Grateful Dead

Meadowlands Arena - November 10, 1985

Meadowlands Arena

November 10, 1985

East Rutherford, NJ US

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Set List:

Touch of Grey
Hell in a Bucket
Stagger Lee
It's All Over Now
Row Jimmy
Feel Like a Stranger

Mississippi Half-Step
I Know You Rider
Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
Comes a Time
Around and Around
Good Lovin'

Baby Blue

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Attendees of this show

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Joined: Jun 13 2007



Joined: Jun 29 2007
birthday show

This was my sweetie's birthday! What a great,full, birthday show! We were on tour big time in 1985, but would'nt you know it, we were in Oregon at home, picking mushrooms out in the fields on this day! I picked sooo many, I could hear them popping up from the ground! :) He has a great tape of the show, though.
peace through music

GaryHartman's picture
Joined: Jul 4 2007
Gate crasher

ok...............I am guilty of this......Just this once..........and I did not crash the opened to let a car out.....and i went threw along with 50 other deadheads.
I was at the Giant game in the afternoon and my brother and I had THOUGHT we could scalp tickets to the show afterwards.......NOT!!
Once thru the gate..... i had 20 dollar bill under my giant ticket stub........hoping the ticket guy would let me in......
Just then....a side door flew open and let us ticketless heads in.
The Giants did win

Joined: Jul 23 2007
This was my first show!!!

This was my first show!!! Great setlist with some nice jams. Sone "commercial" tunes for the newbie. I was instantly hooked!!

Jay E. Auerbach, Esq.
Hollywood, FL

gatzapaul's picture
Joined: Jan 11 2009
Half Step-->Rider

Nice twist to open set 2. Supplication Jam was just right for the groove we were on.

Deadwhiteandblu's picture
Joined: May 3 2010
The Famed break in show!!

This is the one the infamous break in show. And for me the only time I broke into a show. People were jumping the fence everywhere. Someone popped the door from the inside, got in,wlked casual...lights dim...Touch of grey breaks out, the place erupts!!!

Goose bumps just telling the story

Joined: Feb 4 2011
frogers best friend

frogers best friend

Joined: Feb 4 2011
this was a great freakin

this was a great freakin show acouple weeks before they did china cat cumberland and i saw every show till they finished with 1/2 step rider longest jam in history i remember mark askin jg if they were gonna finish all jg would say is will see i miss jerry so much

Joined: Jul 18 2011
One and only time I scammed into a show!

I remember my then-boyfriend and I could afford a set of tickets for only one of the shows. When they arrived by mail, I realized I could get creative and make a pair for the second night. My address had been printed on the same paper stock as the ticket (and there was another one that was the receipt). This was back in the old days of typewriters ... I carefully erased all the print, and the IBM Selectric at my office had a type ball that closely matched the typeface on the real tickets. I recreated a set of tickets for the other night (I still remember typing "DON LAW PRESENTS"), and they worked! Made it worth the drive from Boston to NJ. This was back before scanners at the door -- that would never fly these days!

That was kind of the highlight of the show. There was a weird vibe at the Meadowlands ... not mellow, kind of unsafe-feeling ... I had attended groovy, beautiful outdoor shows that summer, and the harshy-lit arena and hostile NYC atmosphere cast a scary and depressing pall over the shows. So I'd have to say those were my LEAST favorite shows of all that I attended! (Maybe it was karmic payback for the fake tickets!)

JaqueStrap's picture
Joined: Dec 14 2007
A good friend of ours had a

A good friend of ours had a real bad time and got the crap beat out of him by security . Needless to say we missed half this show Bummer last song I remember was I know you rider.


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Meadowlands Arena - November 10, 1985