Grateful Dead

The Centrum - November 4, 1985

The Centrum

November 04, 1985

Worcester, MA US

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Set List:

Alabama Getaway
Promised Land
It Must Have Been the Roses
El Paso
West L.A. Fadeaway
New Minglewood Blues
Big Railroad Blues
Music Never Stopped
Might As Well

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' in the Band
Terrapin Station
The Wheel
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

d berlinguette, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Bill H, Brad125, Amy from New York, msmiranda, johnzias, shrodog, brezit, curieye, SueSue67, pukegrub, jersey2sandiego, Patrick L, gypsyrosalee, Seth86, eloicious, Laughing Water, M. Rides, payingdues, Gen, surfdude67, MikeOMikeO, rymo, flipahead, Jackstraw1963, Rickyspill, eelbones, hockey_john, ai6pg, Majordomo, LongHammer6, DanSeth, lincshoots, Quazi, hitmeister, Debdeadhead, seennuff2know, MrJonesN, Phinnegan, CB603, minutemouse, intrepid, tibegonia, ChinaRider77, mountainjack, cube1061, Peak0db, moogirl, Uncle Jonny, Dolabella, Sequitor, Peisenberg, Iriecycle, Mr.Palmer, hippierob, kjmcdonagh, turtlemusicfan, Leggs4, darkstarcrashes, picc, dr zevon, morning_drew, joebroomhead, terragin, AlaskaDeadHead1, midiman007, PHILSTARDRACUT, stroukoa, jsginbull, mugwa, deadredhead, jlawless, cozchaz09, sugarmag68, alovours13, pvc, MillValleyGirl, Marshmallow Warrior, Cosmic_Harley, Mister_Charlie, Old School Chuck, mercurygd, muthafudgical, emama, pat L, tcrider, Jamesgangx,, powderjunky, kcamp9999, forever-dead, m23, jeffbigcur, kenrock, areno, jcluddite, brijid77, BurntDawg, lemond, pairdoc, deadbass36, MagicPEZ, Mzuzu, mainedeadhead85-90, jsomoza, Dr. Billvis, diamond-eyed jack, deadheadfrom76, VermontDeadhead, virgilosborn, Lynnzie, Ace Cassidy, clutch_cargo, jim d, sgf64, dankstressny, amdew122, voodoonola, Billyho67, Thepman, Saisabok, The_Music_Danced_Me, BarefeetBob, sdougal, aikox2, Forensicdoceleven, ffej55, wiggy, ellis deed, skunjelefeti, cosmic_skye, lamarred664, rami, beandog22, gammalyte, aliceDmillionair, bucks-yellow van, gnoodle, BoSoxMatt, ausbro1994, NM-MCS, Bettylou, uncjhn, PatrickJP07, ticket lee, Cosmic.Wimpout, Dupreediamond420, gfr, Mr.Skjellyfetti, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, ginsu710, Dankstress, bigbob, Gr8ful2b1, Duude, gr8fulpete, Mark Hotchkiss, gratefuldad1, The Lord of Eltingville, paddy25, Babuyaya, jobyallwaysdead, umadeadfan, unyun, Sluys Guys, UncleBruce1971, jozeppy, Mellowman, croc, tourdog12, MoonshineCito, logstirl, whatthefunk, poiriergreg, shnaholic, andrewmyers, Josef, powdrhnd, bportabello, jzias, catchmohl, adker, Esau, jbirdme, EightyEights, watersong, gooney1956, AnnieRoses, Big Boss Man, MWeinblatt, crushedbyadwarf, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, gr8flsquid, moosilauke, chef, Wink Slideloaf, direwolf02, Mike Edwards, nalex, shackt, Emerald4689, Jim Gore, riggertoo, Cosmic Chas, gratefulrob, billman, Terezi, grover, levitonjl, Born2BDead, judyc7, tattooedonmyback, zach, hcattier, Won-I, Tony_S, andrew_1968, Raff, Columbia, jaycap, bobbyjohn, georgewweir, broomhead, Grateful1313, LoneStarDead, Maliz, Kenpb, WalpoleChinaCat, HardyWeinberg, mike850, taperchef, BlackandWhite.Peter, the wood fam, Levon Lovelight, Duggles, avarose325, deadhedave, boxorain62, Teedawg, B42, Miggs, ratskrad, pantagruel, MrnDw, jims, Benny Jakes, ststfn


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Joined: Jun 14 2007
first show

met bill walton, larry bird and kevin mchale outside before the show. did my first whippet (thanks to a kind west-coaster). got in without a ticket when folks inside threw open the emergency exit doors. had school the next day.

pantagruel's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
My first East Coast show

I was blown away by the intensity of the crowd. Very trippy outro on Terrapin.

MillValleyGirl's picture
Joined: Mar 13 2009
one and only east coast gig

i ever attended...drove down from Brattleboror VT, different vibe from bay area shows, very high energy! college crowd, hard partiers, my first live alabama getaway.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
last Dead show for me before....

Oh, I sure do remember THIS one!
It was less than a week before my due date, first kid, and BOY was I HUGE! All day I was praying, please don't let me go into labor until AFTER the show! You can drive me directly to Hahneman, straight down Wistahh Centahh Blvd to Lincoln, but NOT TIL THE SHOW IS DONE!

Well, my son certainly enjoyed the music as much as I did (I could FEEL it)...but fortunately the evening went smoothly.
We both bopped the night away.

Didn't have him for another 11 days.

BTW, I played him Dead music the entire 9 months, hoping it would make him little Deadhead - but he wound up an AC/DC fan. Go figure.

He DID go with me to see Bob Weir a coupla years ago in Phoenix, so he got a very small taste of the parking lot scene.

Joined: Feb 4 2011
number 90

my ninteith show this was a great couple of nites jerry was in a good mood and it really showed in the way he was playin i hadnt missed a live performance by him in a long time had the best time of my life hangin out with brent after the shows jerry had givin me and mark the itinerary so we were rite there with the band at almost every show of 1985 missed spring east coast tour was at every other show going back to the middle of 1984

eloicious's picture
Joined: Jan 8 2009
Don't worry Mrs. Kirby, I know a great sparking place-I mean PAR

"I mean PARKING PLACE!" I actually said that to my buddys Mom as she was deciding whether or not to let her son out of the house on a school night. On a whim, my good buddy Robert who was a die hard Who fan wanted to see a dead show! We drove the 2.5 hours on a rainy school night, jr year, scalped a pair for $120 WHICH WAS A TON BACK THEN! And it was a phenomenal show! LOng Live Rock!


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The Centrum - November 4, 1985