Grateful Dead

Community War Memorial - November 8, 1985

Community War Memorial

November 08, 1985

Rochester, NY US

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final "Baby What You Want"

Set List:

Iko Iko
Little Red Rooster
My Brother Esau
Brown Eyed Women
Baby What You Want Me to Do
Jack Straw
Might As Well

Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
The Other One
I Need a Miracle
She Belongs to Me
Sugar Magnolia


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Attendees of this show

Poodler, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Brad125, Amy from New York, Luvdacheese, rockit, musicnow, Doug Lago, Totem, peakshead, ascialabba, Deadwood-Jed, gem3north, CuseTom, Luca B, payingdues, Gen, rymo, IkoIko95, kayman714, Oxford 88, mtoti1962, jormagarcia, hockey_john, Eastcoast65, cub, Quazi, redbeard9001, Debdeadhead, Phinnegan, Gr8ful Ed, minutemouse, jtwoodsrider, gmjbeachside, ChinaRider77, Peak0db, cool_colorado_rain, jdrapp, moogirl, Dolabella, Stephenlococo, Iriecycle, kjmcdonagh, tmmoring, turtlemusicfan, shannycreek, gpeach, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, picc, tpenn, bill.mayer, duckLN, downtownbear, Mud, mr975j, midiman007, jsginbull, jlawless, kimmerjo, greg.dowling, sugarmag68, chefdarkstar, swirlygirl116, Mister_Charlie, jaxxtraw, pat L, kluskiz, tcrider, Jamesgangx, powderjunky, CEDFLOM, taggartj, BurntDawg, revhd, CumberlandMine, MagicPEZ, Mzuzu, jsomoza, deadheadfrom76, buddawolf, sgf64, groovegrass, voodoonola, sitirose, steevcat, The_Music_Danced_Me, BarefeetBob, aikox2, tonymasiello, ffej55, wiggy, skunjelefeti, cosmic_skye, lamarred664, rami, beandog22, mmmm_beer, gammalyte, aliceDmillionair, bucks-yellow van, gnoodle, Ami, NM-MCS, temp_q, Bettylou, how_many_shows, sfumato, Wharfrat1963, xboxershorts, TekeHead, twilaq1, ginsu710, lordjess, john05hd, Mike Wid, theleven, AoxoA, picnic, Rico, duval49, big dave, Babuyaya, SocietysPliers, mrkaos63, jozeppy, FlyAwayTooNight, MoonshineCito, jeffreygoodman, logstirl, jkstraw04, Noot, OSH, Josef, CatfishJohn, adker, jacofny, Jack_Straw22, Canadian Deadhead, watersong, ruafox, AnnieRoses, gregp123, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, jerryskid, walkersmoon, wilsongc, chef, Oroborous, chichester, LarryG, nalex, IkoIko65, Symmetry, shugamag, tjwalls8, Emerald4689, Jim Gore, Tabie, Finster, gratefulron, tree1270, spyder9, jkelley, Tony_S, c1042, higby, austindead, direwolf23, Steph, johnlo, squishmon, colin parsons, tcerneskie, Maliz, Kenpb, vinylanimyl, zebweber, jw, Row Jimmy, deadahead, deepsix, bunnytail0, Duggles, Bach 2 Bach, boxorain62, ratskrad, REK, jims, Half-step, beecue, ststfn


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Joined: Jun 14 2007
Bobby sitting on the stage

Bobby sitting on the stage playing slide

Joined: Jul 4 2007
Yeah, I remember Bob

on the edge of the stage sitting. Loved the Peggy-O, and the Brown-Eyed Woman. Didn't know Brother Esau yet myself. The Revolution was a first for me too, it was really cool, not the mention the Estimated/Eyes to follow.

His job is to shed light, not to master.

Joined: Apr 25 2008
My first and only Rochester show

I have always liked this show. I think I came in after Aiko. The Estimated Prophet and She Belongs To Me are my favorites. I remember a huge Blues For Allah banner that was unfolded during the Satisfaction encore...pretty cool

Poodler's picture
Joined: Feb 24 2018
My third show

I went to this show solo, during my first semester of Law School. I was standing near a door when, alas, it opened while most of us were not expecting it. My seat, being one of the first inside, was one of the best vantage points I had at any Dead show. I think it was also my one and only Dead show where I was not stoned.


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Community War Memorial - November 8, 1985