stranger
Ship of Fools
Estimated Prophet
The Other One
Black Peter
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away
Quinn the Eskimo

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, Amy from New York, Tasfa Potumba, JennD, dbdweller, AIMScto, dahainer, jamessoai, msharvey, sanka4u, julex, crunchyfrog, nitecat, lafingh2o, toddwpearson, Dealin' Dave, Otto Pylot, MDB52, rlrs, cheifbroom, crazy4golf2003, hockey_john, jimbahan, katluvsblues, hoggan300, andychatfield, snafu, Phinnegan, Calif Bill, Sugarmagkauai, shrinkrap50, quick68, AlpineValley81, stuart walker, RayDad, ChinaRider77, gregantonioli, FatherTime, bubu13, Sustainabill, RobBob, grateful hawaiian, davidadoan, nipsyhustle, smarcus, magicchef, rustyherb, darkstarcrashes, peterBud, esau54, ocdeadbrian, Kblair, eep-hour, Boris90, AlaskaDeadHead1, WILD CHILD, Tahoe_Lempster, alovours13, 10.000Mic_Johnson, 4everagratefuldeadhead, digitunes, Heynow from The Well, Stella Bleu, ChantalAndGeorge, kimdance, tcrider, sdiggs40, mcrosno, MagicPEZ, LadyoftheIsland, gr8fldoc, Front Row Jerry Side, Mick Flaire, moses, guitarman93061, tomsned66, hoffmnj, NNJDEADHEAD68, dedahed, MissReddin, cothrex13, The_Music_Danced_Me, wsp420, cosmic_skye, tattoohippy, rami, Sleepingdragon777, Jimmy C., gammalyte, poghmahone, shiney mike, WaywardBill, Upstate NY, teachpeace, jgminerals, Markdm, nonjim, Sleepy Monkey, thndrbill, BertRei, ginsu710, NickPannozzo, SCNDirector, GratefulGary420, romp711, ketch22, jdarr, Gypsy Cowgirl, laura.christine, Skjellyfetti, hippomon, GreensAndNettles, Violaleeblue, eddpao, sequoiadean, lisainpotown, biggsdeadfan, tommygutt, rreid, jbecan, Valerie Stevenson, treesdream, BlondeJim, Michael Sofris, Josef, mary-sunshine, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, badtpyist, bdpalace, Yoach, misngfingr, thfalk, Walstib, threesaints2003, JohnDillinger, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, wharfrat8199, Barbara, Ouizzzl, Bob Minkin, taz buddddy, WHERE DO THEY COME FROM---- WHAT DO THEY MEAN, MovinGroovin, kenco, graymatter, That Treb Guy, Terrapin_Tommy, dead4days, Straw, budculbertson, bshawlang, cutter, juicediva, warnold420, wolff, garrynet, misujry, tahoejimbo420, Tom Thumb, scamperoni, Staggerlee, Barch, gratefulygroovin, NorthwestMichael, JayLif, drchampagne, Zomby D Wulf, dalton, paisley, kezardead, tramp, zygster, rleeb727, bozospace, themusicarchive, Far-L, UncleWaldo, Hlpslpfrnk, dannyclark1966, crazyfingers, cpousen, Zippatron, Teedawg, bradleyg, mandala, Bruce Rogers, dreamtime


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Joined: Apr 5 2011

Happy hollidays, just got jerry/hunter song book in the mail today, very nice

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Little bunny

Is funny how somedays I can recall so much from the past yet never remember Brent singing little bunny foo foo. Then again I was in arippin fight with the girlfriend at these 2 shows. We never got along all that much after this weekend. To bad because she is a real nice girl. Good time blues is fun though I know I thought at the time I can't trust here and wam we got the good times

Dpwilljr's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2010
Bunny Foo Foo

Good show. Sirius GD playing board of show in it's entirety now. With the exception of Little Bunny Foo-Foo, Jerry plays back to back songs in the first set. Rare at the time.


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Frost Amphitheatre - May 3, 1987