Grateful Dead

Community War Memorial - November 21, 1978

Community War Memorial

November 21, 1978

Rochester, NY US

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Set List:

Promised Land
They Love Each Other
Dire Wolf
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Row Jimmy
New Minglewood Blues
Jack Straw

Good Lovin'
Stagger Lee
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Not Fade Away
Black Peter

Johnny B. Goode

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Joined: Jun 25 2007
The rush through the door

This was my third show and the first in a small venue. Being the veteran that I was and having made the long drive from the island I was determined to get up front. So were about a thousand other people. The crowd pushed so hard that the person in front of me had there arm pushed through a glass window box. We got in with our tickets intact. I still have that whole ticket. Anyway I got up to the front. The crowd was so packed that you could literally lift your feet up off the ground and not fall down. I had an orange parka. At the end of the show I reached down and saw orange and picked up the coat and dragged it out with me. If you remember lots of parkas in those days had orange on the inside, I just hope that the person whose coat I ended up with got mine as well.

Joined: Mar 19 2008
I remember that

I had some fun picking up my feet up front. It was actually the smart thing to do- if I tried to keep my feet on the floor, I would have been dragged down.
It was a cold wait outside that day!

Joined: Oct 15 2008
a blast from the past

I remember the door incident, I was right about 10 feet away when it happened. A scuffle even broke out between some of the "security" and a couple, I remember a girl crying after security hit her, and the boyfriend swinging at the attackers. I think I do remember it being an awesome show. I've been trying lately to gather up some of those concerts I attended but due to the 'cid don't remember all that much about them. This is a wonderful way to take a trip down the golden road that was such an instrumental part of who I am today. gr8fllee staggering no more

Joined: Jul 1 2009
mind expansion


I just want to know who the hell it was selling that cra-a-a-azy acid over there! My hit was like 10 hits, and the Dead were part of a rainbow stretching across the War Memorial, and the music seemed to all play backwards. My wife (newly married...over a month later!) went along with us to make sure I didn't trip, and there I was splattered and dripping all over the seats. My buddy Roger, just as astral as me, drove home on backroads (to Geneva, 35 miles east) and had the gall to ask me to drive halfway. Well, this comment is proof of our miracle survival. Nice to see the set list, I always wondered what they played. All I remember is my (ex)wife: "Are you sure you didn't drop acid?!"

Joined: Jan 10 2009
Does anybody have a "better

Does anybody have a "better Dead than Disco" T-shirt ? the 'heads from ATO @ Cornell chartered a bus for this trip and it was a wild ride - wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world

Joined: Jul 12 2016
Broken door

wow! hadn't thought about that broken door incident in years ... I was close enough to hear it, didn't see too much of what happened ... someone told me about later ... harbinger of things to come ...

Joined: Oct 31 2016


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Community War Memorial - November 21, 1978