Grateful Dead

Polo Field - May 7, 1969

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Polo Field

May 07, 1969

San Francisco, CA US

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order uncertain - Bill Kreutzmann's 22nd birthday - afternoon concert - also: Jefferson Airplane

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Joined: Feb 11 2008
I remember this one well, as

I remember this one well, as my partner Roger "Ramjet" Wheeler filmed it
on 8mm movie film, wish I could relocate him, last I heard he had
an foriegn car repair shop in Sacramento. I also got real drunk on
Red Mountain Vin Rose' and had a free love session with some gal right in the middle of the crowd and there was alot of people taking pictures of it. I remember seeing Grace Slick sitting in their band's step van snorting coke with the Angels surrounding
the van. It was a good early dead show along with the Airplane.
Roger Ramjet got some real good filming of the Dead up close.
It paid off being good friends with Angels...........

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Joined: Aug 14 2007
Hells Angels.......

how funny, your comments-Budleyak, yes being friends with the HA is much better than not being friends. They were always like my big brothers.......Happy Trails, Gypsy Cowgirl

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Joined: Aug 14 2007

ps-we went to the park so much back then, I must've gone to this show-just dates are too foggy now........too much fun as a teenager

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Joined: Feb 19 2011
I was spoiled sweetly

Being born and mostly raised in S.F. and having family roots of 5 generations, I would as a kid, being very influenced by slightly older friends be led to places, either polo fields, speedway meadows, down to the beach or Kezar or where ever and end up with some of the best memories, I am so thankful for all the wonderful people, who even wonderfully stoned, looked out for us younger ones in the midst of magic!

Joined: Jul 25 2011
I think I was there!

Is this the show where Steve Miller and Charlie Musselwhite were also on the bill with the Dead and Jefferson Airplane. I think I have pictures of Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia, I'll go look for them. DaddioEliot

Joined: Aug 5 2012
The Polo Fields show 5/7/69

I was there all the way. It was the last day of school at Grant High School in Oakland, and like fours cars of us left together from the school fgor the show and miraculously reunited. Red Mountain Burgundy @ $1.49/Gallon (!) was brought and passed around, along with much pot. As I (hazily) remember, the Airplane opened with a several hour set, followed by the Dead who returned with like nearly FOUR HOURS non stop. One of the more memorable shows, despite the impaired condition and the fact that I was 16 at the time! I'll be 60 this year if I make it 'til December, and just had the privilege of playing at a Jerry 70th birthday celebration here in Northampton, MA 43 years later!!! The message continues!!! Peace................

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Grateful Dead Live at Polo

Grateful Dead Live at Polo Field - Golden Gate Park on 1969-05-07 - Grateful Dead
Set 1 Me And My Uncle Instrumental Jam Cryptical Envelopment -> Drums -> The Other One -> Smokestack Lightning Good Lovin' Dark Star -> Drums -> Turn On Your Love Light

Jefferson Airplane set

The other side of this life,Somebody to love,The farm ,greasy heart, Good Shepard, plastic fanatsitc lover ,Voulenteers, white rabit,wont you try saturday afternoon. jam ..


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Polo Field - May 7, 1969