Grateful Dead

Club Agora - November 29, 1970

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Club Agora

November 29, 1970

Columbus, OH US

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"Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" tuning before "NFA" - first "Bobby McGee" - also: NRPS

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Columbus Not A Dead Head Kind of Town, not really!

Dead were originally scheduled to do two shows but equipment got in late and so only one long set? This club had a rocky history in the 70's (open and closed, open and closed) but is now the Newport Music Hall. Located across from The Ohio State University Campus on High Street. I saw lots of bands there in the 70's, before I left town. Columbus was never a great music town in the 70's, anyway.
Dead sold their PA to the club owners at the end of this tour, so a big chuck of the Dead PA was in use for some time afterwards.

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Don't Ease Me In, Cumberland

Don't Ease Me In, Cumberland Blues, Beat It On Down The Line, Next Time You See Me, Morning Dew, Brokedown Palace, Me And Bobby McGee, Truckin'-> Drums-> The Other One-> Me & My Uncle, Casey Jones Dire Wolf, Good Lovin

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Agora Dead Concert 1970

None of the Post above is accurate. Equipment did not come in late. First show cancelled by mutual agreement with Rock Scully. It was an under 18 show and 0 tickets were sold. Everybody knew the Dead played all night and nobody wanted the 1,5 hour show! It was an experiment that was never repeated.
Also, no Sound System was ever purchased from the Dead! That never happened! Sometimes we traded equipment for larger speakers, while the band like smaller horns etc! But we did neither with the Dead!
Also, Agora changed hands to get management since Agora had built 13 clubs and did not have enough managers. It never closed, it just changed hands. They rented until the Newport purchased the building!
These are facts!

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Agora Club Concert Revisited

I have heard the same thing about this show, that there were two performances originally scheduled and then there was only one, the late show. I distinctly recall handbills promoting this show were circulating at local college campuses, and that the first show was canceled in favor of the second evening performance.
I attended many rock shows at the Columbus Agora club. Bonnie Raitt, Shawn Phillips, Joe Walsh, Badfinger, Bad Company, Argent, Spooky Tooth, Glass Harp, Pure Prairie League, most of them were mid-level touring acts in the early and mid-70's. After a while, the touring acts subsided, as the economics of music tours changed, and the Agora, while still booking touring acts, became more or less just another campus bar and dance club, with a house band called The Crowd Pleasers billed on the outside marquee. Eventually, the hall changed hands and is now the Newport City Music Hall.
But yes, there ABSOLUTELY were handbills promoting local and touring acts for the Columbus Agora which stated prominently that the club had purchased and installed a "Grateful Dead Sound System". These were posted all over the campus area (I remember the yellow ones stapled to the neighborhood bulletin boards).

Elsewhere on Dead Net, another poster suggests that the P.A. components were purchased from the Dead since the Agora date was the end of that leg of their tour. I heard several stories (authoritative or not) regarding this P.A. but I can confirm none of them, but the tales did indeed circulate, as did those handbills I mentioned earlier. Just one more piece of Dead lore trivia, I guess?

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more regarding the Dead at the Agora

I will step up for good ole Javamaster here, please read my post above. There used to be posters and handbills available at Pearl Alley Discs( the great hippie record store) and Agora Pizza, which flanked the club entrance. The Agora was (still is!)located across the street from the Ohio State University Law School.
You can always believe your lawyer, right?

I purchased my copies of Europe 72, Wake of the Flood and Blues for Allah at the Pearl Alley Discs, I also bought my first two Bruce Springsteen albums there (before he became a real star), on the strength of a recommendation by the store clerk. So they had good taste there.


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Club Agora - November 29, 1970