Grateful Dead

Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center - November 21, 1985

Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center

November 21, 1985

Oakland, CA US

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final/last "Big Boy Pete": 09-20-70 [1009] - final "She Belongs To Me" - final "Walking The Dog"

Set List:

Big Boy Pete
Dire Wolf
Little Red Rooster
Brown Eyed Women
Me and My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Ramble on Rose
Looks Like Rain
Might As Well

Shakedown Street
Crazy Fingers
Playin' in the Band
She Belongs to Me
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Playin' in the Band
Gimme Some Lovin'
Midnight Hour

Walkin' the Dog

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, Amy from New York, dahainer, jamessoai, 3-dog-Allison, msharvey, sanka4u, pdsfish, Mountaingirl02, crunchyfrog, nitecat, hockey_john, radtek, andychatfield, snafu, Phinnegan, Sugarmagkauai, shrinkrap50, minutemouse, blake wood, shannonsapitbull, grammack57, ChinaRider77, gregantonioli, bubu13, MOTOR, flyinghen, Danimal50, smarcus, aSid, rustyherb, HowlinHippie, a_Wolf_in_Paradise, Clicker, zeekbythecreek12345, terragin, foreverahead, Flickster, earthballeric, 10.000Mic_Johnson, Rev. J Scott, digitunes, Heynow from The Well, ChantalAndGeorge, kenneb, kimdance, tcrider, whipple, mcrosno, flach77, BurntDawg, cool colo. rain, alpine84, LadyoftheIsland, jonod, spaceyoface, Mick Flaire, moses, guitarman93061, hoffmnj, MissReddin, ffej55, Chef Free, wiggy, IB Virg, Rainbowjohn, aliceDmillionair, poghmahone, bucks-yellow van, WaywardBill, blainecole, whitebird, foxtail, Brophy, Markdm, Bluebird3434, ginsu710, NickPannozzo, ketch22, wolfreb, musickatman, Slidiouse, rebel61aka goin2hlnabuckt, GR8FLPT, laura.christine, Skjellyfetti, FrankB777, GreensAndNettles, Violaleeblue, Rum Jungle, frankh1959, Valerie Stevenson, treesdream, BlondeJim, Michael Sofris, Josef, mary-sunshine, UncleJon, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, misngfingr, Walstib, threesaints2003, therobthompson, mustawas, JohnDillinger, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, wharfrat8199, Strider 88, Ouizzzl, hedarobi5, rlrs, ibewbro, kenco, Terrapin_Tommy, gratefuldoc, dead4days, Straw, Emerald4689, gr8full john, Wino, budculbertson, Trader X, bshawlang, cutter, juicediva, wolff, wjbthe3, Tom Thumb, Staggerlee, cthone, aaron, gratefulygroovin, JayLif, tommyfogarty, drchampagne, bkind-fg2all, kezardead, NYsteve, rleeb727, themusicarchive, Far-L, UncleWaldo, Hlpslpfrnk, dannyclark1966, DrkStr, mitchell, Richter, sklnrzs, radar, bradleyg, the chef, mandala, dreamtime, Jack Straw


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Joined: Jul 22 2007
The show that converted me....

I had been to one show previously to this one, Nov 2, 1984 and had fun, but didn't really get it. For this night at the Kaiser, I stood close to the speaker stack near the Phil side and was my soul was blown inside out. I was in perfect mind set (wink) too, and I was surrounded by five or six of my closest friends and just remember feeling I could dance into and disappear completely into the music and the loving crowd. I remember walking in to the venue and feeling like I had stepped into a womb of fun.

Afterward, I felt I could fly.

I would forever make Grateful Dead shows part of my life from that point forward.

I soooo miss them.

Chef Free's picture
Joined: May 25 2008
Chef Free Beat the scaplers

Chef Free

Beat the scaplers scored a free ticket and slipped in just as Big Boy Pete started. Best Shakedown I ever saw.

alpine84's picture
Joined: Jan 4 2009
incredible show!!!!!!

This show was awesome! I can remember the lights dim for the second set. The boys come out. I was close to the stage, between bobby and phil. The 1st note of Shakedown and the red lights sweep up into my eyes. Feels like yesterday and it gives me chills. Listen to this Shakedown. Listen to this show. A CLASSIC.

Joined: Jan 6 2009
H. J Kaiser

this was one of my favorite shows not only was i in the front row but with my good buddy dome we both knew what a special show it was. the honey dripped from the speakers

alpine84's picture
Joined: Jan 4 2009
oh yeah

Just got the dvd of this show. Yep the Shakedown was worth the price of admission. Glad i was there. What a great scene outside. The real deal fo sho. peace pot microdot

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
another one of those nights

1985 had many highlights. many many Yet this night here I think everything came out just right. Ya the crazy fingers is off but the show itself was on the money. Last she belongs to me. post drums was intense to say the least. And Walkin the Dog encore. Not to meantion Big boy pete


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Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center - November 21, 1985