Grateful Dead

Lloyd Noble Center - October 11, 1977

Lloyd Noble Center

October 11, 1977

Norman, OK US

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souncheck: "Candyman"

Set List:

Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower
Jack Straw
El Paso
Let it Grow

Dancin' in the Streets
Dire Wolf
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Not Fade Away
Wharf Rat
Around and Around

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Joined: May 11 2008
Let it Grow - 10-11-77 - Norman OK

I just heard the Let it Grow on Sirius and this totally blew my mind. I know 77 was a great year, in fact it was the year I saw my first Dead show, and I know saying a certain version is the best ever, but I probably have heard 20-30 versions of Let it Grow and this is as good as any live song gets. Blew me away. I gotta get this show! ENJOY

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2nd Show

When I heard the Dead were coming to Norman I enlisted support from my buddy Scott. He took his ex-wife and I took mine (notice a pattern here??). We headed to Norman on a Sunny October afternoon from Tulsa. He had friends attending OU and we went by Trip's house (not Captain mind you, but his nickname was Trip). After some pre-show preparation, we then ended up close in to campus for more pre-show festivities in a house filled with folks about to depart for the show. Once inside, the music didn't gel for my buddy Scott until they got to the Franklins Tower transition and at that stage, Scott was a die-hard fan. Here is the funny thing. Recently, Scott was attending a JJ Grey and Mofro show in Tulsa @ Cain's and he had Trip with him! Scott lives out of state now and when we were introduced after 35 yrs I almost crapped myself! I started talking about that '77 show and our first meeting. One of Scotts sons (he has 3) brought along some of their friends and one of these kids heard us talking about seeing the Dead in Norman and he stepped up to the codgers and said "thats my favorite show!" I listen to that show all the time....again, I almost crapped AGAIN! You guessed, it, I didn't own the show - he burned me a copy and now, after 35 F'n years I can now listen to this gem! I highly recommend this one to anyone who loves the Dead. Yes, its "that" year - 1977 was stellar, and this show is just one more example of why fans agree that these shows were among the best ever played by our musical idols.

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quick thoughts

The first GREAT show of the fall '77 tour. Highlights galore in set 1 with Help>Slip>Franklin;s, Peggy-O and Grow standing out. Dancing is a hot start to set 2, but it is the NFA in the middle that is the monster of this set. The jam gets a little evil, very dark, but we know that love cannot fade away, some cool call and response between Jerry and Keith, some of Keith's best playing, awesome jam. Great show 10/10


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Lloyd Noble Center - October 11, 1977