Grateful Dead

Meadowlands Arena - October 17, 1984

Meadowlands Arena

October 17, 1984

East Rutherford, NJ US

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final/last "Nobody's Jam": 04-26-83 [100]

Set List:

Iko Iko
Promised Land
West L.A. Fadeaway
My Brother Esau
Brown Eyed Women
New Minglewood Blues
Row Jimmy
Looks Like Rain
Might As Well

Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Terrapin Station
The Other One
Nobody's Jam
Stella Blue
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad

Brokedown Palace

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melloslo's picture
Joined: Jun 25 2007
Kind of a cold October

Kind of a cold October night. A couple of friends and I hustled to the show after high school football practice. We were way up behind the stage looking down on the rest of the crowd. My first Looks Like Rain - which is still a Favorite.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
First show in a few years...

I decided to buy a last minute ticket at the old Ticketron box office in Penn Station, and rent a car and get out to the Meadowlands. My last show previous to this night was the opening show at Radio City in 1980.

Drive out to Jersey, and I am so excited to be seeing The Dead... For a last minute ticket... I have a great seat, Jerry's side...about half-way up in the stands...

Smoking hash... lights go down...and out walks the boys... Jerry is in Red, and I was stunned by his weight and skin color... and stage demeanor. His voice changed...

That was the first time I even considered that the day would come that there would no longer be Dead shows... Thinking back, I think that after attending this show, I subsequently always appreciated each show I attended over the next few years...

Joined: Aug 21 2007

My first show, Neil, and I had the same reaction. I had been listening to the Dead for a while and seen pics, but from my seat (roughly same as yours, maybe a few rows further back) I was shocked. Still a great show.

Joined: Dec 11 2008
first show

yup this was it I think I remember the Iko Iko opening wow

Joined: Dec 23 2009
First Show

Though I caught The Jerry Garcia Band a couple of months earlier on August 11 at the Caldwell College (for girls i believe) in NJ, this was my first true dead show. Having been introduced to them a few years earlier, I was familiar with the music and culture, but experiencing it in person was eye opening.

Joined: Apr 19 2011
Finally Medowlands.

Home base for us. First time I heard slipknot. Smoking weed with a dude named Jay. Holy shit. Jay what was that? Anyway. I remember playing bongo durms in the parking lot, but never played them before. Each show is getting more strange. I love it. I still miss that Sugar Maginola chick from Hampton early this year. Im still looking for ya. God damn Jay that weed kept me busy for 2 days. Lesson learend never smoke weed with Jay. Great show boys.


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Meadowlands Arena - October 17, 1984